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What is a codec?
Codec can stand for enCOder/DECoder or COmpressor/DECompressor. It can be a hardware circuit that performs analog-to-digital conversion and digital-to-analog conversion. It can also refer to any SW or HW that compresses and decompresses audio and video data streams.
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2001-05-15 TMS320C6000 McBSP: AC'97 codec interface (TLC320AD90)
This application note describes how to use the multi-channel buffered serial ports (McBSPs) in Texas Instruments' TMS320C6000 DSP as a digital controller for an audio codec 1997 device.
2001-05-11 TMS320C6000 McBSP interface to the CS4231A multimedia audio codec
This application note describes how the CS4231A multimedia audio codec can be interfaced to the TMS320C6201 DSP.
2008-10-06 TI to send out software video codec for free
TI is preparing to give out free optimized software video codec bundles, together with several digital media processors, according to the company's DaVinci technology.
2007-05-08 TI audio codec supports asynchronous operation
The new 24bit TI audio codec supports asynchronous operation, allowing the ADC and DAC to operate with independent clocks.
2007-05-03 TI algorithm standard eases codec exchange
TI's eXpressDSP xDM is a low-level API for DSP-based software that provides a framework for integrating and exchanging multiple codecs within an application.
2003-10-16 Tensilica rolls out codec pack
Tensilica has rolled out a package of audio codecs and new instructions for its Xtensa processor that take some pain out of digital audio design. At the same time, it promises to raise the bar on sound quality.
2007-11-20 Stereo codec touts TSC, mic, headphone amp
A low-power audio codec with a built-in microphone amplifier, touch-screen controller (TSC) and stereo headphone amplifier has been introduced by AKM Semiconductor Inc.
2005-07-21 Stereo codec targets portable apps
This low-power stereo codec from Cirrus Logic operates from a single 1.8V power supply while delivering 46mW into stereo 16-ohm headphones
2009-06-25 Stereo codec packs Class D speaker driver
Wolfson Microelectronics has releases the second device in its stereo chip line is being promoted as the industry's lowest power codec.
2007-07-18 Stereo codec has dual PCM interfaces
Asahi Kasei EMD Corp. has launched the AK4671, a one-chip stereo codec featuring dual PCM interfaces for mobile device applications such as smartphones and portable navigation devices.
2006-05-12 Stereo audio CODEC with 1.2W speaker amp
AKM's single-chip 16-bit stereo A/D and D/A converter features a high-quality microphone equalizer and built-in microphone/headphone/speaker amplifier.
2005-06-16 Stereo audio CODEC offers independent sampling on ADC, DAC
Wolfson Microelectronics launched a stereo audio CODEC with the ability to operate the ADC and DAC at different sample rates simultaneously
2008-09-15 Stereo audio codec fits portable systems
Nuvoton Technology Corp. has introduced the WAU8822, a flexible, cost-effective stereo-audio codec for portable audio applications.
2010-01-29 Smart codec features in TMS320DM365
This application note presents features that have been incorporated in the TMS320DM365 H.264 codec, which makes use of external input/feedback from the system to improve the overall end-user video quality.
2005-11-03 Samsung inks codec agreement with Vimio
Ireland-based Vimio plc, a developer of mobile content distribution software, has signed an agreement to license its audio and video codecs to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd for use in mobile phones.
2004-01-26 Renesas to license Microsoft, RealNetworks A/V codec technologies
Renesas Technology has selected to incorporate the digital audio and video codec technologies of Microsoft Corp. and RealNetworks Inc. into its SH-Mobile Series of application processors.
2002-05-09 Realtek six-channel codec boosts PC audio
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a six-channel audio codec, the ALC650, that is designed to deliver high-performance sound to consumer-level PCs.
2003-09-09 Realtek audio codec has plug-and-play features
Realtek Semiconductor has released what it claims is the world's first 8-channel AC'97 Rev 2.3 audio codec to provide an advanced high-end audio solution for the PC industry.
2012-04-25 Real-time HD JPEG 2000 codec on multicore DSPs
TI's four TMS320C6678 multicore DSPs with JPEG 2000 codecs are available on Advantech's DSPC-8681E half-length PCI express card for easing broadcast and digital cinema development.
2003-10-13 Protocom codec supports NTSC, PAL video formats
Protocom Technology Corp. has released its PR818 single chip MPEG-4 A/V codec that supports both NTSC and PAL video formats.
2010-10-20 Power-efficient stereo audio codec for mobile Internet devices launched
Conexant offers new power-efficient stereo audio codec
2010-03-24 Power management IC packs Class G codec
Dialog Semiconductor plc has is rolling out the DA9057system-level power management IC that includes a Class G codec.
2008-01-17 Portable audio codec 'first' to integrate FM transmitter
Leadis Technology's latest audio codecs with FM transmitters and its Gmax audio amplifier technology, maintains best-in-class SNR and extends battery life in portable audio apps.
2002-01-16 Philips video codec can provide both standard and HD output
The SAA7108A/09A is claimed to be the first video codec to incorporate HD and standard definition output capability on the same chip.
2002-06-06 Philips MPEG2 codec accelerates DVD recorder development
Royal Philips Electronics has launched the pnx7100, an integrated audio, video, and graphics MPEG2 codec that targets laser disk- or hard disk-based digital recording systems.
2003-05-22 On2 video codec supports HD systems without restrictions
On2 Technologies Inc. has launched its VP6 video codec that supports high definition systems without any compressor restrictions and supports real-time encoding at D1 resolutions.
2005-01-26 OmniDesign rolls out new video codec ASIC core
OmniDesign unveiled its ODM
2002-12-13 Oki speech codec enables VoIP apps
Oki Semiconductor has announced the release of the ML7074 speech codec that is designed for use as an analog front-end for VoIP apps.
2008-06-13 Oki boasts tiny stereo audio codec LSI
Oki started shipping samples of the ML26121, which the company claimed as the industry's smallest 16bit stereo audio codec LSI.
2002-09-26 Octal codec increases channel count on analog linecards
Legerity Inc. said that their eight-channel voice encoder/decoder will increase the channel density of analog linecards used in broadband digital loop carrier and PBX systems.
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