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2003-09-18 Yoto Coils RF choke has 50mA to 1A current
The R20x6 RF filter choke coil from Yoto Coils Electronics Co. Ltd features a diameter size of 4-by-15 to 10-by-60.
2006-03-08 RF choke features smaller size
J.W. Miller Magnetics offers its 79F conformal coated choke in a smaller subminiature package size of 0.10(?)-by- 0.16(L)-inch.
2003-02-04 Murata choke coils are USB 2.0-compatible
Murata Mfg Co. Ltd has introduced the DLP11S series of chip common mode choke coils that offer EMI noise suppression in high-speed differential mode.
2002-09-18 Murata choke coil allows fast signaling
Murata Electronics uses a precise winding technology in its low-cost common-mode choke coil series for Firewire/IEEE 1394, USB, low-voltage differential-signaling and other high-speed digital interfaces.
2010-03-05 Managing failure detections and using required components to meet ISO7637 pulse 1 on MC33903/4/5 common mode choke implementation
This application note describes the implementation of a recommended electrical component at the device's CAN terminal as well as the recommended software management of the CAN interface for the MC33903/4/5 family in case of failure detection.
2004-11-08 Linearity common-mode choke coils rated at 50V
The new series of common-mode choke coils from Linearity Electronics features an impedance between 67 ohms and 370 ohms 25 percent.
2004-02-13 King Core to boost common mode choke output
King Core Electronics Inc. has scheduled to increase its monthly capacity for common mode chokes to 3 million units next month and later expand to 4 million units by the end of this year.
2004-02-23 Huagui choke coil designed for power supply apps
Huagui Mechanical & Electronic's choke coil eliminates conducted common mode noise in electrical circuits.
2004-03-16 Hang Hsing's choke coils rated to 15A
The T-Core series of MnZn toroidal common-mode choke coils from Hang Hsing features a current rating of 1A to 15A.
2003-05-16 ECU-Tamura choke coils exhibit low leakage current
The RS-0086 series of choke coils is claimed by Hefei ECU-Tamura Electric Co. Ltd to exhibit low leakage current and good EMI performance.
2004-11-12 Choke inductor combines wide inductance with low profile
Murata offers a new wirewound choke inductor that provides a wide inductance range with a maximum height of 0.95 mm for low-profile designs.
2005-08-24 Choke coil targets mobile devices
Designed for high-speed differential transmissions and noise suppression for compact mobile equipment such as cellphones and digital cameras, Murata said it has developed the industry's smallest common mode choke coil
2002-12-23 Alps metallic glass powder eye choke coil designs
Alps Electric has developed the Liqualloy metallic glass powder for use primarily as a core material for choke coil devices.
2004-01-21 ABC Taiwan choke coils have low resistance
The company has released its series of low resistance choke coils that is suited for use in dc-dc converters, notebooks computers and flash memory programmers.
2003-09-12 ABC choke coils rated at 20A
Suitable for automatic SMD equipment assembly, the SP1205 series of SD type shielded SMD power choke coils from ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp. features a 0.30?H to 1?H inductance range.
2000-12-12 130W ringing choke power supply using TDA4601
This application note describes a multiple-output SMPS that delivers a total output power of 130W.
2008-07-21 Wirewound power inductors claim low DC resistance
Taiyo Yuden Inc. has introduced the NR6028 series of 6mm x 6mm x 2.8mm height (max) wirewound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat panel displays.
2007-11-15 Wire-wound inductors load 3A at 10?H rating
Taiyo Yuden has unveiled the NR6045T series of wire-wound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat-panel displays.
2002-10-23 Tyco GbE magnetics module has 2.5mm profile
The Model GB4xxx-LP single-port GbE magnetics module features a 2.5mm profile that facilitates the development of laptop computers.
2006-05-09 Toroid chokes offer high current saturation
Total Frequency Control Ltd offers the TC/TB series of high current wound toroid chokes for a variety of power conversion and line filter applications.
2002-04-23 TDK chip inductors have 40 percent less dc resistance
The MLZ2012 series of multilayer chip inductors from TDK Corp. has a dc resistance ranging from 0.12 ohms to 0.4 ohms40 percent lower than that of the company's previous products.
2005-09-13 Stackpole's power chokes deliver low losses in small package
Stackpole Electronics introduced a new series of power choke inductors with high-current saturation and operational frequencies.
2002-10-24 Schaffner chokes protect servo drives
The RWK 305 series of chokes from Schaffner EMV features a voltage drop of 0.8 percent to reduce the dv/dt stress caused by servo drives.
2002-01-24 Murata common-mode chokes suppress noise in audio signal lines
The DLM2HG series compact, low-profile monolithic chip common-mode choke coils have been optimized for noise suppression applications in the audio signal lines of digital equipment.
2004-06-30 Epcos CAN bus chokes come in various technologies, sizes
Epcos announced that it now offers CAN bus chokes in various technologies and sizes to meet the demand from the automobile industry.
2002-05-14 Common mode chokes: WCM 501 series
This application note describes the features of West Coast Magnetics' 501 series common mode chokes.
2003-10-08 CoEv Magnetics inductors, chokes suit SMPS apps
CoEv Magnetics, a unit of Tyco Electronics, has announced its SMT series of surface-mount inductors and chokes.
2006-04-04 Chokes improve signal integrity for CAN-BUS networks
TT electronics BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division has designed a series of surface-mount common mode chokes to filter signals for CAN-BUS applications.
2012-07-17 Chokes boast 250/760 Vac rated voltage
Schurter's common mode chokes deliver rated current from 300mA to 50A and target applications such as switching power supplies, inverters, industrial electronics and lighting.
2004-01-16 ABC Taiwan coils have up to 220?H inductance
The SB3506 series of power choke coils from ABC Taiwan Electronics has an inductance test frequency of 100kHz/0.1V.
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