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2007-01-18 HVICs enable simple circuit designs
Compared to optocouplers, the IR's new family of 600V high-side single-channel driver ICs provide lower input current of 40?A and an output signal of 0 to 15V to reduce part count and simplify circuit design.
2005-07-04 How to measure temperature in integrated systems
As thermal management becomes more significant, the techniques used become even more complex and conditional.
2009-11-24 High-speed optocoupler tips 3mA drive current
Avago's ACPL-M50L single-channel optocoupler claims to operate on approximately 80 percent less drive current than today's standard 1MBd digital optocouplers.
2013-10-17 High accuracy analogue signal measurement with MCU
Know the various ways to optimise a high precision analogue design for low power consumption.
2005-06-07 Half-price instrumentation amplifiers from ADI deliver precision
ADI's instrumentation amplifier is said to combine accuracy, low noise and low price for portable medical devices and low-voltage industrial and communications apps
2007-12-07 Gate optocoupler combines high output peak current, UVLO
Avago Technologies has released what it claims as the industry-high output current gate drive optocoupler with UVLO.
2004-08-12 Fairchild optocoupler provides 5kVrms isolation voltage
The new low input current logic gate optocoupler from Fairchild provides an isolation voltage of 5kVrms over a wide power supply voltage range.
2013-02-07 Employ SoCs for portable medical equipment
Using SoCs in portable medical electronics applications simplifies design, protects IP and enables product-differentiating functionalities.
2012-09-12 EEG AFE flaunts industry's lowest noise at 1uVpp
TI's 24bit, 8-channel ADS1299 electroencephalography analog front end claims to reduce board space by 70 percent while reducing bill of materials by 40 percent.
2011-10-17 Digital optocouplers target high-temp apps, EVs
The ACPL-K4xT features up to 20V supply and 1.14kV working voltages.
2009-11-03 Digital optocouplers tailored for hybrid cars
Avago Technologies has released two automotive-grade, high-speed, low-power, digital CMOS optocouplers for use in hybrid electric vehicles.
2004-11-22 Digital optocouplers boast breakthrough features
Agilent bolsters its isolation products portfolio with the introduction of the industry's first line of 3.3V, 15Mbaud, multi-channel and bi-directional digital optocouplers.
2010-02-08 Design of differential filters for high-speed signal chains
This application report explores simple conversion techniques for low-pass, high-pass and band-pass LC filters.
2013-06-28 DC Accelerometer uses gas damped MEMS technology
The 4610A is a rugged, ultra-low-noise DC accelerometer operates over a wide temperature range of -55C to 125C and shock and vibration levels up to 2,000g's.
2006-11-24 CMOS optocoupler suits test & measurement apps
With its high speed and ability to support up to 5kV in isolation voltage protection, Avago's new digital CMOS optocoupler is suitable for applications operating in higher voltages, such as test and measurement products.
2006-09-08 Class-D audio power amps cuts PCB size by half
By integrating the external input resistors and very closely matching them, Texas Instruments said its new amps enable designers to reduce overall board size by approximately 50 percent.
2002-11-06 Cirrus op-amps achieve low-noise functionality
A proprietary MultiPath design developed by Cirrus Logic for dc measurement ADCs is working in op-amps to achieve low-noise with low-drift capabilities.
2006-06-21 Boomer audio subsystems offer RF suppression
Two new Boomer audio subsystems from National promise to integrate RF suppression tech to improve noise performance in portable apps.
2011-01-20 Bi-directional optocoupler offers robust optical isolation
Fairchild's bi-directional logic gate optocoupler provides reliable optical isolation and supports isolated communications of digital signals between systems with 0.4mm optical gap.
2005-06-28 AWG serves microwave design
Agilent's low phase-noise N6031A AWG module, using a CompactPCI backplane internally and to connect to the chassis that it's plugged into, offers dual differential output channels to drive both single-ended and balanced designs.
2012-07-12 Avago markets 1G? input impedance optical isolation amplifiers
Optical isolation amplifiers in the 2V input range simplify the design of motor drives and renewable energy systems.
2007-11-30 Avago intros optocoupler for hybrid electric vehicles
Avago Technologies has introduced an automotive-grade optocoupler for the hybrid electric vehicle market.
2008-05-23 Audio analyzers offer CMRR test, generate signals down to 0.1Hz
Audio Precision has unveiled two-channel modelsthe APx520 and APx525of its APx500 series audio analyzer.
2007-02-19 Analog control vs. digital in power management
To shed light on various aspects of the analog and digital control of power management, we'll clarify the fundamental differences between the technologies and determine how they affect system performance.
2005-06-20 Amplifier with on-chip EMI filtering
Analog Devices' latest sensor amplifier for automotive and industrial applications features internal EMI filtering, a very wide temperature range, low offset voltage and drift, and open and shorted wire protection
2011-07-08 Amplifier supports rail-to-rail operation
Analog Devices has unveiled an instrumentation amplifier that has a CMRR of 100dB while consuming 75uA of power.
2010-02-02 2.5A optocoupler delivers fault status feedback
Avago Technologies announced a new compact, extended temperature, automotive grade optocoupler for use in hybrid electronic vehicles.
2009-05-15 2.5A optocoupler aims at industrial apps
Avago Technologies has announced what it claims is the industry's first extended temperature 2.5A gate drive optocouplers for use in a wide range of industrial applications.
2009-09-03 Ultrasmall audio amps claim highest RF immunity
Intersil Corp.'s new low-power audio amplifiers claim to offer the smallest size and best RF immunity.
2003-12-26 TI preamplifier IC eyes audio apps
Texas Instruments has introduced what it claims is the industry's first digitally controlled microphone preamplifier IC from its Burr-Brown Audio product line.
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