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2014-09-24 NTT Electronics outs Broadcom-enabled 20nm 100G coherent PHY
Broadcom revealed that its high performance 20nm signal processing enhanced mixed signal technologies have enabled NTT Electronics' NLD0640 100G coherent digital signal processor.
2005-03-01 Non-coherent approach to wireless receiver test
Though many of the systems operating today have coherent receivers, a non-coherent option could also offer promising results.
2006-10-16 Coherent's Cube laser delivers 40mW at 445nm
The CUBE 445 from Coherent Inc. is a compact, conduction-cooled laser that delivers 40mW of power at 445nm.
2003-07-07 Coherent UV laser provides 4W of power
Coherent has developed the Paladin 355-4000, a high-power, diode-pumped solid-state UV laser designed for commercial imaging apps.
2004-08-03 Coherent UV laser enables rapid micromachining
Coherent disclosed that its new product - the AVIA Thor - enables more rapid micromachining than any previous laser or mechanical method.
2002-06-24 Coherent to develop lasers for ISMT
Coherent Inc. has received a multi-year contract from International SEMATECH for the development of lasers used in advanced photomasks applications.
2003-02-18 Coherent purchases laser manufacturer
Coherent Inc. has signed a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Positive Light Inc. for an undisclosed amount.
2006-07-19 Coherent expands LAMBDA SX industrial laser series
Coherent introduced three new models to its LAMBDA SX series of high-power, industrial excimer lasers, all operating at up to 300Hz.
2002-12-11 Coherent acquires laser test equipment company
Coherent Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Molectron Detector Inc. for $11.5 million in cash.
2011-05-26 ClariPhy's 40G coherent chip now sampling
Based on its own ADC and DSP technology, ClariPhy's single CMOS chip dissipates about 16W and uses the coherent technique, which treats light like a radio wave, and uses phase and amplitude information.
2011-05-27 Chip enables coherent 40GB bandwidth
PMC-Sierra Inc. will test later this year a system-on-chip platform for coherent optical networking supporting high-speed Internet at 40GB.
2012-08-15 Testing next-gen optical systems with simulated OFDM signals
Learn about software and hardware that can handle a wide range of modulation schemes, channel spacings, spectral widths, and detec¬tion methods.
2006-07-27 Excimer laser promises performance, long lifespan
The new ExciStar XS from Coherent is a compact, economical excimer laser that promises exceptional performance and lifetime characteristics.
2007-03-13 Conductively cooled lasers offer extended lifetime
A series of conductively cooled semiconductor laser bars from Coherent promises high power and extended lifetime, even under adverse operating conditions.
2006-06-28 Compact solid-state UV laser suits CW apps
The compact packaging of Coherent's new solid-sate laser makes the device suitable for OEMs and systems integrators servicing CW ultraviolet applications.
2011-03-28 ZTE announces record-breaking 10Tbps data transmission rate
ZTE claims to achieve a record-breaking rate of 10Tbps over 640km of optical fiber using its carrier generation technology generating 112 coherent and frequency-locked optical sub-carrier signals.
2007-05-14 UV laser promises high reliability for 24/7 industrial apps
The new AVIA 266-3 from Coherent Inc. is a second-generation deep UV laser that combines high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability and industrial-grade reliability needed for 24/7 industrial applications.
2008-03-18 Tool detects faults in optical submarine cables
Anritsu has introduced the MW90010A Coherent OTDR (C-OTDR) that uses coherent detection scheme to produce improved dynamic range and sensitivity over previous generation devices.
2002-08-01 Tabletop system generates extreme-UV laser light
A small, inexpensive tabletop laser system that can produce coherent EUV laser light has been built by a research team at the University of Colorado.
2008-09-16 Single-chip multiprocessing steps up
SoC design options for software-friendly multiprocessing have been limited. Now, SoC design components, such as the MIPS32 1004K coherent processing system, mean on-chip symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) under a single OS is a real option.
2008-04-03 MIPS unveils licensable core for multiprocessing
MIPS Technologies is rolling out its first licensable core geared for coherent multiprocessingthe MIPS 1004Kwhich can support up to four cores on a chip, each running two threads.
2011-01-14 LSA system tips ms annealing for 28nm node
Ultratech's LSA101 highlights coherent optics that generate a longer, more focused laser beam at the wafer plane, increasing throughput by 200 percent over its predecessor.
2010-10-15 IUNIKA licenses MIPS IP for mobile devices
MIPS Technologies reports that its Coherent Multiprocessing Systems have been licensed by IUNIKA for its ecofriendly e-books, laptops and netbooks.
2015-03-18 HSA spec version 1.0 ready for adoption
The Heterogeneous Systems Architecture Foundation specs are geared to let graphics cores share coherent memory as equal citizens with CPU cores, enabling performance gains across a range of applications.
2007-10-30 High-power SLDs feature sharper directivity
High-power SLDs from Anritsu Device feature higher precision with low coherent noise, higher resolution with wider spectral half width, and sharper directivity.
2007-04-10 Excimer laser doubles process throughput
Coherent Inc. has unveiled a higher power version of their LAMBDA SX class of high pulse energy lasers at 308nm.
2016-04-27 Clock line-up targets 100G/400G optical transceivers
Silicon Labs' Si534xH coherent optical clocks replace discrete timing solutions that rely on expensive, large-footprint VCSOs to provide low-jitter reference timing for data converters.
2008-11-03 Carry out cache coherence in a MIPS32 multicore design
Here's an example of how the Open Core Protocol was used to reconfigure the basic MIPS32 architecture to support cache-coherent traffic within an embedded multicore cluster.
2012-09-25 Big-little processing to be a talking point at ARM TechCon
The processing method pairs a high-performance processor core with a power-efficiency tuned processor core that shares processing duties in a cache-coherent combination.
2012-10-12 ARM's new on-chip interconnect delivers Tb/s throughput
The ARM CoreLink CCN-504 enables high-performance, cache coherent interconnect for 'many-core' enterprise solutions built using the ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processor and next-gen 64bit processors.
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