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2008-07-14 TI rolls 16bit single-channel ADC, low-jitter clock
Texas Instruments Inc. has introduced a 16bit, single-channel, 135MSps ADC and a low-jitter clock synthesizer.
2010-08-04 PMC tips software-programmable clock synthesizer
Pentek's new programmable clock synthesizer PMC module offers the flexibility of custom frequency generation under simple software control.
2005-07-13 PLL clock lowers EMI
Alliance Semiconductor has announced a dual phase-locked loop clock synthesizer for PC peripheral devices, consumer electronics, and embedded controller systems that is said to lower electromagnetic interference.
2003-04-04 ON Semi replaces Motorola PLL clock synthesizers
ON Semiconductor has introduced the first family of six programmable PLL clock synthesizers that are replacements for discontinued Motorola devices
2005-10-03 Micrel's latest clock synthesizer
The SY89538L integrated programmable clock synthesizer and fanout is part of Micrel's precision PLL-based clock generation family targeted at enterprise switch, router and multiprocessor server applications.
2003-01-31 Exar clock synthesizer touts low power dissipation
Exar Corp.'s XRT8010 350MHz clock synthesizer offers LVDS interface and an accumulated jitter performance of 6ps rms.
2006-09-28 Dual GPS/Galileo ICs clock in sub-second acquisition
u-blox is readying a family of GPS and Galileo-ready single chips and chipsets that promise acquisition performance of under one second.
2002-08-06 Dallas ships all-silicon frequency synthesizer
The DS1085 can generate dual synchronous output frequencies over 8kHz to 133MHz, without the use of external crystals, resistors, or other discrete components.
2007-05-04 Using the CDCL6010 as a frequency synthesizer and jitter cleaner
This application report provides general guidelines for using the Texas Instruments' 1.8V LVDS/LVCMOS clock receiver CDCL6010 as a frequency synthesizer and/or jitter cleaner. This report reviews the basic device functionality and most efficient methods of use. The document also includes a detailed discussion of generating multiple frequencies with a common input frequency as well as a practical example of this technique. The report concludes with a brief description of recommendations on line terminations and power supply decoupling.
2007-06-22 TI rolls out low-jitter network clock generator
TI has developed a femtosecond performance clock generator especially targeted for networking designs
2009-07-09 Synthesizer provides
National Semiconductor Corp. has announced what it claims is the industry's lowest-noise, fully integrated frequency synthesizer, the PowerWise LMX2541
2006-12-07 Synthesizer ICs tout 1GSps operation
Analog Devices Inc. announced that it has more than doubled the clock speed of the industry's fastest direct digital synthesizer ICs that use 14-bit DACs.
2007-06-21 Synthesizer allows multiple spur-reduction channels
Analog Devices Inc.'s AD9912 direct digital synthesizer achieves output signals of up to 400MHz while consuming less than 1,000mW
2007-05-04 Synchronizing WiMAX synthesizer TRF1x21/TRF1x12 to arbitrary reference
Texas Instruments has a WiMAX RF chipset for basestation and CPE applications that include integrated synthesizers to realize the superheterodyne architecture. For optimum channel resolution, these devices must be tied to an 18MHz reference frequency. In some systems, the synthesizer reference frequency needs to be synchronized to a system reference frequency that may not be an integral multiple of 18MHz. This application report presents the circuitry required to synchronize the 18MHz reference to an arbitrary system reference clock and illustrates that negligible degradation occurs in the RF performance of the radio.
2010-09-03 Provisioning data rates using the AD9951 DDS as an agile reference clock for the ADN2812 continuous-rate CDR
This application note describes how to use the AD9951 direct digital synthesizer (DDS) as an agile reference clock generator for the ADN2812 continuous-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) device.
2009-06-17 Programmable clock generators simplify device testing
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has launched the FleXO family of programmable high-performance clock generators
2002-09-12 Oak PWM integrates frequency synthesizer functionality
Oak Technology Inc.'s PM-1100 PWM integrates a frequency synthesizer to provide enhanced precision sizing and placement of individual pixels in a laser-generated image
2005-05-09 Maxim frequency synthesizer reduces overall system cost
Maxim unveiled a high-performance, low-jitter frequency synthesizer designed to reduce electromagnetic interference while generating multiple clocks for distribution in network routers or switches
2005-02-16 IRIG-B clock time-stamps digital delay generator data
Interface Technology is now announcing immediate availability of its IRIG-B Real Time Clock option for the DDG200 and DDG400
2008-11-03 Frequency synthesizer offers sub-picosecond jitter
Maxim introduces the MAX3678 low-jitter frequency synthesizer with nine LVPECL clock outputs and intelligent dynamic switching.
2008-05-26 DDS-based clock jitter performance vs. DAC reconstruction filter performance
This application note by David Brandon and Ken Gentile from Analog Devices describes the results obtained from a filter layout experiment and discusses how layout and component selection impact stop-band rejection.
2009-07-14 Compact PLL/synthesizer operates from 1,600-2,200MHz
Crystek Corp. introduces the CPLL66-1600-2200 PLL/synthesizer. It operates from 1,600MHz to 2,200MHz with a typical step size of 1,000kHz
2006-08-16 Clock sources: PLL synthesizer vs. XO modules
For the same clock application, the PLL synthesizer clock offers the use of a less costly crystal that can operate at lower harmonic frequency compared to a XO module. Replacing an XO module with a PLL synthesizer could shorten lead times and reduce BOMs.
2006-10-19 ADI unrolls clock generator with under 1ps jitter
Analog Devices says its AD9516 series is the industry's first low-phase-noise, 14-channel clock generator with jitter below 1ps
2004-05-11 ADI synthesizer first to enable DDS agility to 2.7GHz
The company has introduced a low cost, low power, monolithic solution to integrate both direct digital synthesis and phased locked loop circuitry.
2002-09-30 ADI chip combines direct digital synthesizer with DAC
The AD9858, combines a 1GSa/s direct digital synthesizer with a 10-bit, 1GSa/s DAC, 2GHz RF analog mixer, 150MHz phase frequency detector, and a programmable charge pump with proprietary fast-locking acquisition logic
2008-05-27 Direct digital synthesizers in clocking applications time jitter in direct digital synthesizer-based clocking systems
This application note by David Brandon for Analog Devices describes the Time Jitter performance that can be attained by using DDS-based clock systems
2005-10-20 Clock synthesizers cut costs
Micrel rolled out two precision, low-jitter clock system-on-chip synthesizers that are said to provide an extremely high level of integration for system timing generation
2005-08-23 Clock chips from TimeLab synchronize slewing simultaneously
TimeLab unveiled the flagship digital timing devices in its TotalClock family of timing processor units (TPUs), which places multiple synthesizers on a single chip.
2003-03-10 TWC01622 Loop Filters: Compatible Components
This application note provides information of the TWC01622's loop filters' critical parameters and compatible devices that meet these parameters.
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