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2004-05-31 Micronas COFDM chip has adaptive compensation schemes
Micronas unveiled the fourth generation of its COFDM demodulator IC that addresses all types of atmospheric and dynamic interferences with new adaptive compensation schemes.
2006-11-14 Microchip offers PIC18 MCUs with on-chip ADC
Microchip Technology has announced the four-member PIC18F4523 family, the company's first high-end 8bit flash MCUs to include a high-speed 12bit ADC peripheral on-chip
2008-02-29 Metal chip resistors rated for 3W at 80C
TT electronics IRC offers their metal element chip resistors for high volume, high current power electronics applications
2011-10-14 MEMS production uses TSV
The ST-patented TSV technology claims to offer space savings and higher interconnect density than wire bonding or flip chip stacking
2009-03-31 MEMS on-wafer evaluation in mass production
This paper will discuss how to evaluate MEMS elements at the on-wafer stage in order to lower the total production cost
2012-09-10 MediaTek's reference chip to boost eMCP shipments
DRAMeXchange said the company's duo core MT6577 chipsets are being incorporated with eMMC + Multi Chip Package function as a part of its standard memory chip design
2012-10-01 MCUs with on-chip 40nm flash for car body apps
The RH850/F1x series of 32bit MCUs from Renesas uses the 40nm process and metal oxide nitride oxide silicon structure for flash memory with lower power consumption and higher reliability.
2005-03-15 MCUs reduce chip requirements
The five new low power AVR flash MCUs from Atmel promise to reduce complete system chip count requirements
2011-03-23 MCU production thwarted by Japan quake
MCU production will be severely hampered because of the recent Japan earthquake and the resulting shutdown of damaged wafer fabs such as those of Renesas, TI and two other chipmakers
2005-04-14 MCU family touts signal-chain-on-chip functionality
In the latest MCU product launch from Texas Instruments, the company focuses on the "signal-chain-on-chip functionality" of its new MSP430F42x0 family of 16bit MCUs
2014-10-08 MCU equips non-volatile FRAM, on-chip LCD controller
Combined with extensive low-power modes, the microcontroller's architecture is optimised to achieve extended battery life in portable measurement applications.
2008-07-10 MCU boasts 200MHz operation, 2.5Mbyte on-chip flash
Renesas Technology has released the SH72544R SuperH family MCU featuring high-speed operation of up to 200MHz and a high-speed, large-capacity 2.5Mbyte on-chip flash memory
2007-06-21 Matsushita starts system LSI mass production at 45nm
Matsushita has started volume production of system LSIs at the world-first 45nm CMOS process
2002-05-29 Matrox adopts UMC process technology for graphics chip
Matrox Graphics Inc. and UMC have collaborated on the development of Matrox's latest graphics chip, Parhelia-512
2016-02-09 Mass production of FinFETs underway at Samsung, TSMC
Although Samsung announced mass production of its 14nm LPP process technology with a major customer win in Qualcomm, TSMC may have the last laugh with Apple using its process
2012-07-02 Marvell desires to become chip leader in China
Marvell Semiconductor Inc. has declared its goal of becoming the largest semiconductor company in China.
2007-04-13 Marvell chip offers Bluetooth, RF transceiver, FM
Marvell Technology rolled out a single-chip solution that combines Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR-compliant baseband, an RF transceiver and a worldwide FM radio receiver
2005-05-03 March global chip sales hit $18.4 billion, says analyst
Handelsbanken Capital Markets expects the three-month rolling average of worldwide semiconductor sales for March, due to be announced by the U.S. Semiconductor Industry Association in the next few days, to be $18.40 billion, the financial analysis company said Thursday (April 28).
2007-03-13 Malaysia develops 'smallest' RFID chip
After two years of R&D, the Malaysia Microchip Project gains success with the release of the world's 'smallest' RFID microchip.
2004-05-05 Makers raise production targets amid rosy forecast
Global production of capacitors is predicted to continue its upward trend through the next four years, according to estimates from Paumanok
2013-02-08 Luminus big chip LED comes in CBT-90 form factor
The CBT-90-UV LEDs come in a high-performance form factor at 405 nm and are designed to help accelerate the conversion to solid state UV light sources in industrial markets.
2003-01-07 LSI Logic chip enables hard drive/DVD combo systems
LSI Logic Corp. is rolling out a single-chip processor for use in dual-drive digital recorders
2007-06-29 LSI drops consumer chip biz, trims workforce
Amid a move to cut 13 percent of its workforce, LSI Corp. has sold its consumer chip business to Magnum Semiconductor
2006-11-07 Low-profile chip inductor suits portable electronics
Datatronic Distribution offers the low-profile DR331-5 surface-mount inductor in a miniature package for portable electronic equipment.
2008-11-10 Low-cost Bluetooth chip meets V2.0+EDR spec
AccelSemi has launched the AS3800 series of low-cost Bluetooth single chips that support Bluetooth SIG V2.0+EDR specification.
2008-03-21 Long way to go for Brazil's chip biz
The birth of the Brazilian semiconductor industry has been protracted and difficult, but even as the infant takes its first steps, it is facing an uphill battle.
2015-09-28 Light detector on a chip shines path leading to new apps
Vanderbilt University engineers developed what they claim as the first integrated circularly polarised light (CPL) detector that may allow the development of small, portable sensors.
2004-07-13 LG to establish chip unit for LG.Philips LCD
LG Corp. has announced its plan to set up an LCD driver chip unit for LG.Philips LCD Co
2011-12-07 Layout software speeds up chip finishing
SpringSoft's Laker Blitz chip-level layout editor claims to load and export GDSII data files 5-20 times faster than conventional layout tools
2005-02-25 Kyocera expands flip-chip assembly
Kyocera America Inc. has expanded its flip-chip assembly operations to include 12-inch (300mm) wafer dicing
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