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2007-11-05 Wi-Fi card for digicams eases photo sharing
Eye-Fi Card fits into an SD slot and automatically sends pictures from the digicam to a local PC or Mac or to an online site based on preset user preferences
2005-10-13 TI rolls out processor-to-CompactFlash interface transceiver
The SN74LV4320A transceiver from Texas Instruments is specifically designed for the processor-to-CompactFlash interface
2000-02-09 System level design considerations with SST CompactFlash card
The SST CompactFlash card offers a significant performance advantage over the existing CompactFlash solutions. The overall system performance can be greatly improved by optimizing the host design to take advantage of unique features of the SST CompactFlash card. This application note describes various system level design considerations for the SST CompactFlash card.
2002-11-18 SanDisk offers utility grade CompactFlash cards
SanDisk Corp. announced at electronica 2002 the availability of its Utility Grade CompactFlash cards for sequential file transfer apps
2002-03-14 SanDisk offers 1GB CompactFlash card, Flash development kits
The company has announced the availability of its 1GB CompactFlash memory card for high-resolution digital cameras, digital music players, PDAs, and other handheld consumer electronic devices.
2003-01-14 SanDisk memory card offers 802.11b connectivity
SanDisk Corp. has introduced a line of Flash memory cards that feature 802.11b connectivity.
2006-04-12 RoHS-compliant CompactFlash cards operate in industrial temp range
WinSystems' RoHS-compatible CompactFlash cards are fully functional in temperatures ranging from -40C to 85C
2002-12-04 Pretec CompactFlash card has 3GB capacity
Pretec Electronics Corp. has introduced its CompactFlash cards that are targeted at storing digital audio and video files
2004-08-19 Parvus adapter offers CompactFlash, added flexibility
Parvus release its CFII-IDE remote CompactFlash to IDE adapter, designed with both 40-pin and 44-pin IDE connectors
2003-12-05 NTT DoCoMo rolls out CompactFlash card
NTT DoCoMo Inc. has announced that it will market what it claims is the first FOMA CompactFlash card that will enable 3G videophone and other wireless data communications via PCs and PDAs.
2003-04-09 Nikon signs Lexar Media as memory card supplier
Nikon Inc. has chosen Lexar Media Inc. for the second year in a row to be the exclusive provider of memory cards for all Nikon Coolpix digital cameras sold in the U.S.
2004-01-29 Multimedia card striving to become universal memory
The MultiMediaCard Association is equipping its flash memory cards with higher data rates, a wider bus and more security in hopes of overtaking the CompactFlash card for market dominance.
2003-05-28 Kinsun CompactFlash card connector withstands to 500V
The 6502-1AS CompactFlash memory card connector of Kinsun Ind. Inc. features an insulation resistance of 100 megohms.
2002-06-25 ICSI controller integrates CF camera, memory card
Integrated Circuit Solution Inc. has launched the IC3102 controller IC that integrates a CompactFlash camera card and memory card, and is designed for use with the PocketPC and PocketPC2002 platform for PDAs.
2002-07-09 Hagiwara offers 1GB CompactFlash card
Hagiwara Sys-Com Co. Ltd has expanded its V series of CompactFlash (Type I) cards with the addition of a 1GB model that can store up to 1,000 pictures
2006-02-16 CompactFlash card reader with special contact protection
Yamaichi introduced a CompactFlash card reader equipped with a special "pin protection" system, which ensures that only CompactFlash cards can be inserted in the correct orientation into the reader.
2002-05-09 CompactFlash and 8260 interface design guide
This application note describes a possible interface between a CompactFlash card and Motorola's MPC8260 microprocessor.
2008-09-24 CF card series achieves faster data transfer capacity
Meeting the demands of professional digital videographers and photographers, SanDisk has created the 32Gbyte SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash card, the latest addition to its SanDisk Extreme III line.
2008-09-12 CF card boasts increased capacity, improved transfer rate
Lexar Media has developed the Lexar Professional UDMA 300x 16Gbyte CompactFlash (CF) card that provides a combination of increased capacity, professional-level performance and reliability.
2004-12-17 Tiny board computer has CompactFlash form-factor
Cdata Solutions is debuting a very small single-board computer for embedded system designers.
2006-07-17 Three new CF Type I/II card ejector designs
3M Electronic Solutions Division offers three new CompactFlash Type I and II card ejector that can be attached to any existing 3M long guide CF II headers.
2003-05-30 SMSC memory card controller connects directly to PCs
Standard Microsystems Corp. (SMSC) has announced that it is sampling 2G Hi-Speed USB 2. memory card controller
2002-07-08 SanDisk, Lead Data ink memory card license patent deal
SanDisk Corp. and Lead Data Inc. have entered into a patent cross-license agreement for SanDisk's Flash memory card patents
2002-01-11 SanDisk unveils USB memory card readers at CES 2002
The company has introduced three ImageMate dual-slot memory card readers designed for quick and easy transfer of images, audio, video and data between storage cards and computers via the USB port
2007-07-05 Pretec unveils 35MBps flash memory card
Pretec has launched its 233X flash memory card that delivers an access speed of more than 35MBps at Computex Taipei 2007
2007-06-22 Pretec samples high-speed CF card
Pretec has begun sampling its 233X flash memory card that delivers access speeds of more than 35Mbps
2002-03-11 Parvus board handles CompactFlash drives and IDE devices
Designed for rugged mobile PCs and embedded system applications, the company's CompactFlash and IDE adapter module can serve as a carrier for a CompactFlash disk drive or as a controller for up to two IDE devices
2006-08-16 Mainland readies own memory card format
Adding to a confounding array of choices for consumers, a group in mainland China is wrapping up what will become the sixth memory card to reach the market
2003-08-12 Lexar Media memory card stores 45,000 JPEG images
Lexar Media's 4GB CompactFlash memory card is designed for professional photographers shooting hi-resolution images.
2002-02-22 DWD offers E-GSM/E-GPRS solution in CompactFlash format
Danish Wireless Design has introduced a customizable E-GSM/E-GPRS system solution platform in a CompactFlash Type II form factor
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