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2014-12-12 Low-jitter clock devices geared for cost-sensitive designs
The initial 5P49V5901 VersaClock 5 offering from IDT features four universal output pairs capable of producing four independent programmable frequencies up to 350MHz.
2001-03-26 Layout and termination techniques for Cypress clock generators
This application note provides termination techniques, power supply filtering and bypassing, and recommendations on board layout to optimize the usage of Cypress Semiconductor's clock devices in a system
2004-07-22 Intel to use Cypress clock chips in Alviso platform
Intel Corp. has qualified Cypress Semiconductor Corp.'s frequency timing generator (CY28411) and Peak Reducing EMI Solutions (Premis) spread spectrum clock generator (CY25823).
2003-06-25 IDT clock generator targets SONET, GbE apps
Integrated Device Technology has released its precision clock generation devices with PLL technology that are suitable for GbE and SONET applications
2003-06-24 ICS to provide clock generators to Rambus
Integrated Circuit Systems Inc. (ICS) has announced that they will be offering clock generators for Rambus' latest memory interface
2003-06-25 ICS offers Yellowstone memory interface clock generators
Rambus Inc. has announced that Integrated Circuit Systems has offered clock generators for the Yellowstone memory interface
2001-08-24 How to measure RDRAM system clock jitter
This application note is intended to document a "best known method" (BKM) for making repeatable and accurate timing measurements for the Direct Rambus Clock Generator (DRCG) and derivative devices.
2014-10-16 How to improve FPGA comms interface clock jitters
Know how external phase locked loops can be used to resolve problems faced when dealing with clock jitter in FPGA-based high-speed communications interfaces such as SerDes
2007-04-04 Dual-input clock generator maximizes network uptime, system stability
ADI has unveiled the AD9549 dual-input network clock generator that promises a new performance standard to maximize network uptime and increase system stability and reliability.
2006-08-11 Cypress unveils clock generator for Cell processor apps
Cypress has introduced a clock generator designed to provide high-performance clock signals for XDR memory systems and the FlexIO processor bus interface that support applications employing the new Cell processor architecture.
2006-05-08 Cypress motherboard clock supports multiple processors, chipsets
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has developed a universal clock generator that supports processors and chipsets from multiple vendors.
2003-09-25 Cypress clock generators reduce EMI
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced what it claims is the industry's first field-programmable spread-spectrum clock generators
2004-03-05 Cypress clock generator provides more flexibility
Cypress Semiconductor is sampling its second-generation, high-performance family of MPEG clock generators
2001-04-05 Clock regenerator with crystal-controlled phase-locked loop VCO (NE564
This application note discusses how to achieve clock regeneration using Philips Semiconductors' NE564 crystal-controlled PLL
2003-01-20 Clock oscillator performs better than tuning fork crystals
The EM7602 32.768kHz clock oscillator is claimed to exhibit three times better thermal drift than conventional tuning fork crystals
2012-01-27 Clock ICs geared for PCIe devices
Silicon Labs' Si5214x clock generators and Si5315x clock buffers are for PCIe applications while the Si5335 web-customizable clock generator/buffers are for FPGA- and SoC-based designs.
2011-10-10 Clock IC offers 2.4MHz-2.6GHz output frequency
TI's clock generator cuts component count by up to 80 percent and BOM by up to 50 percent.
2007-09-03 Clock generators tout low jitter, low power
Texas Instruments has introduced a family of highly-programmable, one to four phase-locked loop clock generator devices that deliver very low jitter at 60ps typical for consumer applications.
2006-04-19 Clock generators target low-skew apps
Exar Corp. added a new family of clock generators to its clock and timing solution portfolio
2006-08-21 Clock generators target data comms, base station apps
Maxim said its new low-jitter, high-performance clock generators ensure reliability in the system and target SONET and SDH data communications systems and base station applications
2007-11-01 Clock generators roll for Intel platforms
Winbond Electronics has introduced a new series of clock generators for Intel platforms
2007-05-29 Clock generators roll for AMD Geode processors
The W83152RG-G09 and W83152RG-G10 clock generator devices from Winbond Electronics Corp. are claimed to support the energy-efficient, cost-effective and highly integrated AMD Geode processor platform.
2005-05-02 Clock generators offer high versatility
IDT's new programmable clock generators leverage the EEPROM-based programmable platform from previous generations of IDT programmable clocks along with an enhanced, multi PLL architecture
2010-04-01 Clock generators extend battery life in portable apps
IDT has released the latest in its VersaClock series of low-power programmable clock generators designed to reduce power consumption and optimize board layout in battery-operated applications
2010-04-28 Clock generators come with complimentary I/O hubs
SpectraLinear has released a family of programmable clock generators that provide the timing and frequency requirements for systems based on Tunnel Creek technology
2009-04-28 Clock generators achieves 500fs RMS jitter
Texas Instruments Inc. has unveiled three new precision clock generators that have a crystal input, replacing up to four discrete high-frequency crystal oscillators with a single device
2005-12-06 Clock generator with integrated PLL
Dallas Semi's new crystal-based clock generator has an integrated phase-locked loop to generate clock outputs and three pin-selectable multiplier rates and three dither magnitudes to reduce EMI.
2006-02-17 Clock generator targets comm apps
Maxim Integrated Products introduced the MAX9491, a VCXO clock generator for communications systems such as routers and switches.
2008-04-23 Clock generator suits high-speed system equipment
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX3674 wide-frequency-range, dual-output clock generator for high-speed system equipment.
2009-02-26 Clock generator simplifies nets, comms
Analog Devices Inc.'s clock generator simplifies clock design and reduces the need for oscillators in multistandard networking and communications infrastructure systems.
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