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2002-06-20 Silicon Laboratories installs FEI's circuit edit system
Silicon Laboratories Inc. has installed FEI Co.'s Vectra 986 circuit edit system. Silicon Labs will use the system to edit prototype devices while reducing overall cost and preserving critical time-to-market advantages.
2002-09-17 FEI to deliver edit systems to Taiwan, North America
FEI Co. has received the first two orders for its Vectra 986+ circuit edit system from a U.S.-based semiconductor manufacturer and a Taiwan-based semiconductor service lab.
2012-09-03 DCG Systems wins contract for Viper System for 20nm tech
The company's 300mm OptiFIB CE (Circuit Edit) system claims to deliver unparalleled performance, as well as its proven ability to reduce time-to-market for new technologies.
2011-11-23 Circuit edit sol'n supports beyond 22nm
DCG Systems' OPTIFIB Viper incorporates coaxial photon-ion column to provide spot sizes 50 percent smaller than those of the OptiFIB-IV.
2002-04-12 TI codecs feature built in USB controller, S/PDIF I/O terminal
The PCM290x stereo audio codecs integrate a USB controller and an internal S/PDIF I/O terminal, addressing the consumer's need to download and edit digital audio material on PCs as well as transmit the data to audio equipment
2015-08-17 Designing custom digital filter (Part 1)
In this article, we describe the process of designing of a decimation filter for a "quite high quality" audio communication system
2005-09-21 Terminal lets you drive RF signal generator
Based on a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator, Signal Forge's new signal generator handles FM, AM and arbitrary modulation.
2002-07-01 RTL, gate-level tools fill out floor plan flow
IC tool startup InTime Software launches an RTL and a gate-level floor planner to complement its architectural-level floor planner.
2002-12-02 Open source hardware
This technical article discusses how open-source techniques in hardware design are still impossible to achieve with the current technology available to engineers.
2007-02-16 Guidelines when selecting an embedded mobile/consumer SoC
Here are five things to consider when selecting SoC processors for your embedded systems.
2014-05-02 Freeware catches on in electronics DIY projects
Free software applications have mushroomed over the Internet lately, including electronics engineering tools that prove as good as paid tools. Sourceforge's Cedar Logic Simulator, DesignSpark's PCB, Static Free Software's Electric VLSI, and TinyCAD are among those who make the top ten list.
2014-06-23 Engineers handpick 10 best free analysis, design tools
The list includes what is considered a viable alternative to Excel, the R Project, and mathematical tools such as Sage and GNU Octave.
2011-12-08 Designing 3D-ICs (Part 2)
Here's the second instalment of this series that tackles the tools that can be used to handle a complete backend flow, and enable true 3D design partitioning, synthesis, placement, and routing.
2004-12-23 Altium rolls out CircuitStudio 2004 SP2
Altium released Service Pack 2 for its universal front-end engineering design solution, CircuitStudio 2004.
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