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What is assembly language (also assembly code)?
A simple computer programming language, specific to each microprocessor or microcontroller, which has a direct, one-to-one correspondence between each assembly-language instruction and the associated machine-code instruction.
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2005-12-19 ZigBee development kit supports custom code
MaxStream announced a new version of the XBee development kit that offers OEMs and systems integrators the ability to load their own code to the MaxStream's XBee and XBee-PRO RF module's processor.
2009-01-09 XMOS offers royalty-free source code for audio apps
Multicore processor vendor XMOS Semiconductor Ltd has developed source code for a range of digital audio applications including Ethernet AVB and USB 2.0.
2003-06-24 Writing to Flash from application code
This application note starts with the basics of writing to Flash from application codes on any Cygnal device. Then it discusses details specific to each device series.
2003-06-24 Writing to Flash from application code
This application note is a collection of routines that can be used to implement a master-mode SPI device in software.
2001-05-15 Writing interruptible looped code for the TMS320C6x DSP
This application note illustrates the flexibility of the TMS320C6x DSP family for interruptibility and examines the code generated by various interruptibility strategies.
2006-05-16 Writing good C++ code for embedded applications
Embedded-software technology appears to lag behind new trends. Colin Walls enumerates the dos and don'ts for writing a good C++ code for embedded apps.
2014-06-16 Writing bulletproof real-time clock control code
Accurate timekeeping and clock alarm operations can become a more manageable task with the use of proper device initialisation and code sequencing.
2001-08-09 Wireless software source code solutions
This conference technical paper discusses Trillium's solutions to enable wireless communications equipment manufacturers to develop third-generation network elements for quick and efficient deployment.
2006-08-08 Wind River donates 300,000 lines of code to Eclipse Foundation
Wind River Systems Inc., a device software optimization (DSO) provider, has turned over 300,000 lines of code to the Eclipse Foundation.
2005-06-28 Winbond buys out NexFlash for code-flash play
Winbond Electronics Corp. has acquired serial flash maker NexFlash Technology Inc. for an undisclosed sum.
2007-02-16 Wide-band IR sensor targets code learning apps
Vishay has released a device that implements a wide-band IR sensor for code learning and IR extender applications.
2015-05-14 What to ask during code reviews
There are common issues when reviewing code no matter what the size of the company or how mature the development process. Here are 10 questions that can be asked to help find potential bug-ridden areas.
2007-05-16 VoIP code supports handset protocols
D2 Technologies' upgraded vPort now supports multiple service protocols and classes of systems, including cellular and cordless phones.
2000-06-07 Using the 24XX65 and 24XX32 with Stand Alone PIC16C54 Code
This application note discusses Microchip's strategy in solving the 16KB limitation of the I?C serial bus, since this 16KB limit is insufficient with the requirements of sophisticated personal communication devices, such as cellular and full-featured phones, PDAs and palm-top computers.
2011-05-10 Using banked code with 78M6618
This document describes how to use banked code with a 78M6618 energy meter chip.
2008-06-13 Unlock universal remote's Wi-Fi secret code
With the increasing number of home-entertainment appliances in living rooms, Acoustic Research launched the ARRU449 LCD-screen-based universal remote control to reduce the clutter of brand-specific controllers.
2003-06-19 UART in-application code loading examples
A UART code loader provides in-system reprogrammability of program code space (Flash) through the serial port. This application note gives an overview of in-application code loading on Cygnal devices and provides two complete examples.
2002-06-12 TRU-600A: Code mark inversion (CMI) input data
This application note presents examples on how to extract a clock signal from an incoming non-return to zero data stream using the TRU-600A device.
2004-06-02 TransEDA releases new code coverage tools
TransEDA released a new tool for specification coverage and impact analysis, as well as a new "coverability analysis" option to its VN-Cover code coverage tool.
2011-05-06 Tool offers requirements-to-object-code traceability
LDRA unveils what is touted to be the first requirements-to-objectCcode traceability.
2008-05-08 Tool eases fault detection in source code
LDRA has launched TBvision, a product that enables companies to easily see how the source code performs against security vulnerabilities, fault-detection and adherence to the required quality standards.
2008-01-21 Tool deploys Simulink code to Green Hills IDE
The MathWorks and Green Hills Software has announced Embedded IDE Link MU, a tool that deploys code generated from Simulink models into the Green Hills MULTI IDE.
2008-07-21 Tool cuts testing time of device development code
Wind River Systems has added a scalable, distributed testing framework that connects device software development with quality assurance teams in a collaborative workflow.
2006-09-01 Tool compiles C source code to RTL
CebaTech Inc. recently announced plans to offer both TCP/IP intellectual property (IP) and the C-language compiler that was used to create it.
2001-05-23 TMS320C54x application code examples
This application note contains complete code examples for routines that have been developed using a TMS320C54x DSP evaluation module platform.
2006-05-01 TI, Green Hills team up to develop DaVinci code
The collaboration has produced an IDE for the DaVinci technology featuring a debug that could handle multiple cores and maintain OS awareness.
2007-03-07 TI upgrades Code Composer IDE
Texas Instruments Inc. rolled out version 3.3 of its Code Composer Studio Platinum IDE, which promises to raise multiprocessor support and analysis features to a higher level to meet the evolving needs of embedded system development.
2008-05-05 TI code composer tool offers embedded emulation
TI has released the Code Composer Essentials v3 for MSP430 that provides major upgrades designed to enhance performance, emulation and ease-of-use, all at a very low cost.
2002-10-08 Telelogic tools end reliance to code-centric programming
The addition of the Tau/Architect and Tau/Developer into the Tau Generation2 is claimed to end the reliance on code-centric programming to deliver faster and cheaper systems and real-time software.
2013-04-10 Tech giants to develop open source code for SDNs
A consortium of large communications and software giants to provide open source code for software defined networks.
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