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2007-12-03 Tap tested technology for DVRs
Developing a solution for storing digital video is a complex, time consuming, and costly task. A practical alternative is to implement a board-level DVR solution that is a proven technology, and can be customized to accommodate practically any application.
2006-10-25 Software cuts MEBES file size, data transfer times
SoftJin has announced a software that compresses mask data files in MEBES format by a factor of 5-15X and reduces file size as well as data transfer times.
2015-04-07 Socionext touts world's first HEVC/H.265-compatible encoder IC
The MB86M31 incorporates the HEVC encoder core co-developed with Fujitsu Laboratories and claims to achieve world-class high data compression while maintaining the image quality.
2002-05-17 SK Telecom rolls next-gen streaming video technology
SK Telecom has completed the development of its next generation streaming video compression called the H.26L technology.
2002-03-08 Sensotec load cell measures up to 200,000 pounds
Constructed from stainless steel, the Model 43a high-output, compression-only load cell can measure up to 200,000 pounds over the standard operating temperature range of -17.8C to 82.2C, making it suitable for use in harsh industrial applications.
2002-01-08 Sensory speech synthesis ICs deliver high-quality speech output
The SC-6x series speech synthesis chips are intended for toy and consumer electronics requiring high-quality speech output.
2006-12-01 Reduce digital image artifacts
The industry, as a whole, is well aware of the harsh facts of limited video bandwidth. Advancement in codec efficiency is showing potential as the next great solution in picture improvement.
1998-12-01 Raising the PC audio performance bar
A plethora of audio programming interfaces and decompression technologies have made designing PC audio systems a daunting task. Careful IC and board-level design, based on the ACU97 specifications can help improve device performance.
2002-09-30 QuickLogic, PACT XPP sign deal for wireless solutions
QuickLogic Corp. and PACT XPP Technologies have signed an MOU to develop a next-generation programmable SoC platform that combines a DSP co-processor with a CPU.
2007-11-29 Qualcomm looks for workaround to Broadcom injunction
In an escalation of its ongoing intellectual property war with Broadcom, Qualcomm this week said it will seek a workaround for a technology a federal jury found infringed Broadcom patents.
2006-01-13 Oki transmits video through satellite phone connections
Oki Electric announced it has successfully transmitted video through satellite phone connections with its portable video compression transmitter, MPEG-4 Encoder RS-M.
2002-02-06 MPEG-4 embarks new design wins
Multimedia communications dynamo MPEG-4 is steadily approaching the market fervor its designers had dreamed on its launch a few years ago.
2008-05-23 MPEG seeks sensory effects for multimedia content
The MPEG group has issued a call for proposals on the technology called 'Representation of Sensory Effects' (RoSE), as it looks for a way to introduce real-time sensory experiences to ordinary audio-visual content.
2011-08-11 MPEG eyes new Internet video coding standard
MPEG is keen on developing a new Internet video coding standard that will offer better compression than MPEG-2.
2014-01-10 Mediatek's HEVC decoder may boost Ultra HD adoption
HEVC is a successor to the widely used H.264/AVC high-definition codec and it became the standard format for compression and distribution of video content for HD TVs.
2012-12-11 Maxim video IC arm to be acquired by GEO Semi
GEO Semi has inked a definitive agreement to acquire Maxim's video IC business, expanding its patent portfolio to 100 patents.
2008-01-16 Managing latency in video encoding, decoding
In applications where there is a closed feedback loop, latency is the most crucial aspect of the system, as it determines whether the system will be stable or not. Keeping the latency of a video codec as minimal as possible is the proper approach for such systems. In many such applications, latency measured in sub-10ms is crucial.
2007-10-24 LSI compresses full-HD image to half its size
Panasonic is shipping samples of its UniPhier system LSI that can compress full-HD large image data down to one-third or one-half its original size, while maintaining high definition.
2006-12-15 LSI chip enables HD video processing in H.264
Fujitsu has announced a large-scale IC capable of real-time compression and decompression of HDTV-level video in H.264 format.
2004-11-16 Leverage the latest in mobile rendering protocols
Choosing the optimum protocol for mobile multimedia devices requires careful evaluation of all system and air-interface parameters.
2002-12-27 Lambda Systems to use Amphion tech for video broadcast
Lambda Systems Inc. of Japan has licensed Amphion Semiconductor Inc.'s Motion-JPEG image compression technology in a color video graphics processing system for HDTV applications.
2007-01-31 Jury favors Broadcom in patent case against Qualcomm
Broadcom Corp. announced that a federal jury in San Diego found that the company had not infringed two patents for digital video compression owned by Qualcomm Inc.
2004-08-12 Ittiam announces IP video phone solution
Ittiam introduced a solution for IP video phones enabling full duplex audio and video communications over broadband networking, including WLANs.
2005-10-03 IPTV pushes silicon, software solutions
Emerging IPTV and networked entertainment applications are placing new requirements on silicon and software
2004-03-16 Integrating functions in a DVD+RW video recorder
The future for DVD players is bright: they have achieved overwhelming success in the consumer market.
1999-04-08 Integrated digital line CODEC architecture - past, present, and future
This paper explains the use of digital techniques to perform codec and hybrid functions in line circuits.
2001-04-27 Implementation of G.726 ADPCM on Texas Instruments TMS320C62xx processors
This application note describes the implementation of G.726 ADPCM (adaptive differential pulse code modulation) on Texas Instruments' TMS320C62xx DSP family.
2002-10-24 IC products with GaAs integral drivers (on-chip)
This application note describes Alpha's IC products that have on-chip translators.
2001-08-09 Human user interface for mobile devices
This conference technical paper describes the user interface and technology requirements in mobile devices, as well as in upcoming devices.
2003-05-29 Hifn device compress, decompress data at 160Mbps
Hifn has released the 9620 lossless data compression processor that can compress or decompress data up to 160Mbps.
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