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2008-09-16 Video clock reference design augments jitter performance
National Semiconductor Corp. highlights a new video clock reference design, now available as a module for the Xilinx ML571 serial digital video development board
2008-12-02 V850 32bit single-chip microcontrollersClock/standby functionality
The purpose of this application note is to help users to understand the functionality of the clock generator of V850E/V850ES and the benefits of standby modes in principal.
2011-09-05 Use spread spectrum clock generators for EMI reduction in digital systems (Part 2
Read about the types of spread (down, center, and up); and the precautions to be aware of when using a spread spectrum clock
2005-12-07 USB-UART bridge integrates MCU clock generator
Future Technology Devices unveiled the FT232R, the next generation of its USB-UART bridge family. The FT232R includes onboard EEPROM, as well as a master clock generator, 3.3V LDO regulator, reset generator and USB termination resistors.
2014-07-31 Timing IC integrates clock generators, jitter attenuators
The chips provide an I2C-configurable platform featuring a combination of frequency translation capabilities and
2007-06-22 TI rolls out low-jitter network clock generator
TI has developed a femtosecond performance clock generator especially targeted for networking designs.
2007-07-16 TI clock generators offer low jitter performance
TI has introduced a family of highly programmable, one-to-four PLL clock generators that deliver very low jitter at 60ps typical for consumer applications
2008-10-02 System design eases up via programmable clock generators
ADI has introduced a pair of clock-generation and distribution ICs, featuring device integration, low-noise, low-jitter performance and signal output flexibility
2003-04-22 Spread-spectrum clock generator consumes 18.2mW
The MB88150 series of spread-spectrum clock generator (SSCG) from Fujitsu Ltd utilizes a CMOS production process for a power consumption of 18.2mW.
2008-05-06 Single-chip synchronous clock boosts SDH, SONET, Ethernet
Connor-Winfield has introduced the STC5270, an integrated single-chip solution for the synchronous clock in SDH, SONET and synchronous Ethernet network elements
2005-12-23 Reduce clock network design effort with zero delay generators
Lattice Semiconductor's second generation enhanced zero-delay clock generators for high performance communications and computing applications can generate up to 20 clock outputs
2001-10-02 Real time clock with ST7 TIMER output compare
This application note presents how to use the ST7 MCU timer output compare function by illustrating a real-time clock generator application.
2003-07-28 Rambus XDR memory to run Cypress clock generators
Rambus Inc., a provider of chip-to-chip interface products and services, has selected Cypress Semiconductor Corp. to provide XDR clock generators (XCGs) for its next generation XDR memory systems
2010-09-03 Provisioning data rates using the AD9951 DDS as an agile reference clock for the ADN2812 continuous-rate CDR
This application note describes how to use the AD9951 direct digital synthesizer (DDS) as an agile reference clock generator for the ADN2812 continuous-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) device.
2001-03-26 Programming the W30X series clock generators
This application note provides a description, from a user's point of view, of the individual register and bit functions of Cypress Semiconductor's W30X series of clock generators
2005-05-12 Programmable clock generators offer versatility, high-performance
Integrated Device Technology announced a new family of programmable clock generators that promises to address the evolving needs of next-generation clock networks
2007-05-17 Programmable clock generators offer sub-75ps jitter
The CY22180 low-jitter, single-chip programmable clock generator from Cypress offers a low period and cycle-to-cycle jitter output of below 75ps for its entire output frequency range
2006-01-17 Precision clock generator has 16-digit resolution
Stanford Research Systems' new square wave clock generator can be driven across an RS-232 serial line from a PC, or used in an automated suite using IEEE-488/GPIB control.
2004-07-09 PMC-Sierra clock generator accelerates design process
PMC-Sierra introduced the CM5470 system clock generator, the latest addition to its family of Advanced Clock Management products.
2007-03-19 PLL-based clock generators deliver sub-ps jitter
ON Semiconductor has announced a new family of PLL-based clock generation devices that deliver 50 percent better phase jitter than competitive products
2005-07-13 PLL clock lowers EMI
Alliance Semiconductor has announced a dual phase-locked loop clock synthesizer for PC peripheral devices, consumer electronics, and embedded controller systems that is said to lower electromagnetic interference
2014-09-19 Online tool eases clock tree design for Internet infrastructure
The Clock Tree Expert tool from Silicon Labs allows embedded developers to generate sophisticated, streamlined clock tree block diagrams, reducing BOM count and speeding time to market
2002-09-30 ON Semi clock driver suits Itanium platform
ON Semiconductor's MC100EP809 1:9 3.3V differential HSTL/PECL to HSTL clock driver features LVTTL clock select and enable
2008-04-16 Multirate video clock generator asserts lowest jitter
According to National Semiconductor Corp., the LMH1982 multirate video clock generator with genlock delivers high-definition (HD) clock output jitter as low as 40ps peak-to-peak.
2005-10-03 Micrel's latest clock synthesizer
The SY89538L integrated programmable clock synthesizer and fanout is part of Micrel's precision PLL-based clock generation family targeted at enterprise switch, router and multiprocessor server applications
2005-02-25 Maxim clock generator with 8kHz reference-clock input
Maxim released a cost-effective, low-jitter, high-performance clock generator with an 8kHz reference-clock input.
2004-08-10 Maxim clock generator provides low jitter, low output skew
Maxim released a clock generator that claims to address the timing requirements for network/edge routers, telecom/networking equipment and data storage systems.
2004-08-18 Maxim clock generator offers excellent jitter performance
A new multiple-output, audio clock generator was released by Maxim that is engineered for use in high-end audio, DVD, digital STB and home-entertainment systems.
2004-08-30 Maxim clock generator has 8kHz reference-clock input
Maxim Integrated Products unveiled a high-performance clock generator with an 8kHz reference-clock input.
2015-10-06 Low-jitter clock generators boost reliability in telco apps
TI said the LMK033x8 allows system designers to optimise system timing margins and BER to cut data transmission errors, allowing more reliable networking, server and computing industrial equipment.
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