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2009-09-07 Atom companion PMIC cuts component count
Dialog Semiconductor Plc and Harman Becker have teamed to develop the DA6001 power management IC as a companion device for the Intel Atom processor
2009-08-21 App processor packs mixed-signal tech
Freescale has launched the i.MX233 application processor that integrates mixed signal technology to lower costs and streamline product design in a broad range of embedded and consumer products.
2007-01-30 Agilent intros new digital communications analysis tools
Agilent Technologies has introduced a phase noise application software and new options for the digital communications analyzer.
2006-10-16 Achieve low-power design success at 65nm
Tom Chau and Cheng Shi compile tips for designers to ensure success for advanced low-power designs at 90nm and 65nm.
2005-09-01 A fast, accurate, LC compliant dc-dc boost regulator Is it possible?
Since the values of LC filter parameters can vary significantly, integration of a fixed compensation circuit implies low bandwidth, which is vital in portable apps with fast switching loads.
2008-05-26 A detailed guide to powering the TigerSHARC processors
This application note from Analog Devices discusses the voltage regulators/switchers that are suitable for processors running at 600MHz.
2007-07-26 16bit RISC MCUs target large LCD displays
Maxim Integrated Products introduces a new addition to its RISC MAXQ MCU product line, the MAXQ3100 highly integrated, mixed-signal MCU targeted at data-driven display applications.
2007-07-25 Tiny boost converter offers high current, auto power save
austriamicrosystems now offers a synchronous step-up DC/DC converter that delivers high-output currents and high efficiency of 96 percent in a small TDFN 10-pin package.
2001-05-03 Reducing system power requirements
This application note discusses a number of ways to reduce a design's system power, ranging from the use of CMOS logic to varying the clock rates of the logic to powering down unused logic
2002-09-16 Power-savvy design will rule IC world
IC designers on the leading edge are quickly coming to realize that power and its many effects have begun to pose the top design challenge in the nanometer realm.
2007-03-01 National intros 'first' 6-100V current-mode buck controller
National Semiconductor said it has introduced the industry's first 6V to 100V current-mode buck controller for use in telecommunications, automotive and industrial control applications.
2007-02-26 Minimize FPGA power consumption
After prioritizing the initial requirements, the designer should consider several factors before selecting an FPGA to implement the design.
2005-06-16 Methodology for DSP-based FPGA design
Here's a technique to solve productivity and design-quality issues that have previously plagued DSP developers.
2002-07-16 Maxim temperature switch exhibits 1.50C accuracy
The MAX6685 dual remote-junction temperature switch from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. measures the temperature of a PN junction in an external IC with 1.50C accuracy.
2002-06-18 Maxim temperature sensor ICs have 110C accuracy
The MAX6680 and MAX6681 temperature sensor ICs from Maxim Integrated Products offer a remote accuracy of 110C and a local temperature accuracy of 11.50C between 600C to 1000C.
2005-04-01 Low-power MCUs in line-powered apps
Replacing higher-current MCUs with new low-power ones provide some advantages in most line-powered devices.
2002-08-26 Linear Tech regulator suits dual transistor topologies
The LT3781 synchronous regulator controller form Linear TEchnology targeted at dual transistor forward topologies.
2004-02-12 Learning the ropes in the IC business
Shengfa learned that it's hard to build a startup in China. But like a warrior preparing for a battle, he has learned to sharpen his tools.
2014-04-21 IoT designs demand EDA to refocus on basic requirements
For EDA to support the rapidly growing IoT landscape, one industry expert suggests a return to verification, power management, and analogue/mixed signal designs
2007-11-16 Estimate power efficiently, effectively
Power reduction techniques can only be implemented if they are considered during the architecture phase of the design cycle.
2007-03-14 Dual-mode DC/DC delivers 1.4A per channel
Linear Technology has announced the LT3508, a dual-channel current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter that delivers 1.4A of output current with efficiencies up to 89 percent per channel.
2006-12-14 Dual step-down DC/DC delivers 3A per channel
Each channel of Linear Tech's new dual-current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter is capable of delivering up to 3A of continuous output current at efficiencies up to 88 percent.
2007-02-26 Design low-power multiprocessor chips
The demand for higher performance and more features has only served to increase total system power consumption.
2007-01-22 DC/DC features adjustable operating frequency
Linear Technology has introduced the LT3845, a 4-60V input range, synchronous DC/DC step-down controller with adjustable 100-500kHz operating frequency.
2007-01-23 DC/DC delivers 600mA continuous output
Linear Tech has announced a high-efficiency, 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator that can deliver up to 600mA of continuous output current from a 2-by-3mm DFN package.
2007-10-08 DC/DC converter features internal 2A/42V switch
Linear Technology has announced a 2.5MHz boost/inverter DC/DC converter with an internal 2A/42V switch.
2007-01-15 Buck regulator suits latest DSPs, MCUs
Linear Technology's 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator generates output voltages as low as 0.6V, enabling it to power the latest generation of low-voltage DSPs and MCUs.
2002-03-08 Xilinx FPGAs integrate PowerPC processor
The Virtex-II Pro FPGAs support up to four 300MHz PowerPC 405 processor cores and incorporates RocketIO multi-gigabit serial transceivers, as well as Active Interconnect, BlockRAM, and clock management features.
2004-10-07 TI line drivers provide high performance
TI introduced what it claims as the industry's first multipoint-LVDS line drivers for clock distribution
2008-04-22 VCSO has expanded frequency range, ultralow jitter
The VS-705 VCSO from Vectron International delivers new and improved features including an expanded frequency range and power management capabilities that support "green" initiatives
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