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2001-06-08 Xicor X1243 real time clock oscillator requirements
This application note details the oscillator requirements for Xicor's X1243 real time clock.
2002-11-25 Surface-mount oscillator boasts low offset jitter
MF Electronics' surface-mount R2950 clock oscillator is designed for advanced portable, wireless, and SONET systems.
2012-01-24 Signal chain basics: Clock jitter unveiled (Part 1
Read about some of the key parameters of this critical specification, which affects many aspects of the signal chain.
2002-04-09 SaRonix clock oscillator is set for 350MHz run
To meet the demand for a cost-effective reference clock for Infiniband at 10Gb Ethernet, SaRonix has launched its SDS3811 HF LVDS clock oscillator.
2004-12-20 Sanshin clock oscillators function to 54MHz
Sanshin Electric disclosed the availability of its clock oscillators that are rated at 5V, 25mA
2002-08-02 Pletronics clock oscillator gets an update
Pletronics Inc. has replaced its SM1145JM fixed-frequency (32.768kHz) clock oscillator with the S3883 series.
2009-03-09 Oscillator touts low BER at high-speed transfers
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the DS4266 266MHz clock oscillator specifically designed for DDR memory applications.
2005-02-23 Oscillator meets miniaturization requirements
Raltron released a new series of surface-mount clock oscillators with low supply voltage and current requirements in a new 3.2-by-2.5-by-1mm ceramic package
2006-02-15 New quartz crystal clock oscillators from Pericom
Pericom's new series of quartz crystal clock oscillators are contained in a 3.2-by-2.5mm package
2004-06-21 Microcontroller clock - RC oscillator, crystal or resonator?
This app note discusses various factors associated with microcontroller clock selection and compares these oscillator types.
2006-12-19 Low-jitter clock oscillators suit mass storage nets
The Pb-free low-jitter clock oscillators from Raltron are designed specifically for use in mass storage networks, Fibre Channel and Ethernet applications
2005-07-08 Epson's new high frequency clock oscillator suits consumer apps
The new XG-1000 device from Epson is the first in a series of ultra-low jitter high frequency clock oscillators especially designed for consumer applications
2012-09-07 Employ real time clock sample code
Read about the usage of the real time clock running from the on-board low-speed oscillator.
2015-09-03 Dealing with jitter vs power trade-off in clock trees
Advanced clock buffers eliminate that trade-off between lower-jitter buffers with a power penalty you can't afford versus lower-power units with inferior jitter specifications
2002-06-06 Dallas oscillator runs up to 133MHz sans external components
The DS1077 programmable oscillator from Dallas Semiconductor Corp. generates dual synchronous output frequencies from 8kHz to 133MHz without the use of external components
2003-10-28 Dallas oscillator eases design, cuts costs
Dallas Semiconductor has introduced the DS1086L spread-spectrum EconOscillator, which the company claims is the world's smallest low-EMI clock oscillator.
2002-10-14 Dallas clock oscillator reduces emissions by 20dB
The DS1086 spread-spectrum clock oscillator features user-programmable spread settings that reduce radiated emissions by up to 20dB.
2013-08-26 Crystek unveils 245.760MHz SAW clock oscillator
Crystek's CCSO-914X-245.760 generates a true-sinewave with 8dBm min. output power and operates from -40C to 85C.
2004-11-02 Clock oscillators reduce EMI by up to 12dB
Mercury Electronic announced that its new HM57 spread spectrum clock oscillators can reduce EMI by as much as much as 12dB
2008-11-05 Clock oscillators meet FCC interference standards
SiTime has expanded into the electromagnetic compliance business with a family of MEMS electromagnetic interference products.
2003-07-31 Clock oscillators feature 130dBc/Hz phase noise
The SMD TCXO crystal clock oscillators from MotorJoy Corp. feature a nominal frequency range of 10MHz to 33MHz
2002-06-12 Clock oscillators and non-compensated sinewave crystal oscillators
This application note discusses the three primary parameters that must be considered for moderately stable crystal oscillators, where temperature-compensation and oven operation are not required.
2003-01-20 Clock oscillator performs better than tuning fork crystals
The EM7602 32.768kHz clock oscillator is claimed to exhibit three times better thermal drift than conventional tuning fork crystals.
2015-09-10 Clock jitter attenuator boosts JESD204B serial interface
The HMC7044 offers a wide range of clock management and distribution features that make it possible for designers of base stations to build an entire clock design with a single device
2009-02-26 Clock generator simplifies nets, comms
Analog Devices Inc.'s clock generator simplifies clock design and reduces the need for oscillators in multistandard networking and communications infrastructure systems
2005-06-08 App Note 3512: Spread-spectrum clock oscillators lower EMI
This app note discusses how spread-spectrum clocks can aid EMI reduction, as well as reduce BOM cost, by reducing the amount of filtering and shielding required
2004-10-27 All-silicon clock oscillator touts performance, integration benefits
Micro Oscillator said its new all-silicon CMOS-based clock oscillator will match the performance of 32kHz crystals.
2002-02-08 Xicor's real-time clock chips support two-wire interface
Two real-time clock (RTC) chips from Xicor Inc. contain 32K-by-8 bits of EEPROM that can be used for byte-addressable, nonvolatile storage
2008-09-16 Video clock reference design augments jitter performance
National Semiconductor Corp. highlights a new video clock reference design, now available as a module for the Xilinx ML571 serial digital video development board
2002-08-05 Vectron clock smoother eyes telecom apps
The CS-300 clock smoother an input frequency from 10MHz to 700MHz and then "cleans up" the signal to provide an ultra low jitter output signal
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