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2003-09-18 Year Round coaxial connector lasts to 100 cycles
The 5BN-01C and 7BN-01C BNC termination plug with chain from Year Round Technology Corp. features a phosphor bronze contact and zinc alloy body.
2002-11-26 T1/E1/J1 Dual Connector Interface
This application note list down the cable and connector types that can be used for T1, J1, and E1 systems
2003-08-06 SMK develops floating structure coaxial connectors
SMK has developed a 20GHz SMA coaxial connector with a floating structure that absorbs fluctuating deviation in mounting pitches.
2003-12-15 SMK connector offers 2.5dB/m insertion loss
SMK Corp. has released its TC-12 series of small 6GHz coaxial connectors that are designed for mobile ETC units, wireless or base station equipment and other communication equipment
2004-05-26 SMK coaxial connector with 1.4mm height
The TC-5 series of surface-mount coaxial connectors from SMK is claimed by the company to have the industry's lowest profile, smallest size and lightest weight
2003-11-17 SMK coaxial connector suits 6GHz band
SMK Corp. has released what it claims is the industry's smallest coaxial connector, the TS-7 series, for 6GHz band.
2006-04-17 Murata unveils 'smallest' microwave coaxial connector
Murata Electronics introduces what it touts as the worlds' smallest microwave coaxial connector.
2003-03-18 KEL coax cable connector fits portable devices
The SSL series of miniature coaxial cable connector features a pitch of 0.5mm and has profile of 1.4mm, making it suitable for use in portable systems.
2003-09-12 Insert Enterprise rolls out coaxial connectors
Suitable for use in WLANs, mini-PCIs, and GSM phones, the MC series of coaxial connectors from Insert Enterprise Co. Ltd is fully compatible with the Murata GSC series and the Hirose U.FL/U.FL(V) series
2002-06-28 Insert coaxial connectors suit 802.11b, Bluetooth apps
The MC-901 and MC-113 series of coaxial connectors from Insert Enterprise Co. Ltd have a 2.5mm profile and accepts 0.8mm and 1.13mm (x) wires, respectively
2002-04-08 HK connector maker to ramp production
Hong Kong-based coaxial connector maker UPO Technical Products Ltd has disclosed plans to increase production capacity of SMA type connectors by 20 percent.
2002-08-21 Hirose miniature coaxial connectors suit PCCard Type II
The MRF01 series of coaxial connectors has a 3mm-thick receptacle, allowing it to be mounted on a PCCard Type II cards found in WLAN and GPS systems
2009-02-18 Connector plugs offer molded locking system
SMK Corp. has released the VC series of sub-miniature type B (SMB) coaxial connectors that feature molded locking system for automotive applications
2009-09-07 Coaxial rotary joint offers wide frequency range
Link Microtek's engineering division is offering what it claims to be the first commercially available PCB-mounting coaxial rotary joint
2009-07-15 Coaxial connector tailored for PCB verification
ITT Interconnect Solutions has unveiled an RF switching coaxial connector designed for antenna and PCB performance verification.
2009-04-15 Coaxial connector tailored for car navigation apps
SMK has developed the TC-15 series of rectangular coaxial connector designed for a 75? impedance for reception of terrestrial digital broadcasts for in-vehicle navigation equipments and car TVs.
2006-09-21 Coaxial connector suits small, thin mobile devices
SMK's new coaxial connector has a mounting space of 6.85-by-3.8mm, said to be one of the smallest in the industry, making the device suitable for smaller and thinner designs.
2003-09-16 CLEC coaxial connectors have screw-coupling types
The L29 series of RF coaxial connectors from ChuangLian Electronic Component Co. Ltd has a 50-ohm impedance and <0.5-milliohm outer conductor
2004-07-29 ChuangLian Electronic coaxial connectors have 1.3 VSWR
The SMB series of RF coaxial connectors from ChuangLian Electronic can support an operation of up to 4GHz
2002-11-22 Choice coaxial connectors work up to 6GHz
The Choice-43 F coaxial connectors of Changzhou Choice Electronic Material Fty operate up to a frequency of 6GHz and are rated at 250V, 1.5A
2004-02-19 Chin Nan coaxial connectors feature positive locking
Chin Nan Precision Electronics' coaxial connectors have a 50-ohm rated impedance, 0GHz to 6GHz frequency range, and 1.3 maximum VSWR
2003-06-06 Apex coaxial connectors rated to 500Vac
The B-126A-BNGT BNC-R coaxial connectors from Apex Precision Technology can withstand up to 1.5kVac for 1min
2013-07-26 Ultra-low-loss flexible microwave coaxial cables
The microwave coaxial cables from Molex yield stable electrical performance with minimal impedance and insertion loss variation in dynamic applications and deliver up to 88 per cent VOP
2004-12-02 Tru-Lock connector designed for rugged apps
Amphenol Industrial Operations introduced its Tru-Lok 2-pin connector with 1.5mm socket contacts for rugged environments
2006-03-29 RF connector kit features 3.5mm adapters
RF Industries targets high-frequency applications with its RF connector kit that features three 3.5mm precision adapters
2007-12-05 RF connector interface suits Wi-Fi, WiMAX apps
Tyco Electronics Corp. has introduced the QSL (Quick Stripline) RF connector series that targets Wi-Fi (802.11) and WiMAX (802.16) enabled products and applications
2003-11-10 Kel connector rated at 0.3A per contact
Suitable for use in #40AWG coaxial cables, the connector from Kel Corp. has a 1.4mm height and 0.5mm pitch.
2005-09-15 Huber + Suhner snap connector offers true 65GHz PCB link
Huber + Suhner has introduced a versatile 65GHz microcoax snap connector series that is designed for today's coaxial systems demanding connecting solutions up to 65GHz and digital transmissions reaching 40Gbps.
2008-07-31 Coaxial RF connector delivers reliable functionality
ITT Interconnect Solutions has launched a coaxial RF connector along with 12 phase-matched RF cable assemblies. The connector has a press fit contact that works well in 250C with a shelf-life of 25 years.
2012-06-15 Coaxial interconnects reduce risk of assembly errors
Radiall and Molex's SMP-MAX series of RF coaxial interconnect solutions for wireless telecommunications allow board-to-board distance tolerance of up to a 2mm gap without a spring
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