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2005-07-25 Kent licenses cholesteric LCD technology to Fujitsu
Kent Displays Inc. has announced that it has licensed its cholesteric liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to Fujitsu Frontech Ltd of Tokyo, Japan, with the announcement coming shortly after Fujitsu had announced it had developed its own non-volatile cholesteric LCD technology.
2005-07-15 Fujitsu shows 'electronic paper' display
Fujitsu has developed a display, which is a film-based flexible color display and which has non-volatile capability being able to maintain an image without a power supply
2002-07-30 Clare Micronix ships driver for cholesteric LCD panels
Clare Micronix has introduced the MXED401 driver targeted for use in non-volatile reflective LCDs, specifically bi-stable and multi-stable cholesteric LCD panels
2008-02-01 Enabling e-paper displays
We've all heard the sizzle of e-paper displays, with their promise of wraparound advertising signs, wearable wrist monitors and e-newspapers that we fold or roll up and stick into our pockets. While the age of these gee-whiz products is not yet upon us, their enabling display technologies are on the move
2010-08-12 Bi-stable LCD uses 99 percent less power than traditional LCDs
The Lumex InfoVue Bi-stable LCD consumes up to 99 percent less energy than traditional LCDs.
2008-01-21 Signage of the future to highlight printable, organic electronics
NanoMarkets estimates that signage manufactured using printed and organic electronics will generate $2.5 billion by 2015.
2007-05-23 Motorola patents sun-powered mobile phone
Motorola has been awarded a patent for technology the company says will make it possible to recharge the battery of mobile phones through solar cells embedded within the LCD.
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