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What is a codec?
Codec can stand for enCOder/DECoder or COmpressor/DECompressor. It can be a hardware circuit that performs analog-to-digital conversion and digital-to-analog conversion. It can also refer to any SW or HW that compresses and decompresses audio and video data streams.
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2009-01-06 Audio codec with Class-D amp extends battery life
Texas Instruments Inc. has released a new low-power stereo audio codec that enables CD quality playback and extends battery life in portable products such as cellphones, portable navigation devices and portable media players.
2006-04-06 Audio codec targets MP3, WMA players
Atmel announced the availability of the AT85C51SND3 single-chip audio codec for high-volume markets.
2006-02-16 Audio codec suits cellphones, PMPs
STMicroelectronics' new stereo audio/voice codec is designed as a compact solution for delivering audio in the low voltage conditions of battery-powered multimedia products and cellphones.
2005-01-12 Audio CODEC promises 'exceptional performance'
Asahi Kasei Microsystems unveiled its 24bit 2-channel A/D, D/A converter that promises to provide exceptional performance.
2009-10-06 Audio codec packs programmable digital filters
Maxim Integrated Products offers a low-power, stereo audio codec that integrates digital microphone support and programmable digital filters to deliver a richer audio experience to end users
2005-09-19 Audio codec packs features
AKM Semiconductor introduced a multifunction audio codec for digital televisions, home theater systems, DVD receivers and automotive amplifiers
2009-05-19 Audio codec packs dual ADC paths, digital voice filters
From Maxim Integrated Products comes the MAX9860, a low-power, mono audio codec with dual ADC paths and programmable digital voice filters.
2006-04-06 Audio codec integrates capless headphone amplifier
AKM Semiconductor released a low-power audio codec with an integrated capless headphone amplifier.
2010-01-19 Audio codec delivers high performance in small form
Wolfson offers a multi-channel audio codec, designed to provide complete high-performance audio solution in an ultrathin package for consumer products.
2012-05-14 Audio codec achieves 16kHz wideband noise for mobile devices
Texas Instruments' TLV320AIC3262 audio codec, integrating five amplifiers and two miniDSP cores, can simultaneously interface an application, Bluetooth and baseband processors.
2003-01-17 Asahi Kasei codec touts integration
The AK4538 single-chip codec integrates PLL, audio amplifiers, 16-bot monaural ADC, and microphone circuits into a 52-pin QFN package.
2003-11-06 ARM core powers Protocom A/V codec
ARM Ltd announced that Protocom Technology, a fabless purveyor of AV codecs for mobile consumer electronics markets, has licensed the ARM922T core technology.
2008-06-30 ARC upgrades multimedia codec licensing
Configurable cores and IP specialist ARC International has started offering its multimedia codecs under a fixed price, all-you-can-use licensing model.
2003-03-10 An Empirical Investigation of Control Strategies for an Adaptive Balance Codec in a High-Speed Modem Call Environment
This application note discusses the various strategies for an adaptive balance codec in high-speed modem call environments.
2001-09-05 An audio delay circuit based on the MX609 CVSD codec
This application note describes an MX609 CVSD (Continuously Variable Slope Delta modulation) codec-based application circuit that introduces up to 2s of delay in an audio signal.
2003-08-29 An Audio Delay circuit based on the MX609 CSVD codec.
This application note discusses how to design/construct an audio delay circuit based on the MX609 CVSD Codec.
2003-02-27 AKM ships integrated audio CODEC in 28-pin QFN
Asahi Kasei Microsystems' AK4536 16-bit mono codec integrates an ALC, microphone, and speaker amps into a single 28-pin QFN package.
2002-08-05 AKM multimedia codec consumes lesser power
The AK4564 16-bit codec from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd uses digital technology during recording to achieve a 30 percent reduction in power consumption compared to previous products.
2002-04-25 AKM codec targets portable applications
The AK4534 single-chip codec from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. integrates a 16-bit mono ADC, stereo DAC, PLL, headphone and speaker amplifiers, and is targeted towards portable devices such as PDAs, cellular phones, and digital cameras.
2004-10-01 AKM CODEC tailored for AV amplifiers, DVD receivers
AKM developed a single-chip 24bit audio CODEC that is a suitable single-chip solution for AV amplifiers and DVD receivers in multi-channel audio apps.
2004-09-13 AKM audio codec with built-in touchscreen controller
Asahi Kasei Microsystems introduced a single-chip audio codec with a built-in touchscreen controller.
2003-04-25 AKM audio codec targeted at portable A/V apps
The AK4537 audio codec of Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd integrates a 16-bit stereo ADC and DAC with stereo microphone amplifiers.
2002-10-23 AKM audio codec suited for portable A/V apps
The AK4566 20-bit audio codec integrates microphone input features and headphone amplifiers, making it suitable for use in portable A/V devices and personal electronics applications.
2003-06-20 AKM audio codec provides multi-channel support
Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) Co. Ltd. has introduced the AK4626/28 single-chip audio codec with 2-channel ADCs.
2002-01-16 AKM audio codec offers multi-sampling rates for digital A/V systems
The AK4120 is a single-chip audio codec that features a two-channel 20-bit, 96kHz asynchronous sampling conversion.
2004-07-22 AKM audio codec eyes digital TVs, A/V amps
AKM introduced a single chip audio codec with 2-channel A/D and 8-channel D/A (192kHz compatible), and built-in digital volume controls.
2002-04-09 AKM audio chip combines codec, transceiver
The AK4584 audio codec from Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co. Ltd integrates the functions of the company's AK4528 codec and the AK4114 digital interface transceiver into a single chip, making it suitable for MD players, CD-R drives, and DVD recorders.
2002-02-21 AKM 20-bit codec operates from single, dual supply
Designed to operate from either a single 2.3V to 3.6V power supply or dual supply voltage, the AK4565 20-bit multifunction audio codec features microphone input capability and low power consumption for portable A/V devices and hands-free systems.
2004-06-17 ADI, On2 to port VP6 video codec into Blackfin processor
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and On2 Technologies Inc. announced that On2 VP6.2 video compression software codec will be ported to ADI's Blackfin processor family.
2004-09-21 ADI samples digital cinema codec
Analog Devices said it is sampling a high-speed JPEG2000 compression chip suitable for the Digital Cinema Initiative specification.
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