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2010-07-28 ZTE, CSL to deploy world's first commercial dual-band LTE network
CSL Ltd and ZTE Corp., in a joint venture mobilize the world's first commercial 1800MHz/2600MHz dual-band LTE network.
2007-11-01 ZTE claims 'first' W-CDMA commercial femtocell
ZTE claims its ZXWR H8901 product is the world's first W-CDMA commercial Home NodeB, also known as femtocell.
2002-05-13 Wireless sensors poise to enter into commercial environments
According to an analysis by Technical Insights, sensor industries has established networks of wireless sensors that can operate in demanding environments and provide clear advantages in cost, size, power, flexibility, and distributed intelligence.
2005-07-26 Varitronix to make commercial ZBD shelf-edge displays
A two-year old partnership between ZBD Displays Ltd and manufacturer Varitronix Ltd of Hong Kong has been extended to cover commercial manufacturing of ZBD's zenithal bistable display.
2001-06-11 Using Xicor digitally controlled potentiometers in commercial RF power amplifier applications
This application note describes how to implement Xicor's digitally controlled potentiometers in commercial RF power amplifier applications.
2000-02-11 Timing-Driven Flow (TDF) SLI ASIC design flow with commercial EDA tools
The Timing-Driven Flow (TDF) is the first state-of-the-art design methodology based on open EDA tools and standards to successfully address the challenge of deep sub-micron timing convergence. Without TDF it is not uncommon for a high-gate-count, high-complexity design with tight timing specifications to go through 10-20 iterations between synthesis and layout and still fail to meet timing. This application note describes the function of the TDF in an ASIC application.
2008-12-09 StarHub deploys 'first' commercial 3G femtocell network
Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd announced that it has helped StarHub, a telecoms operator in Singapore, deploy the world's first commercial 3G femtocell network.
2012-10-30 SSD targets commercial security apps
Microsemi's SECURRE-Stor is an encrypted 2.5in SATA SSD that claims to provide data protection for commercial, banking/financial, medical, industrial and smart grid applications.
2007-12-12 SK Telecom sets up first commercial HSUPA network
SK Telecom has claimed the establishment of the world's first commercial HSUPA network with speed of 5.76Mbps in the districts of Gangdong-gu and Songpa-gu in Seoul, South Korea.
2002-10-09 Silicon drivers for commercial IC products
This application note presents various CMOS chips utilized with GaAs IC switches and digital attenuators.
2010-04-26 Saudi preps pre-commercial LTE network
Saudi Telecom Company has tapped Huawei to deploy Middle East's largest pre-commercial LTE network in Saudi Arabia.
2007-07-26 Peek inside the first commercial UWB hub
Belkin's UWB-based Cable-Free USB Hub and dongle has an omni-like effective antenna that allows the user to place the hub in different orientations and which also keeps positive gain despite the close proximity to the to the board.
2006-08-14 OUM will not enter commercial market for 10 more years, predicts analyst
Ovonic unified memory is not expected to hit the commercial market for at least another decade, according to the president of consulting firm JLC Associates.
2006-09-27 Omron unveils 'first' commercial UWB MIMO antenna
Omron announced it will release a commercial polymer antenna for UWB communications, said to be the world's first, targeted toward high-definition (HD) and other telecast quality video transmission applications.
2012-06-25 Measure complex shear modulus of commercial gelatin
Understand the theory behind measuring complex shear modulus by dynamic instrumented indentation.
2011-05-17 M1, Huawei claim first commercial LTE deployment in SEA
M1 and Huawei have deployed the first commercial LTE network in Singapore, which is believed to be the first LTE deployment in Southeast Asia.
2011-11-29 LEDs set to dominate commercial lighting market
A report forecasts a 52 percent market share for LED SSLs by 2021 due to energy efficiency factors and subsidy programs.
2011-08-30 LED reference design meets commercial power requirements
Power Integrations' reference design for a 25W LED T8 tube ballast power supply meets commercial requirements for power factor and harmonic distortion.
2006-04-24 LED display suits commercial-use billboards
Shenzhen BOE Intelligent Display Technology announced at the recent China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components the availability of its new Model BOE-DN-M512 "day and night" LED display.
2008-05-26 LCDs address commercial, military requirements
WEDC has expanded its family of enhanced LCD displays with the introduction of three standard displays aimed at a variety of applications.
2006-08-04 Japan project preps tiny inlet for commercial tag duties
Hitachi Ltd will begin volume production this year of an RFID inlet developed by the publicly financed Hibiki project.
2003-07-01 IR power module targets commercial, industrial apps
International Rectifier has expanded its PlugNDrive family of integrated power modules with the release of the IRAMX16UP60A.
2002-04-24 Intel orders scanner to develop commercial EUV lithography
Intel Corp. has ordered a beta-stage extreme ultraviolet lithography scanner from ASM Lithography to help it prepare for production of 45nm linewidth ICs using commercial EUV tools later this decade.
2002-04-11 IC Design Research Center enters commercial market
In a bid to get into the commercial market, Shanghai IC Design Research Center, a design research organization funded by the Shanghai Science Committee, has joined, for the very first time, the 7th annual International IC ? China Conference and Exhibition.
2004-10-18 Honeywell offers FPGAs replacements in commercial, aerospace apps
Honeywell announced a new conversion model for replacing FPGAs in commercial, military and aerospace equipment with ASICs.
2001-06-04 High-volume commercial plastic packaged GaAs monolithic devices
This application note describes the technical issues in bringing high-volume commercial microwave plastic devices to market.
2012-01-13 GaN market gains from demand for commercial apps
The GaN device market will grow at a CAGR of nearly 29 percent, to reach $178 million in 2015.
2002-11-06 Fudan to acquire stake in Shanghai Commercial
Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics Co. Ltd has revealed its plan to acquire 53.8 percent controlling shares of Shanghai Commercial Hi-tech Co. Ltd for about $1.89 million.
2006-07-17 Freescale announces commercial availability of MRAM
The first commercial magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) device is now in volume production and available from Freescale Semiconductor.
2015-02-12 First Solar, Apple ink industry's largest commercial power deal
First Solar announced that Apple has dedicated $848 million for clean energy from First Solar's California Flats Solar Project in Monterey County, Calif., under a 25-year power purchase agreement.
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