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2004-09-06 ZiLOG opens chip design center in Shanghai
ZiLOG Inc. has kicked off its celebration of 30 years of innovation with the unveiling of a new 6,000 square-feet IC design center located within Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Pudong area of Shanghai, China.
2012-04-26 Vietnam universities team up on chip design
A deal to set up IC design centers and train engineers was signed between the IC Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC) and nine other universities and institutions.
2004-02-02 Toolset eyes process test-chip design
Silicon Canvas released a platform for process test-chip development that is designed to help foundries create test chips to verify, optimize and calibrate silicon processes.
2003-12-10 Tool set eyes process test-chip design
Silicon Canvas Inc. will release a platform for process test-chip development that the company calls the first commercial product of its kind. The Laker T1 platform is designed to help foundries and integrated device manufacturers create test chips to verify, optimize and calibrate new silicon processes.
2001-02-01 Testing dimensional limits of high I/O flip-chip design
The study characterizes underfill materials, examining some large package geometries and design manufacturing processes to avoid defects for I/O counts.
2005-07-25 Taiwan looks to chip design as growth engine, says report
Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs plans to help develop three to five major fabless chip companies to help the country achieve economic goals set for 2012, according to a report on the Taiwan government's "e-gov" website.
2008-04-22 Symposium reveals future of chip design
Advances in the design and fabrication of semiconductors were unveiled last week at the International Symposium on Physical Design (ISPD).
2006-10-02 Sunplus beefs up cellular chip design team
Sunplus Technology is rapidly building up an engineering team to strengthen its push into chips for cellphones.
2007-02-01 Startup weaves new foundation for chip design
Fabbrix claims it can provide the regular circuit patterns or 'fabrics' needed by manufacturable designs at 65nm and belowwithout area, performance or power penalties.
2008-04-25 Spice tool addresses chip design bottleneck
At its 2008 Technology Symposium, TSMC moved to address a bottleneck in chip design: simulation.
2006-07-28 Security solution checks chip design pilferage
Certicom released a security solution to help fabless chip designers protect proprietary IC designs and reduce the problem of illicit surplus chip manufacturing for the gray market.
2010-06-07 Scaling custom digital layout for next-generation chip design
This article details how one digital IC design team at a large fabless semiconductor company in the consumer product market is leveraging standards-based tool interoperability to maintain the benefits of hand layout for large, performance-sensitive 40nm designs.
2004-06-09 Qualcomm opens chip design center in Austin
Qualcomm Inc. has opened a semiconductor design facility in Austin, Texas.
2008-06-11 Processor core provider confesses chip design is a struggle
Clockless logic circuit developer Handshake Solutions has taken the unusual step of issuing a press release to proclaim that semiconductor design is "struggling."
2007-01-12 Power efficiency impacts chip design
A compelling force that affects chip design today, power consumption is the primary limiter of a chip's performance.
2005-07-04 Philips starts 65nm, 90nm chip design in India
European consumer electronics giant Royal Philips Electronics said Thursday (June 30) it is starting work on 65nm and 90nm chip design at its development center here.
2004-11-04 Oki opens chip design firm in Shanghai
Oki Electric Ind. Co. Ltd has launched Oki Semiconductor Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd, a marketing and design company for semiconductors in Shanghai to expand its business in the region.
2013-02-05 Nvdia exec to tackle challenges of chip design in keynote
This year at DesignCon, Nvidia's senior vice president , is set to deliver a keynote speech on the challenges associated with delivering successful chip designs, while sharing the firm's experiences.
2004-03-12 Mentor Graphics works on China's chip design industry
Mentor Graphics Corp. has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China's Ministry of Education (MOE) to help the country boost its IC design engineering talent pool and overall industry growth.
2000-09-01 Measuring chip design productivity
Design complexity is simply not equivalent to the transistor count on a chip. The article proposes a methodology for accurately quantifying IC complexity across different projects.
2003-10-28 Magma enables Teradiant chip design tape outs
Magma Design Automation announced that Teradiant Networks has taped out two multi-million-gate, 0.13?m hierarchical designs using Magma's Blast Fusion.
2005-06-23 LTX partakes in Taiwan's evolution to chip design
LTX Corp. has been selected to participate in Taiwan's National Si-Soft Project, an initiative developed to evolve Taiwan's semiconductor industry from its current contract manufacturing base to a focus on innovative IC design.
2002-11-21 LSI develops PRO flow to maximize chip design
LSI Logic Corp. has developed a Physical RTL Optimization flow which is designed to identify physical design issues early in complex SoC design cycles.
2014-05-02 Lenovo marches off into wearables with chip design group
Lenovo has established a small chip design team in its effort to build up core skills and implement them in silicon subsequently, according to CTO Peter Hortensius. The computer giant will invest less than two per cent of its revenues in R&D, and has a line-up of planned acquisitions.
2006-06-14 Korea, Japan studying India for chip design
The India Semiconductor Industry Association said Japan and South Korea are studying India for chip design.
2006-02-08 Intel CTO calls for better chip-design tools to beat process variance
The industry needs to deliver a new generation of chip-design tools to ease power and variance problems, according to Intel's CTO.
2002-07-30 Indian software giant to offer chip design services
Tata Consultancy Services said recently that it will enter the chip design business.
2002-11-14 Gaming boom drives low-power chip design
The boom in the electronic-gaming industry, which is continuing even as the personal computer market is shrinking, is stoking the demand for faster microprocessors that must also consume less power.
2003-01-03 Driving innovation in chip design
The economics of designing chips is rapidly changing the landscape of system design.
2005-09-15 Cypress opens chip design center in Shanghai
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has inaugurated its regional chip design center in Shanghai, China.
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