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2003-03-12 Yi-Phone TFT-LCD exhibits 350cd/m? brightness
The YIP 7901 7.9-inch TFT-LCD of Yi-Phone Inc. provides a resolution of 1,440-by-234 pixels and a minimum brightness level of 350cd/m&sup2
2003-01-03 Where is the LCD market headed
The shipment volume for LCDs in global market will continue to increase in the next few years.
2002-02-13 Three-Five color LCD features 32,000 colors
Three-Five Systems has released a color STN (CSTN) module capable of displaying 32,000 colors and enhanced flesh tones, as well as provide smooth color transitions
2005-09-05 TFT LCD panel driver with MSDL LCD serial interface function
The new BU66R01CH driver for amorphous TFT color LCD panels from Rohm features a built-in MSDL LCD serial interface function for multi-function mobile phones, said to be a world's first.
2007-11-26 TFT LCD controller supports WQVGA
Renesas Technology Corp. has released the R61517, a single-chip LCD controller-driver that supports amorphous WQVGA (240 x 432 pixels) size TFT color LCD modules.
2002-04-12 Sony launches latest LCD products in IIC
Sony (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd has launched its latest LCD products at the 7th annual International IC ? China Conference and Exhibition (IIC-China
2004-05-04 Semtech device protects LCD screens from damage
Semtech's EClamp 2340C protection device is designed to safeguard high resolution color LCD screens from damage or upset caused by EMI, RFI, and ESD.
2003-10-15 Renesas TFT LCD supports 132W132 pixels
Renesas Technology Corp. has announced the release of the HD66782 single-chip TFT color LCD driver that supports 132x132 pixels and 260K color display.
2007-07-13 R-C filters protect LCD interfaces in 3G handsets
Semtech's new family of R-C filters have the low capacitance, high attenuation and low clamping voltage needed for high-frequency color LCD interfaces in 3G handsets.
2008-01-17 Putting small color LCDs in handhelds
There are a number of factors that need to be considered when incorporating a small color LCD into a design to achieve the right balance of cost, performance and battery lifetime in a handheld product.
2008-02-08 Programmable LCD modules fast track development cycles
EarthLCD offers the ezLCD series of programmable color TFT LCD modules with touchscreens for use in a wide variety of markets, including medical, industrial control, embedded applications, status monitor, avionics/nautical, home appliances, automotive and digital signage.
2003-02-27 NTT-AT color LCD boasts 2,048-by-2,048 resolution
The SI-DL4M color LCD from NTT-AT Corp. features a resolution of 2,048-by-2,048 pixels on a 28.05-inch screen.
2002-04-22 NEC to transfer TFT-LCD production to China JV
NEC Corp. will transfer its production of amorphous TFT-LCDs to a joint venture in mainland China, having signed a letter of intent with Shanghai General Electronics (Group) Co. Ltd to establish a production venture in Shanghai by the end of this year.
2003-10-01 NEC TFT-LCD realizes 250cd/m? brightness
NEC LCD Technologies Ltd has developed a 21.3-inch TFT color LCD module that incorporates the company's SA-SFT, and realizes a viewing angle range of 170.
2002-04-22 NEC TFT LCD module has 170 viewing angle
NEC Corp. has announced the availability of the 7-inch NL4823HC37-03 amorphous silicon TFT color LCD module that features a viewing angle of 170 at a contrast ratio of over 10:1. The module is suited for use in mid-sized monitors of DVD players, car navigation systems, and industrial equipment.
2003-07-30 NEC releases 8.4-inch XGA TFT LCD modules
NEC Electronics America Inc. has developed the 8.4-inch XGA TFT color LCD module that incorporates the company's SFT and IPS technology.
2003-07-07 NEC LCD module incorporates SFT technology
NEC LCD Tech has developed the NL10276BC16-01, an 8.4-inch XGA TFT color LCD module that integrates the company's Ultra-Advanced SFT technology.
2002-11-06 NEC Electronics TFT-LCD offers 170 viewing angle
The NL6448BC33-53 10.4-inch TFT-LCD module features horizontal and vertical view angles of 170 at a contrast ratio >10:1
2003-10-28 NEC develops LCD module with SA-SFT
NEC Electronics America has developed a 21.3-inch UXGA TFT color LCD module that incorporates the company's Super Advanced Super Fine Technology.
2002-04-04 NEC 3.5-inch TFT LCD displays up to 260,000 colors
Designed for mobile terminals, the 3.5-inch NL2432HC22-20 transflective TFT color LCD module from NEC corp. displays up to 260,000 colors at a resolution of 240x320 pixels, and comes complete with a driver and backlight system with six LEDs.
2004-03-09 More mainland China makers join CSTN-LCD module line
Several display makers in mainland are retooling their manufacturing capabilities with the technology to produce CSTN-LCD modules
2007-10-25 Medical LCD modules deliver 950cd/m? luminance
NEC LCD Technologies has introduced two new 54cm-diagonal amorphous-silicon TFT LCD modules for medical applications that achieves brightness of up to 950cd/m?
2005-09-05 LG develops printing process for color LCD filters
South Korea-based chemical supplier LG Chem Ltd has developed a method to produce color filters used in liquid crystal displays (LCDs) that utilizes ink printing rather than photolithography, which the company claims reduces manufacturing cost and time
2008-04-17 LCD processors include touchscreen controller
Freescale has released ColdFire LCD microprocessors with an integrated touch-screen controller to help accelerate deployment of touch-based control in industrial human-machine interface applications
2007-05-25 LCD module offers high luminance even at bright setups
NEC LCD Technologies, along with its sales and marketing channels in the Americas and Europe, has introduced a 6.5-inch amorphous-silicon TFT-LCD module with high luminance and XGA resolution
2002-07-17 Hitachi TFT-LCD displays 260,000 colors
Hitachi Ltd has announced the release of the HD66773 TFT-LCD that displays 65,000 colors
2002-10-15 Hitachi passive color LCD suits 3G phones
Hitachi Ltd's HD66768 passive color LCD systems supports 104-by-84 pixel screen sizes suitable for use in GSM and W-CDMA mobile phones.
2004-06-29 Dialog LCD drivers have fully integrated graphic display RAM
Dialog Semiconductor Plc released the first two products in its new color LCD driver family.
2002-06-18 Densitron VGA LCD offers 118-by-89.3mm viewing area
The CL6088 VGA LCD panel from Densitron Corp. measures 154.6-by-114.4-by-8.5mm and offers a viewing area of 118-by-89.3mm with a resolution of 320xRGBx240 pixels
2006-06-12 Color controller integrates RGB photosensor
Avago's new color controller features an integrated RGB photosensor for backlighting LCDs
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