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2002-04-17 Understanding cold cathode fluorescent lamps
2002-03-18 Cold cathode fluorescent lamps: A history and overview
This application note provides a brief history and overview for the CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) also called as SMFL (sub-miniature fluorescent lamp) and a description of CCFL electrical discharge lighting devices
2002-04-17 Cold cathode fluorescent lamps
This application note describes the functions and properties of cold cathode fluorescent lamps.
2005-07-14 O2Micro granted patent for inverter controller architecture
O2Micro has received seven claims under U.S. patent number 6,900,993 for its inverter controller architecture
2005-05-24 New custom backlight inverters from Phihong
Phihong offers custom backlight inverters for flat panel display apps that drive the CCFL in LCD back lighting apps to support displays as small as two inches and up to 37 inches.
2004-03-10 Maxim backlight controller powers CCFLs
Maxim Integrated Products' integrated backlight controller is designed for powering cold-cathode fluorescent lamps.
2005-08-18 LED backlighting solutions enhance brightness control
CI Displays now offers field-upgradeable and OEM LED backlighting solutions that provide greater brightness control and extended display life.
2005-06-16 Inverters strike up the backlights
The 10m Class (dc-ac) inverter from Endicott Research Group provides a high-power, low-profile standard solution for LCD backlighting applications in automotives and on the industrial floor.
2005-07-27 Controller drives multiple CCFLs
A fully integrated controller designed to drive multiple cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFL) used in LCD monitor and TV applications was recently announced by Maxim Integrated Products.
2005-12-16 CCFL inverters take up less board space
Endicott Research's LDS series of (DC/AC) inverters power up to four cold cathode fluorescent lamps in LCD backlighting apps.
2005-04-20 CCFL inverter sheds light on the larger displays
Suited to the larger (19 to 24-inch) LCDs, Endicott Research's DmF6 series of (dc-ac) inverters offers system integrators a high-power module in a compact package for powering the cold-cathode fluorescent lamps used for backlighting.
2003-02-17 Using CCFL backlight converter in portable device applications
This paper discusses a PZT-based backlight power supply solution.
2003-05-27 Desktop lamp (CCFL) application with the UBA2070
This application note details the use of the UBA2070 integrated half bridge driver IC to design a two lamps (700V/6mA per lamp) inverter with dim-function, operating at a typical input voltage of 200Vdc
2002-07-02 Inverter modules power displays based on CCFLs
Microsemi Corp.'s LXM1617/18/23/24 PanelMatch series inverter modules are designed to power cold-cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) used in LCD panels for applications ranging from notebook computers to factory automation displays.
2008-01-29 How to achieve a 300:1 dimming ratio with the DS3881/DS3882 CCFL controllers
This application note describes how CCFL lamps can be dimmed and how a user can maximize the dimming ratio of a CCFL inverter by using the DS3881 and DS3882 CCFL controllers
2005-10-26 Generic inverters for backlighting serve in a pinch
Endicott Research Group's D series of (DC/AC) inverters used to power the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) that backlight a LCD are generic off-the-shelf units that serve as a stand-in for virtually any general application.
2003-09-05 Audix, Hitachi establish CCFL company in China
Audix Corp. and Hitachi Ltd have jointly established Hitachi Electronic Devices (Wu Jiang) Co. Ltd to manufacture cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs).
2005-02-03 Agilent color management system offers 25 percent more brilliant colors
Agilent's Illumination and Color Management system delivers 25 percent more brilliant colors that current fluorescent backlighting
2013-11-04 LED backlighting to hit 90% penetration in LCD TVs
IHS forecasted that out of 231 million LCD TV panels to be shipped this year, 207 will use LED backlighting, with the remainder using the older cold-cathode fluorescent lamp technology
2010-02-02 UV LEDs promise improved lifespan, durability
Lumex's QuasarBrite UV family of LEDs provides a 10x longer lifespan, a tight beam angle, enhanced durability and up to 50 percent cost savings compared to alternative technologies.
2005-10-06 Sharp LCD has 'highest contrast'
Sharp Corp. has developed an LCD panel that exhibits a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1, which the company will aim at the professional monitor market.
2007-02-20 SEMI releases 11 tech standards for FPD, MEMS
SEMI has published 11 technical standards for the semiconductor, flat panel display and MEMS manufacturing industries.
2008-05-13 Samsung claims 'brightest' LCD signage panel
Samsung Electronics has begun mass producing a 46-inch 'high bright' digital LCD signage panel for outdoor displays and tiled video walls.
2006-10-10 Radiant to invest $6M in LED supplier
Radiant Opto-Electronics Corp. will invest at least $6 million in Bright View Electronics Co. Ltd, as well as establish a new plant in Donguan, Guangdong in mainland China.
2004-09-02 O2Micro receives LCD TV/LCD monitor patents
O2Micro Int. Ltd has been granted 22 claims under the United States patent number 6,707,264 and 41 claims under the United States patent number 6,778,415 for its Phase-on demand invention.
2002-02-08 Lumitex fiber-optic panels to replace CCFLs
With current consumption placed at 10mA to 20mA (2Vdc) and a lifespan of 100,000h, the company's LED-driven fiber-optic panels are positioned to replace CCFLs to backlight LCDs.
2013-05-16 LED lighting future getting brighter
The combined growth potentials of HB LEDs and high lumen LED lighting systems represent a significant increase in demand from today's deployment rate for both the LEDs themselves and for the LED driver ICs required to drive them.
2008-02-06 LED backlighting solution with LM3430 and LM3432
The LM3432 is a 6-channel high voltage current regulator which provides a simple solution for LED backlighting applications and the LM3430 is a companion device to supply high voltage required to drive serially connected LED strings.
2006-07-17 LCDs tighten market grip
LCDs continue to benefit from huge capital investments, and technical advances in backlights and display processes are eradicating some of the technology's performance drawbacks.
2006-11-03 Kyocera unrolls industrial LCDs with LED backlighting
Kyocera has released a new line of LCDs that feature a unique LED backlighting system instead of conventional CCFLs.
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