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2010-06-29 USB-to-GPIB adapter packs 32bit dynamic link libraries
From Keithley Instruments Inc. comes the KUSB-488B USB-to-GPIB interface adapter that features fully command-compatible drive library with the company's traditional GPIB command set.
2010-06-14 Serdes chipset enables bidirectional digital video link
When paired with a gigabit multimedia serial link serializer, Maxim's MAX9268 deserializer forms complete bidirectional digital video link over a single DC-balanced twisted-pair
2010-06-01 Multimedia chipset enables bidirectional digital-video link
The MAX9249/MAX9260 chipset provides a complete bidirectional digital-video link over a single DC-balanced twisted-pair or differential line
2013-02-25 Med-net radio link aimed at implantable medical devices
Microsemi's radio link is composed of its ZL70321 implantable radio module and its ZL70120 base station radio module based on the firm's ULP ZL70102 MICS band radio transceiver chip
2010-05-11 Managing the driver enable signal for RS-485 and IO-link communications with the STM32's USART
This application note aims at providing timing measurements of the DE signal (Driver Enable) switching by using two different methods for managing this signal in RS-485 and IO-Link master transmission
2009-11-12 IO-Link solutions promise reduced dev't time
NEC Electronics has made available its four new single-chip IO-Link solutions for IO-Link slave applications. The new IO-Link solutions combine NEC Electronics' All Flash 78K0R 16bit MCU and IO-Link transceiver, with integrated IO-Link slave protocol stack in a single package
2014-08-20 IO-Link reference designs improve proximity sensing
Maxim's subsystem reference designs promise very accurate, low-power optical proximity sensing (MAXREFDES27#) and enhance distributed control with a compact digital-input hub (MAXREFDES36#).
2011-11-01 FPD-Link III SerDes with bidirectional control channel for I2C
Here's an application note that tackles the communication between devices using the FPD-Link III SerDes with a bidirectional control channel using I2C.
2003-02-24 Corning to supply optical fiber to D-Link India
Corning Inc. has agreed to supply D-Link India Ltd with its optical fiber through 2005
2003-02-24 Corning to supply optical fiber to D-Link India
Corning Inc. has agreed to supply D-Link India Ltd with its optical fiber through 2005
2012-11-27 CC-Link pre-certifies Hilscher's comX 10CA-CCS module
Users of the comX 10CA-CCS communications module will benefit from a pre-certified CC-Link interface, providing them with a reduced test during the final certification of the application
2010-06-15 Camera Link module analyzes images in real time
NI offers the 1483 Camera Link adapter module that provides high-performance parallel processing architecture for hardware-defined timing, control and image pre-processing
2002-03-01 Basic Stamp I application notes: Infrared communication
This application note shows how to build a simple and inexpensive infrared communication interface for the BASIC Stamp
2014-10-15 Automotive communication backbone: MOST vs Ethernet
Read about the battle between MOST, the de facto standard used as the infotainment backbone in vehicles, and Ethernet, the standard used for the IT infrastructure in the consumer/commercial world.
2006-01-25 433MHz radio modem delivers half-duplex link
Radiometrix announced a 9600-baud radio modem module that is designed to simplify a half-duplex link
2004-11-16 Wireless chip-to-chip link shows promise
Proximity Communication is an implementation of such a scalable I/O technology that uses the lithographic pitch of on-chip wires
2009-03-10 Submarine cable to link Tunisia, Italy
Huawei Marine Networks has a turnkey contract signed with Tunisie Telecom in Tunisia for the supply of a submarine cable system called "HANNIBAL System" project linking Tunisia and Italy.
2004-12-14 Practical solutions for medium data rate wireless communication
This app note examines various practical solutions for an inexpensive, medium data rate (5.0 kbit/S to 100 kbit/S), wireless point-to-point link
2011-05-13 Passive mixers target communication apps
Analog Devices introduces the ADL5811 single-channel and ADL5812 dual-channel mixers for communication applications
1999-06-29 Infrared Data (IrDA) Communication
This paper discusses the issues when implementing protocol stacks and testing completed IrDA portable devices.
2007-12-12 Firewall-on-a-chip aids M2M public Internet link
Connect One's SecureGAP offers a cost-effective, firewall-on-a-chip solution that allows machine-to-machine (M2M) devices to be safely connected directly to the public Internet.
2005-07-28 Atmel's smart transceiver chosen for RF link performance
Atmel Corp. announced that its fully-Integrated multi-channel transceiver has been selected for Italy-based electronics supplier Mipot Cormons' two-way radio frequency applications.
2015-05-20 Using plastic waveguides for future comm networks
Here's a look at a multi-gigabit communication link using a plastic fibre as transmission channel. It is developed by the KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS research group in Belgium.
2015-05-13 Multi-gigabit comm network made possible by plastic fibres
KU Leuven ESAT-MICAS researchers said the link consists of 120GHz transmitter and receiver chips with on-chip antenna and a Teflon tube that guides the signal from the transmitter to the receiver
2014-09-23 Main memory bootloader for MSP430 MCUs
Read about the implementation of a bootloader that resides in the main memory in an MSP430 microcontroller and uses I2C communication but supports different communication interfaces
2012-11-02 Designing Z-Wave devices
Read about the development process and the tools available to design and test Z-Wave compatible devices.
2004-12-14 A full-featured wireless interface for RS-232 ci
This app note describes a full-duplex, wireless data communication link targeted for RS-232 applications.
2008-08-07 3D EM synthesis tool handles up to 10Gbit/s interconnects
Simberian Inc. touts the first 3D electromagnetic synthesis tool to design minimal-reflection and low-loss elements for broadband interconnects with the latest release of its Simbeor tool.
2000-11-27 Using SCC with Z8000 in SDLC protocol
This application note describes the use of the Z8030 serial communications controller (SCC) with the Z8000 CPU to implement a communications controller in a synchronous data link control (SDLC) mode of operation
2001-03-23 Using high-speed serial links to supplement parallel data buses
This application note discusses how to use high-performance serial links as a solution to some of the bottlenecks associated with the movement of data in a system.
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