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2012-07-16 Vishay Intertechnology introduces new Rx coil for 5 V wireless charging circuitry
New device features high permeability shielding and efficiency greater than 70 %.
2009-06-08 USB sensors pack built-in external trigger circuitry
Anritsu Co. has introduced a microwave USB power sensor that provides accurate average power measurements from 10MHz to 18GHz over 60dB of dynamic range.
2005-07-01 ST chip with all core circuitry requirements of electricity meters
STMicroelectronics (ST) announced the availability of a new device that incorporates all of the core circuitry required to implement fully electronic electricity meters.
2005-05-23 Solid-state relay integrates current-limiting circuitry
Designed to replace electromechanical devices, a new current limiting, normally open, 1 Form A optically isolated solid-state relay (SSR) from Clare Inc., an IXYS company, saves board space while enhancing the performance of wireline-interface applications
2009-06-18 Signal sources, conditioners and power circuitry
A circuit may be developed because its possibility is simply too attractive to ignore. Over time, these circuits accumulate, encompassing proven capabilities. They also represent substantial effort. These considerations make publication an almost obligatory proposition and, as such, a group of circuits is presented here.
2003-09-29 Sharp, SEL merge audio circuitry into LCD panel design
Sharp Corp. and Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. Ltd have announced that they have integrated audio circuitry unto the glass substrate of a system LCD panel.
2001-05-24 Reset pin circuitry for Flash memory sector protection management
This application note is intended to assist designers in providing the necessary circuitry to support in-system sector protection management, at a low incremental cost.
2006-09-29 PWM buck controller requires minimal external circuitry
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a 1MHz synchronous buck switching controller in an ultra-small MSOP package that is optimized for powering loads up to 10A.
2005-02-22 PA modules include all RF matching, bypassing circuitry
RF Micro Devices introduced the next generation of its PowerStar power amplifier module portfolio.
2008-07-11 Optical circuitry integrates customized routing system
Molex has added new routing configurations to the FlexPlane optical flex circuitry for high fiber-count interconnects in backplanes and cross-connect systems.
2014-05-06 Neurogrid board replicates human brain circuitry
The board comprises 16 180nm-processed CMOS chips paired with a daughterboard and FPGA, and employs a combination of hardware emulation and software simulation to mimic the behaviours of neurons and synapses on the power it takes to run a tablet computer.
2003-08-15 MT9076B Line protection circuitry
This application note describes the recommended line protection circuitry for the MT9076B.
2013-05-09 MOSFET package increases power circuitry efficiency
ST's STW57N65M5-4 in TO247-4 package provides a direct source connection used for switching control, whereas conventional packages provide one connection for both switching and power.
2006-02-20 MOSFET handles pre-bias supply circuitry
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a new high voltage MOSFET to handle the requirements of pre-bias supply circuitry.
2006-02-08 MOSFET designed for pre-bias supply circuitry
Zetex Semiconductors has introduced a high-voltage MOSFET to handle the requirements of pre-bias supply circuitry.
2009-06-18 Maxim's active-emissions-limiting (AEL) circuitry demystified
This application note describes the technology Maxim's third-generation Class D audio power amplifiers utilize to enable their "filterless" operation in consumer electronics equipment.
2004-07-06 Maxim switches feature reverse-current protection circuitry
Maxim introduced dual current-limited switches featuring autoreset, fault blanking, and reverse current blocking for USB apps.
1999-11-12 Low voltage 3-state power-up and power-down circuitry
This application note features the in applications of the Crossvolt low voltage logic families (LVT, LCX, and VCX series) that contain circuitry designed to protect both the device and the system to operations that require exchange modules while the supply voltage remains on.
2009-02-23 LED drivers come with all the circuitry
A new family of DC/DC uModule LED drivers from Linear contains all the circuitry, including the inductor, in a compact surface-mount package.
2003-08-07 IR LDO regulator suits noise-sensitive circuitry
International Rectifier has introduced the IRU1502-33, a fixed PMOS LDO linear regulator in a 6-pin MLPM package with a <0.6V dropout at 1A.
2007-06-19 Instrumentation circuitry using RMS-to-DC converters
Although accurate, RMS conversion often entails limited bandwidth, restricted range, complexity and difficult to characterize dynamic and static errors. Recent developments address these issues while simultaneously improving accuracy.
2005-06-16 Hot swap protection IC with charge pump, temp sensing circuitry
ON Semiconductor expanded its SMART HotPlug family with the release of the NIS5102 high side, hot swap protection IC with built-in charge pump and accurate temperature sensing circuitry.
2009-05-05 Headphone amps pack built-in protection circuitry
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX13330/MAX13331 stereo headphone amplifiers that protect outputs against shorts to battery/ground and load dump up to 45V.
2001-09-13 Frost-free environment for the thermal testing of high performance MCMs with RF circuitry
This application note describes a frost-free enclosure, with plug-and-play ATE interface, for the thermal testing of high-performance multichip module (MCM) with RF circuitry.
2009-03-23 Fluid sensor offers self-calibration circuitry
TT electronics Optek Technology released the OCB350 series of fluid sensors that feature automatic calibration circuitry and preset trip level feature.
2014-01-28 Electrodes offer RRAM compatibility with existing circuitry
A*STAR researchers designed nickel-based electrodes that can couple resistive random access memory to CMOS systems as well as reduce the current required to switch the RRAM between memory states.
2008-10-01 Design OVP circuitry for safe USB charging
While the infrastructure for plugging portable devices into the USB for datacom-with-power applications is fairly universal today, using the USB as a power source for direct powering or charging a battery isn't necessarily foolproof. You'll generally need over-voltage protection (OVP) circuitry; here's what to consider in designing your discrete or IC-based circuit.
2002-05-06 Customizing the linear circuitry response of HV91 family PWM ICs via the bias resistor
This application note describes the process of customizing the linear circuitry response of HV91 family PWM ICs via the bias resistor.
2009-10-19 Considerations when designing power management circuitry
The focus of this article is to highlight a switch mode power supply and a typical power inductor and their performance during high temperature conditions.
2008-09-22 Compact op amp delivers stable protection circuitry
ADI has launched a highly integrated precision operational amplifier with on-chip over-voltage protection circuitry.
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