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2007-05-23 H.264 video chip first to roll with embedded memory
Fujitsu Ltd rolled out an LSI chip that can compress and decompress full HD video (1,920 dots x 1,080 lines) in the H.264 format in real-time.
2002-08-19 Flexible video encoder tailored for use with PCs
Tailored for the PC market, the GO7007 chip, together with company-developed software, is designed for high-quality videoconferencing and video e-mail applications.
2014-02-20 FlashVols enhance SSD durability
Tegile Systems' FlashVols utilises deduplication and compression techniques, creating pinned volumes that remain in DRAM or flash without engaging the database admin.
2008-08-29 Ferrite beads tout small size, wide attenuation range
Murata Electronics North America has introduced the BLM02 series of ferrite beads, touted as the industry's smallest, measuring 0.4mm x 0.2mm x 0.2mm.
2003-06-25 FCI one-piece connectors target consumer apps
FCI has released a series of one-piece compression connectors as an alternative to two-piece board-to-board designs.
2005-04-18 Enhance picture quality using advanced camera system
See what's inside Micron's 2Mpixel CMOS image sensor with an integrated camera system
2003-01-02 Encoding MPEG-2 audio signals
MPEG-2 is today's standard for audio and video digital storage; knowledge on MPEG compression, encoding and decoding can help decide on which MPEG-2 layer to utilize.
2005-09-15 Do's and Don'ts of Architecting the Right FPGA Solution for DSP Design
Designing a flexible, programmable DSP system architecture is a daunting task.
1999-06-01 Digital VCR: Hot new multimedia technology for the PC
This paper looks at what a digital VCR is, its key technologies, features, and architecture. A brief summary of the potential and market opportunity is also provided.
2006-10-16 DFT rule checkers glue design together
Advances in DFT rule checking will likely continue as more designs depend on increasingly complex testing protocols.
2008-08-13 Devices simplify chip insertion in 40GHz sockets
Ironwood Electronics has recently introduced the TS-SS-11, TS-SS-12, TS-SG-01 and TS-SG-02 Force Indicating Compression Screws to allow quick and error-free chip insertion in sockets with up to 40GHz bandwidth.
2005-07-01 Developing software for audio/visual devices
Experts offer useful guidelines for implementing audio and video software for consumer products
2002-04-01 DCT force indicator handles up to 10,000lbs
The Model LK portable force indicator performs tension and compression measurement and calibration of up to 10,000lbs with a repeatability of 0.2 percent F.S.
2007-02-26 Compandor Application Automatic Gain Control
To overcome the physical dynamic range limitations of the audio equipment, a need arises for an AGC. This paper describes examples of implementation of AGC. ON Semiconductor offers a full line of compandors and low-noise op amps for many different implementations of an AGC.
2008-06-17 Comag sued for MPEG-2 patent infringement
MPEG LA LLC has announced that several companies have filed separate patent enforcement actions in District Court Dusseldorf, Germany vs. Comag Handels AG, for infringing patents related to MPEG-2.
2006-04-27 Cinch unveils flex circuit interconnect solutions
Cinch Connectors has unveiled a solderless, board-to-board, interconnection solution that blends the Cinch iQ connector with a flex circuit and compression system.
2005-07-18 Car radio DSP drives automotive audio
Manufacturers have begun to incorporate digital media processing technologies into automobiles, enabling drivers and their passengers to access entertainment and information on the road
2005-01-13 Broadcom unveils DVD player/recorder reference design
Broadcom announced a high definition DVD player/recorder reference design targeted at the HD consumer DVD equipment market.
2007-11-27 Broadcom scores again in dispute with Qualcomm
A federal judge has maintained that Qualcomm infringed on three Broadcom patents related to video compression and technology that allows handsets to simultaneously access data and voice networks.
2003-09-10 AVS standard to eventually replace MPEG-4
Image recognition will become a very important technology and in the future the next-generation JPEG2000 code compression technology will be used.
2002-03-25 Amphion JPEG2000 core targets 3G/4G handsets
The CS6510 JPEG2000 hardware accelerator core provides next-generation still- and motion-image compression in dual-mode digital cameras and 3G/4G handsets, as well as medical and office equipment.
2008-08-04 All-metal RF connectors deliver high cable retention
Bomar has launched the Killer Compression Connectors series of all-metal connectors. The all-metal construction protects the internal connection of cables while ensuring high cable retention.
2012-07-11 Advanced flip chip packaging tech unveiled
STATS ChipPAC's fcCuBE technology features copper column bumps, bond-on-lead (BOL) interconnection and enhanced assembly processes for high volume production.
2004-06-17 ADI, On2 to port VP6 video codec into Blackfin processor
Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) and On2 Technologies Inc. announced that On2 VP6.2 video compression software codec will be ported to ADI's Blackfin processor family.
2006-07-04 ADI tech designed into Doremi digital movie systems
ADI announced that its JPEG2000 video compression chip, the ADV202, has been designed into the digital cinema movie mastering systems and playback servers of Doremi Labs.
2004-09-21 ADI samples digital cinema codec
Analog Devices said it is sampling a high-speed JPEG2000 compression chip suitable for the Digital Cinema Initiative specification.
2003-06-18 ADI JPEG IC powers NHK broadcast system
NHK, a major national broadcast company in Japan, has selected ADI's JPEG2000 image compression chip to be incorporated into its latest Hi-Vision HDTV system.
2004-09-24 ADI IC supports JPEG 2000 standard
ADI announced that its JPEG 2000 video compression technology has led a major breakthrough for the emerging digital cinema market.
2011-12-21 Adaptive differential pulse code modulation for audio playback
Find out what adaptive differential pulse code modulation is and how it is used for audio compression and decompression on an embedded RX62N based target platform.
2002-02-23 A low parts count, two-slope compressor
This application note describes a combination compressor and limiter, with adjustable threshold and compression ratio, for just these types of applications.
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