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2003-12-18 UMC says design methodology reduces simulation time
By providing detailed, foundry-specific modeling for RF components, United Microelectronics Corp. claims it can reduce electromagnetic simulation time from a matter of hours to minutes. The company's new Electromagnetic Design Methodology (EMDM) is aimed at customers designing RF CMOS ICs
2001-06-01 Technology-level simulation of active microwave circuits
This application note discusses the underlying basis of, and need for, technology-level simulation of active microwave circuits incorporating FETs
2005-08-01 Spice simulation tool adds support for latest BSIM models
Tanner EDA released a new version of the company's T-Spice analog circuit simulation platform, including support for the latest Berkeley BSIM models up to version 4.4.0.
2011-06-03 Simulation products support TSMC's AMS reference
Magma Design Automation announced that TSMC has validated the Titan Mixed-Signal and FineSim simulation products for Analog/Mixed-Signal (AMS) reference
2006-01-16 RF/microwave design software helps speed circuit simulation
Agilent Technologies announced the availability of Genesys 2005, a new release of its RF and microwave design software which includes a new time-domain simulator, frequency planner, mixer synthesis tool and revamped user interface.
2012-04-04 Online simulation tool targets DC/DC circuits
Vishay's free PowerCAD Simulation tool allows the designer to perform DC, transient and startup simulations with visibility of all the circuit node waveforms.
2006-11-10 New DC/DC POL regulators ease digital circuit design
Linear Tech said designing with its new family of uModule POL regulators requires no knowledge in switchmode power supplies, greatly simplifying the task for a digital circuit designer
2007-11-07 Model instruments to improve signal integrity simulation
Including the effects of the test system into circuit simulators improves the understanding of the design and reduce the cost of design turns
2013-01-14 High speed circuit sim ready for analog LSI designs
Armed with an advanced circuit simulation engine with multi-threading technology Cforce,
2007-09-20 Free Spice simulation software rolls for ADI linear circuits
The NI Multisim Analog Devices Edition is a Spice simulation software that helps shrink product development time by allowing designers to quickly and easily test ADI's linear circuits
2005-06-10 Free IC simulation program from TI
Texas Instruments announced TINA-TI, a powerful, easy-to-use circuit simulation program for designing, simulating and analyzing analog electronic circuits. It is free for download at the company's website
2014-03-07 Exploring circuit design in FinFET technology
Know some of the things that could affect the learning and cost curve with regard to the use of FinFET.
2008-03-14 Enhanced HSPICE revs up circuit simulation
New multithreading capabilities in the latest release of the HSPICE simulator speed up circuit simulation by taking advantage of multicore computer architectures.
2003-02-03 Delivering a full-chip hierarchical circuit simulation
Since many nanometer problems are related to the dynamic circuit reponse, detailed full-chip circuit simulation should become the most effective way to resolve problems in SoC, memory and mixed-signal designs.
2013-02-13 Circuit simulator eases memory design verification
The FineSim from Synopsys combines FastSPICE and SPICE simulation in a single executable, enabling designers to seamlessly switch between FastSPICE and SPICE simulation with no netlist reformatting
2004-01-27 Circuit Semantics, Legend ink OEM agreement
Circuit Semantics Inc. (CSI) and Legend Design Technology Inc. have signed an OEM agreement
2007-02-01 Circuit designer takes control over LOD parameters
The circuit designer would like circuit simulation to match post-layout simulation as closely as possible to avoid changes necessitated by differences in device operation between the schematic and layout.
2002-11-21 AWR licenses Synopsys simulation solution
Applied Wave Research Inc. has licensed Synopsys Inc.'s HSPICE analog and mixed-signal circuit simulation solution to be integrated into its design environment.
2002-04-19 ATMOS selects Avant!'s Star-SimXT simulation
ATMOS Corp., a provider of high-density 1T embedded memory products for SoC applications, has selected Avant!'s Star-SimXT simulation for full-chip analysis and verification of its SoC-RAM embedded memory macros that range in size from 1Mb to 64Mb
2002-11-13 Apache spices up analog circuit simulator
Apache is introducing a new version of the popular Spice circuit simulator as it seeks to broaden its share of the analog circuit simulator business
2006-07-12 Ansoft simulation software included in Cadence Connections Program
Ansoft announced that its Nexxim, the company's circuit simulation software for high-performance IC design and signal-integrity analysis, has been accepted into Cadence's Connections Program.
2003-02-05 Agilent adds MMIC, simulation features to EDA tool
The company is preparing a new version of its popular Advanced Design System EDA tool set with features supporting monolithic microwave IC design.
2006-08-01 Advanced simulation eases UWB RFIC design flow
This article describes new technologies for RF and analog design, and verification within established design flows. Circuits from an ongoing project to develop an ultrawideband multiband orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (MB-OFDM) radio will be used to demonstrate the new technologies.
2001-04-26 Accurate Fourier analysis for circuit simulators
This application note presents an accurate and flexible approach to Fourier analysis, which is based on the direct computation of the Fourier integral, within the context of circuit simulation.
2012-11-02 3D FEM EM simulation included in Microwave Office circuit design software
AWR's Analyst can be used in MMIC, RFIC and MIC on-chip passive components, RF PCB, module and packaging interconnect, finite dielectrics and hierarchical designs.
2007-06-01 XA offers better simulation accuracy
Promising a new approach to fast Spice simulation, Synopsys Inc. introduced Discovery AMS 2007, a group of solutions that includes the XA simulation technology option for the NanoSim and HSim fast SPICE simulators
2002-04-11 TransEDA SoC verification tool combines emulation, simulation results
Designed to accelerate SoC verification, TransEDA plc's VN-Cover Emulator allows users to collect coverage data, and merge them with simulation results to measure a design's verification completeness
2012-09-21 The golden age of simulation-driven design
Find out what it takes to design for reliability nowadays.
2006-06-01 Symbolic simulation improves design output
Symbolic simulation techniques are especially beneficial when used early in the design flow, particularly during the development of simulation models and circuit designs.
2009-01-27 ST 65nm RF platform includes GoldenGate simulation
STMicroelectronics has added Agilent Technologies' GoldenGate RF IC simulation in its 65nm Design Platform
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