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2014-10-27 New compounds for cheaper, tunable OLEDs
The organic compounds have tunable electronic and physical characteristics in which small changes in the original structure would make it possible to tune the photophysical properties of the final compound.
2005-08-09 NEC develops high-power battery using organic compounds
NEC Corp. of Japan has announced it is developing a high-power organic radical battery to protect IT equipment such as desktop PCs from losing data during power supply interruptions.
2011-02-17 Phosphorescent emitters cut solid-state lighting costs
The new metal-free organic compounds form strong bonds with halogens in the crystal, tightly packing molecules, thus suppressing vibration and heat losses during recombination, for strong phosphorescence.
2002-03-18 Ion source applications: DLC depositions
This application note relates processes developed on Advanced Energy's gridless multi-cell ion source (MCIS) and linear ion source (LIS) for the deposition of DLC materials.
2002-01-24 Asahi Kasei establishes Shanghai unit
Asahi Kasei Corp. has reached an agreement with Nichimen Corp. for the transfer of a majority interest in Wuxian Hamasaki Plastics Compounds Co. Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nichimen.
2002-03-15 AmberWave, IQE jointly produce 200mm silicon epiwafers
AmberWave Systems Corp. has licensed its Generation 1 strained silicon technology to IQE plc's Silicon Compounds Division for the production of 200mm strained silicon epiwafers.
2013-12-04 Volume production of thermoelectric modules almost at hand
The researchers from Fraunhofer have shown that half-Heusler compounds, which are highly suitable materials for thermoelectric processes, can be produced significantly and more efficiently.
2005-11-11 Sumitomo backs packaging firm with $20 million
Quantum Leap Packaging Inc., a provider of electronics component packaging that uses liquid crystal polymer compounds, is to receive $20M in equity finance from Sumitomo
2006-08-23 PC-based software works with X-rays to find explosives
Guardian Technologies International announced that it has devised PC-based software that can be used in tandem with conventional X-ray detectors in the field, acting as "a second set of eyes" to identify liquid-based compounds for explosives in scanned baggage.
2013-04-26 Open-shell PAHs gain attention of A*STAR researchers
The molecules consist of interlocked, benzene-like rings and contain unpaired electrons whose interactions make the compounds extremely responsive to light- and electron-based stimuli.
2014-09-02 Novel technique 'sniffs' C. diff for faster detection
University of Leicester researchers measured the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) given out by different of strains of C. diff and have shown that many of them have a unique "smell".
2005-06-16 Meet emerging power-supply efficiency requirements
Power factor correction remains a demanding requirement that compounds the challenges of power-efficiency
2014-06-09 Manufactured sulphur cathode allows up to 500 cycles
The sulphur used in the Li-S cathode is combined with a carbon-based plastic precursor to prevent them from cracking and keep lithium-sulphur compounds from crystallizing under the stress of cycling.
2004-02-04 Kuraray elastomer features reactive hard blocks
Kuraray's series of hydrogenated styrene thermoplastic elastomers provide compounds with improved heat resistance and oil resistance.
2006-07-10 Cookson, Microbonds to align technology roadmaps
Cookson Electronics and Microbonds partner to align the technology roadmaps of Microbonds' insulated wire bonding technology with Cookson's molding compounds.
2009-07-08 Coming soon: Carbon chips
Carbonthe basis of all organic compoundsseems destined to displace silicon as the material of choice for future semiconductors.
2013-08-20 Chemical industry makes headway in printed electronics
An IDTechEx report addresses the need for chemical firms entering the electronic product space to identify the most profitable functional compounds and elements needed including allotropes of carbon.
2000-04-01 Centrifugal cleaning for advanced circuit assemblies
As a manufacturer, you face the simultaneous challenges of qualifying new cleaning compounds and equipment designs for improved cleaning results. Centrifugal cleaning may be the solution to overcome shortcomings of present cleaning processes.
2013-03-18 'Liver-on-chip' designed to predict drug toxicity
The A*STAR Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology's 'liver-on-chip' device can be used to screen the liver's capacity to process different drugs and other compounds.
2012-05-08 Zinc dyes enables creation of renewable PV devices
Researchers at the University of Basel in Switzerland are claiming a new approach to creating sustainable and renewable photovoltaic devices.
2006-11-30 Xerox invents self-erasing paper
Since many e-mails and documents are printed out for brief viewing and then soon discarded or recycled, Xerox invented printing technology that creates images that last only a day.
2004-03-29 Wire-growth process leads to flexible nanosystems
An approach to creating single-crystal nanowires from just about any semi conducting material is being pioneered by Charles Lieber and his group at Harvard University in tandem with the nanotech startup he co-founded, Nanosys Inc.
2013-05-10 What's for dinner? Microwaved semiconductors
A team of metallurgists from the University of Utah used an old microwave oven to make a nanocrystal faster than how it is normally produced.
2010-07-28 Volkswagen underscores e-mobility research
In a move to coordinate its globally distributed e-mobility R&D activities, Volkswagen announced its intention to bundle its advanced research efforts for electric vehicles. Outside Germany, the company has dedicated R&D satellites in Japan, China and the US.
2015-03-10 Viscom delivers system for coating inspection
The S3088 system for conformal coating inspection, Viscom says, is now available with high-precision plasma coating inspection. It works with UV LEDs and has 11.75?m/px or 23.5?m/px resolution.
2015-03-02 Unsolderable no more: Liquid-process transistor does the trick
The "miracle solder" creates new materials by joining their powdered forms into a continuous single-crystal-like material, and can even be used in 3D printers to join formerly incompatible materials.
2013-11-18 Ultra-short laser deposition tech cuts materials costs
Picodeon's ColdAb technology is geared for the application of gold and platinum thin films, enabling thinner films and reducing precious metal costs.
2005-10-10 Tyco rolls RoHS-compliant cables
Tyco Electronics' latest RoHS-compliant offering is its MADISON CABLE brand of Pb-free and heavy-metal-free cables.
2004-07-14 Two firms apply carbon nanotubes to chip packaging
Carbon Nanotechnologies Inc. (CNI) has agreed with Kostat Inc. to develop and commercialize conductive polymers for module trays, carrier tapes and other semiconductor packaging and chip and die delivery applications.
2004-04-19 Theory promises brighter plastic LEDs
A new take on the theory of light-emitting polymers suggests that their efficiency could be doubled, a development that would boost the introduction of flexible displays or possibly reduce the cost of flat-panel displays which currently depend on more costly materials.
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