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What is a codec?
Codec can stand for enCOder/DECoder or COmpressor/DECompressor. It can be a hardware circuit that performs analog-to-digital conversion and digital-to-analog conversion. It can also refer to any SW or HW that compresses and decompresses audio and video data streams.
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2001-05-17 Company: Texas Instruments Inc.
This application note provides a detailed description of the implementation of the IS-127 enhanced variable rate speech codec (EVRC) on Texas Instruments' TMS320C62x DSP.
2003-01-09 Codecs deliver multichannel DVD-Audio capability
Cirrus Logic Corp. debuted several surround sound codecs that are capable of delivering multichannel 192kHz DVD-Audio capability.
2007-01-22 Codecs deliver hi-fi audio for headsets, digicams
Two new codecs from Wolfson Microelectronics are designed to deliver hi-fi stereo quality for stereo headset applications as well as high-quality audio for digital camera systems.
2009-10-28 Codecs cut power consumption on all op states
The codecs feature an innovative new architecture that cuts power consumption across all operation states.
2002-10-29 CML TETRA IC combines baseband, voice processors
The CMX981 TETRA IC combines a digital-radio baseband processor with an on-chip voice codec/processor and audio PA.
2004-10-04 Cirrus Logic ICs provide backbone to in-flight entertainment
Business air travelers are now enjoying in-flight entertainment and connectivity at a quality that may surpass even their home entertainment systems, with Lufthansa Technik's networked integrated cabin management and entertainment system based upon a wide variety of ICs from Cirrus Logic Inc.
2013-05-08 Choosing the right audio amp topology
Here's an examination of the most important characteristics of each class of audio amplifier available today.
2007-06-06 China's AVS wins Broadcom, Conexant support
Broadcom and Conexat are joining STMicroelectronics in offering support for Audio Video Coding Standard (AVS), China's homespun codec.
2007-03-14 China startup hinges hopes on media player chips
China startup Jade Technologies plans to leverage its image- and video-processing expertise into design wins in China's growing markets for PMPs and IP camera designs.
2004-03-16 Cellphones suck up the chips
Cellphones have become the single largest market for processor silicon and also the largest market for RISC cores.
2004-03-16 Cellphones suck up the chips
Cellphones have become the single largest market for processor silicon and also the largest market for RISC cores.
2007-03-01 Better video quality for portables
Video compression chip vendor Qpixel Technology International Inc. is readying a low-power device that supports both Baseline and Main Profiles of the H.264 video codec standard,
2006-10-02 AVS has yet to gain traction in China
China's AVS Part 2 has yet to gain traction in the market, with the country's largest IPTV service providers using H.264 in their latest IPTV deployments.
2009-01-15 Audio, video codecs for ARM chip aim at mobiles
Ittiam Systems Ltd has announced a new set of audio and video codecs for the ARM Cortex-A8 processor. The codecs, which leverage ARM's NEON SIMD processing extensions, target mobile phones, Mobile Internet Devices, portable navigation and entertainment devices.
2011-08-02 Audio subsystem reduces board space
IDT's audio subsystem with integrated clock IC boasts space and cost efficiency for tablets, game consoles, personal navigation devices and portable projectors.
2005-03-01 Audio requirements in digital telephony
Digital telephony applications may boost the campaign for the VoIP market.
2010-06-11 Audio ICs simplify signal management in mobile apps
Cirrus Logic Inc. is rolling out a pair of audio ICs that improve audio quality, simplify signal management and reduce EMI in mobile consumer electronics applications.
2014-09-22 Audio CODECs tout improved voice control, audio capability
The DA7322 and DA7323 from Dialog are geared for voice-centric applications found in the latest generation of tablets, wearables, webcam accessories and in-vehicle entertainment.
2006-05-25 Audio codecs support Windows Vista logo program
SigmaTel announced the immediate availability of a new family of 4-channel HD audio codecs that support the upcoming Microsoft Vista logo program, which requires 4-channel codecs for two separate capture and render scenarios.
2005-01-18 Audio CODECs enable great sound in portable multimedia products
Wolfson Microelectronics has announced a line of audio CODEC chips to address the increasing need for great sounding handheld multimedia.
2006-01-10 Audio CODECs consume 14mW
Texas Instruments introduced the TLV320AIC3x family of low-noise, stereo, portable audio CODECs with power consumption as low as 14mW.
2004-04-15 Atmel, Parrot launch comms management chipset
Atmel and Parrot have announced the market availability of the Parrot4 automotive communication management chipset.
2006-01-10 Atmel, Eleven Engineering collaborate on Hi-Fi audio solution
Atmel and Eleven Engineering announced the availability of a Hi-Fi digital wireless audio solution, which integrates the ATR2406 2.4GHz ISM-band single-chip transceiver and the XInC2 wireless processor.
2000-04-01 Anatomy of a multi-format digital audio player, part II
This article discusses the digital rights management (DRM) proposed by the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). It provides a brief overview on how to design a solid-state audio player, as well as securely download a piece of music from the Internet via a host onto the portable player.
2000-04-01 Anatomy of a multi-format digital audio player
MP3 players are just the beginning. Stay tuned for next-generation portable players that comply with multiple audio compression formats such as AAC, ePAC, WMA, Qdesign, and AC3.
2002-02-01 Amphion IP core codes up to 3,470 channels
The CS4590 ADPCM core is designed to support multichannel encoding/decoding of up to 3,470 simplex or 1,735 duplex speech channels for implementation of high-end telecommunications systems such as OC-192.
2012-04-18 Altera's OpenCL for FPGAs cuts dev't time
The solution implements goHDR's proprietary video codec algorithm into an Altera FPGA, enabling existing TVs to display HDR video content at real time ratesat least 25fps.
2007-02-01 Agere pioneers mobile content server
Looking to enable cellular handsets to function as personal media players, Agere Systems Inc. plans to introduce what it bills as a new product category: the mobile content server.
2008-01-15 Aeroflex enhances AIME test system with voice codecs
Aeroflex has added Wideband Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) support to its 6113 Air Interface Monitor Emulation (AIME) base station protocol test system.
2007-10-29 ADI provides codecs gratis
ADI is providing 23 of its internally developed codecs as free downloads from its Website.
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