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2006-10-27 TI unveils MCUs for car instrument cluster apps
Texas Instruments has announced an expansion of its 32bit TMS470 MCU platform, offering new devices for instrument cluster host controller applications.
2006-12-07 Taiwan flexible CCL makers form cluster in China
Several Taiwan-based manufacturers of flexible CCL have formed an industry cluster in eastern China, thus pushing a few flexible PCB makers in Taiwan to set up shop in the area as well.
2005-03-23 South Korea government supports LCD cluster in Paju
To support the growth and development of the economy, the South Korean government announced its plans to establish a LCD cluster in the northern part of the country.
2015-09-24 Singapore boosts 3D printing capabilities with new cluster
Singapore launched the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Cluster to harness, strengthen and expand the country's growing 3D printing capabilities as an integrated hub.
2006-08-16 Mindspeed rolls video processor IC, DSP cluster
Mindspeed Technologies Inc. simultaneously launched a seventh generation of its Comcerto VoIP processor and a software suite that includes protocols for 3GPP and IP Multimedia Subsystems.
2006-10-05 MCU for car instrumentation cluster has TFT display drive
Freescale's MC9S12XHZ512 MCU is said to be the industry's first car instrumentation cluster MCU featuring an integrated TFT display drive.
2005-06-02 Malaysia seeks to foster electronics cluster
Malaysia's Ministry of Trade and Industry has unveiled plans to develop a local electronics industry cluster centered on semiconductor production, but stopped short of announcing concrete measures to lure more semiconductor firms to the country
2003-02-19 Kouli LED cluster lamps fit traffic lights
Kouli Technology (HK) Ltd has announced the availability of LED cluster lamps that exhibit a luminosity of 8cd.
2011-05-03 High-performance computing melds with cluster computers
The supercomputer market, also known as high-performance computing, is spilling over into the high-performance server market.
2014-12-24 DNA binding protein allows novel nanoparticle cluster mfg
Using the zinc finger protein that specifically binds to target DNA sequence, the researchers developed an innovative manufacturing technique for size-controllable magnetic nanoparticle clusters.
2014-03-20 Demo cluster promotes deposition tech for OLEDs
The cluster from AIXTRON features enhanced testing and demonstration capabilities for OVPD and PVPD.
2014-03-06 Cluster FLEET drives encapsulation tech into market
Cluster FLEET pools the expertise of different institutions in order to accelerate the translation of encapsulation technologies into industrial and serial production flexible electronic applications.
2005-02-25 austriamicro transceiver in Fujitsu FlexRay cluster, diagnosis system
austriamicrosystems introduced its FlexRay transceiver AS8221 during this week's Embedded World 2005 in Nuremberg.
2006-01-11 Altera PLDs in U.S. DoD's JTRS Cluster 5 design
Altera announced that its Cyclone II and MAX II devices have been chosen by General Dynamics C4 Systems for applications critical to the U.S. Department of Defense's JTRS Cluster 5 design.
2011-10-11 1.5GHz microprocessor cluster targets SoC design
MIPS Technologies and eSilicon's latest 28nm technology combines coherent multiprocessing and superscalar processor core.
2004-02-02 Using FAT16/FAT32 systems in CF devices
The article focuses on the issues of FAT, and how it relates to compact flash (CF) devices that generate large file sizes.
2002-03-22 SUSS receives multi-tool order Asian company
SUSS MicroTec AG has received a multi-tool order from Asia's F-Tech. The order consists of several SAW fabrication modules, including a microlithography cluster, metal lift-off tool, production mask aligner and production probe system.
2003-01-24 SUSS MicroTec to install lithography line at Taiwan R&D firm
SUSS MicroTec has announced that they will install a lithography line at the National Nano Device Laboratories in Taiwan.
2004-05-25 SUSS CPS integrates multiple test configurations
SUSS MicroTec has introduced its Cluster Probing System that combines multiple test configurations within one system.
2002-06-28 STMicro LED driver suits automotive light clusters
The STLC1 LED cluster driver from STMicroelectronics integrates input buffers, individual low-side drivers, and a remote indicator for lamp failure.
2006-10-05 Software stack addresses migration to Linux clusters
Addressing the rapid migration to Linux clusters, Platform OCS is a pre-integrated, vendor-certified software stack that promises consistent delivery of scale-out application clusters.
2013-09-11 RTC on S12ZVH MCUs
Here's a look at the RTC with the main purpose of keeping accurate timing in easy-to-understand calendar units.
2011-10-20 PMIC supports 14 power voltage rails
TI has announced it is expanding its automotive power management portfolio with what it claims as the industry's first 14-rail PMIC for infotainment and cluster applications.
2010-11-17 Nvidia GPU supercomputing available on demand from AWS
Nvidia announced that enterprises and start-ups will now be able to access the supercomputing-class performance of Nvidia Tesla GPUs through Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud offering, called Cluster GPU Instances. This new offering expands the available options for flexible, on-demand high performance computing within the Amazon Web Services cloud.
2011-06-17 MCU touts single-chip car dashboard display
Freescale Semiconductor has released the MPC5645S, expanding its portfolio of Qorivva 32bit MCUs built on its Power Architecture technology.
2007-06-29 Intel rolls out cables, spec for clusters
Intel has developed a new class of optical cables and system specification geared towards boosting the growth of computer clusters.
2010-05-25 InfiniBand fabric suite offers adaptive, dispersive routing
QLogic Corp. has released the InfiniBand Fabric Suite (IFS) 6.0 management software package that incorporates virtual fabrics configurations adaptive routing and dispersive routing.
2014-03-31 GPU clusters change the game in visual computing
Nvidia developed an approach to cluster GPUs, where they are linked and communicate with each other through PCIe or InfiniBand , allowing high-resolution visualisation of big data.
2002-01-21 Bivar LED light pipe assembly lights up display panels up to 100m
Claimed to provide 1200 viewing angle and extend LED lighting to display panels of up to 100m, the FLP-O light pipe assembly series is geared towards miniature display requirements of CompactPCI applications.
2002-09-27 AMD processors feature STMicro compilers
The Portland Group Compiler Technology team of STMicroelectronics has collaborated with AMD to provide its PGI CDK Cluster Development Kit package of compilers and tools for the upcoming AMD Athlon and Opteron processors.
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