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2010-01-04 Analyst downplays FTC suit vs. Intel
The final impact of a suit brought by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Intel Corp. is likely to be less than what many expect, an analyst said.
2009-11-16 Analysis: What's next after Intel-AMD settlement?
Intel's acceptance of a $1.25 billion settlement deal delivered to AMD what it has always sought: an implicit admission by Intel it had not always played fair in the global chip market.
2009-02-27 Analysis: What slows down tech innovation?
An increasingly risk averse climate and an overburdened patent system are threatening innovation in electronics, according to Steve Perlman, a serial entrepreneur and one of many speakers at the upcoming Intellectual Property Symposium (IPS).
2008-10-21 Analysis: Two giants brace for dim Q4, unpredictable '09
The two fiercest rivals in the IC market have something both of them can agree upon: The forecasting environment just got murkier.
2009-10-06 Analysis: TI fab deal is good for IC tool vendors
Equipment executives and analysts say that the TI fab deal isn't a blow to the equipment industry. Some suggested that it might even be a positive for gear suppliers.
2008-10-10 Analysis: Still a long road ahead for AMD
With one stroke of the pen, AMD deftly improved its cash position, lops off about one quarter of its $5 billion debt, relieves itself of the hefty capital expense and gains a joint venture partner.
2009-03-06 Analysis: Should NXP file for bankruptcy?
NXP B.V.'s management should begin to consider filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization in order to improve its chances for surviving and emerging stronger from a rapidly deteriorating semiconductor market.
2009-01-27 Analysis: Qimonda folds, who's next?
Although Qimonda AG's Jan. 23 filing of insolvency does not come as a surprise to the industry, it should serve as a caution that the company may not be the only victim of the ongoing shakeout in the DRAM market.
2009-04-17 Analysis: Has IC market really hit bottom?
OEMs, corporate IT equipment buyers, consumers and industry analysts want to see the hard evidence before agreeing with Intel Corp. that the electronic market has hit bottom in terms of demand cutbacks.
2008-02-28 Analysis: Demise of India's IC manufacturing dreams
India's manufacturing dreams appear to be doomed as SemIndia's $3 billion fab project is likely to die a premature death as will another fab planned by IEMC.
2004-11-30 AMD, ATI Technologies unveil notebook chips
Advanced Micro Devices and ATI Technologies unveiled last week processors for thin and light notebooks.
2006-03-01 AMD's Live aims to bring online content to the TV
The brand names rhyme, but otherwise, AMD's Live has little in common with Intel's Viiv.
2007-02-15 AMD unveils media processors for mobile apps
Advanced Micro Devices has unveiled three microprocessors for mobile devices focused on video, audio and high-resolution photos.
2007-07-09 AMD to ship quad-core Barcelona processors in August
Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s quad-core Opteron processors, code-named Barcelona, are planned for shipment in both standard and low-power versions at launch later this year.
2010-06-23 AMD taps Apache power noise, sign-off tools
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has chosen Apache Design Solutions as their global supplier of power supply noise and reliability sign-off products.
2008-04-14 AMD Opteron quad-cores now broadly available
AMD, which had been forced to limit shipments of its quad-core Opteron processor because of a technical glitch, this week said it has made the chip broadly available to its sales channel partners.
2007-12-13 AMD comes clean on Barcelona glitch
An AMD executive admitted that launching the first quad-core Opteron server chip to great fanfare in September was 'a stupid decision' given a glitch that disrupted its distribution, but insisted that it was 'the right decision' at the time.
2005-07-01 Altera chief focuses on innovation
Finding a processor with the right mix of features, reducing product cost and achieving system performance are creating bottlenecks in leading-edge technologies.
2007-05-28 Agilent, Sequans partner on mobile WiMAX test systems
Agilent Technologies Inc. and Sequans Communications announced a collaboration to support the rollout of Mobile WiMAX-compliant equipment in two ways.
2014-06-19 ADI sharpens RF edge with Hittite
The acquisition of Hittite is expected to reposition Analog Devices on the high-end of radio parts suppliers, strengthening its foothold in the industrial, communications infrastructure, and automotive markets.
2015-07-28 A closer look inside SK Hynix's 1st high bandwidth memory
SK Hynix's HBM has a 1,024-wide bus. It employs a base logic die as an interface between the four DRAM die stack and an interposer that supports both the HBM modules and the AMD GPU.
2013-05-23 A $200 ultrathin, touch-screen PC from Intel? Possible.
The company plans to empower the PC industry to produce low-cost notebooks incorporating touch technology given the sky-high prices of Ultrabooks and other ultrathins.
2008-07-21 450mm debate remains in the hot seat
The 450mm debate rages on. At the Semicon West Trade Show, SEMI and many fab-tool vendors earlier this week telegraphed their position on 450mm, reiterating that the economics do not add up for the next-generation wafer size.
2011-01-24 3D gesture recognition sheds "child's play" image
From its simple beginnings as a gaming interface for Nintendo's Wii, 3D gesture recognition will soon figure prominently in smartphones and the TV remote. Proponents predict that the hardware for gesture recognition will become as ubiquitous in smartphones as the camera module.
2007-01-25 2GB DDR2 memory module features 800MHz operating speed
Hynix has developed a 2Gbyte DDR2 memory module with operating speeds of 800MHz, which makes it the fastest of its kind in the industry, the company said.
2003-09-19 2003 semi outlook brightens a bit
The market research firm iSupply Corp. tweaked its outlook for semiconductor sales this year and revealed vendor rankings for 1H of the year.
2005-05-11 1st Silicon starts production of Sharp's flash technology
1st Silicon Sdn. Bhd. has completed qualification and begun production shipment of Sharp Corp.'s 0.13?m NOR flash technology.
2008-10-01 1H 08 shows revamp in IC ranking
A big shakeup in the top 20 semiconductor supplier ranking for 1H 08 has been reported by IC Insights Inc. Although the top four ranked companies stayed put in their spots, there were a number of "movers and shakers" up and down the list.
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