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2011-01-12 18-bit serial ADC uses unipolar supply to achieve 101dB SNR
Linear Technology Corp.’s LTC2379 ADC uses the successive approximation register converter architecture to deliver 18 bits resolution at up to 1.6Msps throughput, and a technique called digital gain compression to allow excellent performance from a unipolar supply.
2007-01-16 'Design-with-test' for low-power devices
A new methodology called design with test in which tools are deeply integrated and power consumption is highly considered during testing will be key in ensuring the continued success of low-power products.
2008-10-31 Ziptronix heralds 3-D chip stacking technique
Ziptronix unveiled details of its patented Direct Bond Interconnect (DBI) technology, which employs a low-temperature process for 3-D chip stacking without thermal compression.
2012-01-17 Webcam controller ICs boast 3D, gesture control
The eSP768 and eSP868 chips feature image signal processors, USB 2.0 interface with an image compression engine and four built-in LDOs.
2010-03-26 Video SoC delivers HD quality at low bitrate
TI rolls out the TMS320DM8168 DaVinci video SoC that consolidates capture, compression, display and control functionalities of an HD multi-channel system.
2006-04-14 VC-1 standard finally arrives
After two years, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) has released complete specifications for the VC-1 video compression standard.
2015-04-23 Ultra-broadband portable bench top RF amps go up to 40GHz
The bench top amplifiers offer up to 60dB small signal gain with high dynamic range, low noise figure of 5dB and output P1dB compression power ranges from 10dBm to 22dBm.
2006-05-19 Tut Systems launches MPEG-4 transcoder
Tut Systems announced that it will exhibit its MPEG-4 Advanced Video Codec High Definition compression at Globalcomm 2006.
2003-07-22 TransChip rolls out a single-chip CMOS imager
TransChip is targeting mobile handset vendors seeking to upgrade cellphones to popular camera phones with a single-chip CMOS image sensor that integrates image processing and compression along with LCD controller functions.
2006-12-19 Thermal gap filler can be reused
Unlike many gap fillers, MH&W International said its Softtherm 86/200 thermally conductive gap filling retains its memory after compression, which enables the material to be reused.
2006-02-07 Test sockets come in three mounting styles
Emulation Technology has expanded its test socket line with a surface-mount QFN/MLF Quick Lock version. The sockets are also available in through-hole and compression-fit mounting styles.
2002-02-22 Tedea-Huntleigh load cell features 10.017 percent accuracy
The Model 220 compression load cell is used to provide a simple and reliable weighing system and provides an accuracy of 10.05 percent for C1 grade, 10.02 percent for C3 grade and 10.017 percent for C4 grade.
2005-03-11 Synopsys unveils next-gen DFT synthesis solution
Synopsys announced DFT Compiler MAX, its next-gen DFT synthesis solution, offering 1-pass test data volume compression capabilities to address design and test challenges occurring in 130nm and smaller process technologies.
2005-08-17 SuperH-based MCUs now fit car and home audio products
Renesas' newest SuperH based 32bit MCU chips are targeted at car and home audio products that have audio data playback functions compatible with various compression standards.
2012-08-15 Startup Skyera unveils 44TB flash array
The SkyHawk system will pack 44TB of flash memory in less than a 1U rack for $3/GB or a dollar per gigabyte when using data compression.
1999-09-09 Speech quality issues in mobile networks
This paper describes the several sources of speech degradation in wireless mobile networks, and offer new methods for eliminating them. Sources of degradation including digital speech compression, tandem coding, background noise, hybrid echo, and acoustic echo will be described in detail. It also describe how modern signal processing technology, including echo and noise cancellation, automatic level control, and tandem CODEC avoidance is being used to eliminate these problems and improve speech quality.
2004-06-16 Sorting through GSM codecs
This article provides a look inside how compression technologies to analyze and compress speech works. This will also examine how the codecs need to evolve in order to meet the demands of 2.5G and 3G wireless networks.
2005-02-25 Sharp, PACE soft silicon deliver multimedia decoding software
Sharp Microelectronics and PACE Soft Silicon, a provider of software-based CODECs, have collaborated to deliver faster compression and decompression capabilities for ARM based devices.
2008-10-16 Setting the stage for 3DTV
Stereoscopic 3DTV could be the next home entertainment blockbuster, the logical sequel to today's high-definition flat-screen TVs. But the path to 3DTV winds through more twists and turns than the road to the Emerald City, passing through forests of alternative file formats, compression schemes, display technologies and patents.
2002-06-18 Sensotec load cells range up to 3 million pounds
The MPB series of compression load cells from Sensotec Inc. is available in sizes ranging from 25.4mm to 355.6mm and diameter of 31.75mm to 254mm, with capacities ranging from 15,000lbs to 3 million lbs.
2014-04-23 Samsung declares Apple's $2.2B claim an exaggeration
Judith Chevalier testified for Samsung with calculations that lowered Apple's damage claim to a mere $38 million, assuming it broke patent laws. The Korean company also accused Apple of infringing its patents including a compression technology and Hitachi's digital image management system.
2005-01-28 Radvision rolls updated SIP kit
Radvision released an updated version of its SIP Developer Toolkit that provides enhanced security and RTOS support while also delivering support for signaling compression.
2002-11-04 Pentamicro ships new noise reduction processors
Pentamicro Inc.'s noise reduction processors can remove noise in images before the compression process is done in digital image apps.
2007-11-28 NXP expands PCTV product line
Two PCTV processors and the first Hybrid DVB-T PCI mini card reference designed with hardware AV compression have been announced by NXP Semiconductor.
2005-05-13 Multimedia MPEG-4 encoder processes four video inputs
Parvus' new PC/104-Plus video compressor board comes with an on-board microcontroller to handle computationally-intensive video compression. The product's footprint measures 3.55-by-3.775 inches.
2009-03-13 MPEG-2 patent holders slam suit vs. Lenovo
Several patent holders in MPEG LA LLC's MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License have filed separate patent enforcement actions against Lenovo for infringing patents essential to the MPEG-2 digital video compression standard used worldwide in DTV broadcasting and DVD.
2010-12-28 MIPS, Sigma Design sign new IP core deal
The license agreement includes cores featuring advanced code compression, superscalar performance, multi-threading, multiprocessing, and software, hardware and tool support for Sigma's digital home products.
2007-10-08 Mentor upgrades TestKompress for 65/45nm nodes
By providing compression levels exceeding 100X, the new TestKompress Xpress technology allows IC manufacturers to meet challenging quality objectives for advanced process nodes at 65nm and beyond without driving up the cost of testing.
2008-06-09 Media bridges dispatch transfer via integrated apps
Conexant presented two media bridges that enable multichannel, bidirectional uncompressed digital audio and video transfers to a host computer for preview, processing or compression via an integrated PCIe interface.
2004-10-14 LSI Logic processors receive home theatre certification
LSI Logic Corp. announced that its 2G DiMeNsion DVD recorder system processors, DMN-8602 and DMN-8652, have received DivX certification from DivXNetworks Inc., the company behind the patent-pending DivX video compression technology.
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