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2008-10-01 Designing the creative computer
The creative computer may not become a reality anytime soon. But the principles of creative behavior and learning are already being applied in clever ways in our browsers, our communications, our planning tools and our user interfaces
1999-10-18 Using a personal computer to program the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051
This application note describes a personal computer-based programmer for the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051 Flash-based microcontrollers. The programmer supports all Flash memory microcontroller functions, including code read, code write, chip erase, signature read, and lock bit write
2000-08-29 Using a personal computer to program the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051
This application note describes a PC-based programmer for the AT89C51/C52/LV51/LV52/C1051/C2051 Flash-based microcontrollers.
2007-04-05 U.S. gov't charges supplier for shipping computer tech
Cirrus Electronics founder and CEO Parthasarathy Sudarshan was indicted for shipping U.S. computer technology to India for use in missiles and other weapon systems
2003-12-18 Sun invites IBM, Cray to collaborate on high-end computer language
Sun Microsystems is inviting competitors IBM Corp. and Cray Inc. to collaborate on defining a new computer language it claims could bolster performance and productivity for scientific and technical computing. The effort is part of a government-sponsored program under which the three companies are competing to design a petascale-class computer by 2010.
2009-07-22 ST, CEA-LETI launch Nano2012 program
STMicroelectronics and CEA-LETI, the French Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology have announced the formal launch of the Nano2012 Research and Development program at ST's site at Crolles
2006-10-04 Sony to initiate global replacement program for battery packs
Sony will initiate a global replacement program for certain battery packs that utilize Sony-manufactured Li-ion cells used by notebook computer manufacturers to address concerns related to recent over-heating incidents.
2012-06-05 Rensselaer energy program fosters industry tie ups
Students accepted into the competitive program will be paired with a sponsor company to work on an energy-related research project for a full academic year
2008-05-22 OLPC resumes 'Give One Get One' program
OLPC is resuming its 'Give One Get One' program, in which consumers will buy for $400 a rugged green-and-white computer and donate a second one to a child in a developing country, reported the Associated Press.
2010-11-22 Nvidia GPU to power exascale computer
Nvidia is developing a thousand-core graphics chip with each core capable of handling four double precision floating-point operations per clock cycle--the equivalent of 10 teraflops on a chip.
2013-01-30 Nvidia adds Singapore university to CUDA program
Nvidia has designated Nanyang Technological University as the first school in Southeast Asia under the CUDA Teaching Centre program
2012-08-10 MIT releases Halide program for multicore image processing
MIT's computer science arm claims program can help developers execute image-processing code faster.
2003-06-13 Intel launches program to aid emerging markets
Intel Corp. has announced a worldwide program to better educate small- and medium-sized businesses on how to select the right server system to meet their computing needs
2006-06-19 India launches VLSI education program
India launched a VLSI education program that will focus on developing steams of engineering manpower to meet the demand for design engineers
2003-04-30 Futuremark expands Beta Program
Futuremark Corp. has forged strategic alliances with Gateway, Transmeta Corp., ExtremeTech, and Beyond3D.
2002-06-19 Credence, PSU establish program for electrical, computer engineering
Portland State University has commenced a Masters of Science level fellowship program in electrical and computer engineering which will be funded by Credence Systems Corp.
2012-01-19 Computer-on-module for embedded fanless apps
The TX-28S supports Linux and Windows CE 6.0, and features 10/100Mb/s Ethernet.
2012-04-03 Breakthroughs in computer vision seen by DARPA
The Mind's Eye program from the agency aims to develop breakthrough algorithms for automatically recognizing and describing human activities
2004-05-11 ASICs at heart of disposable computer
The developer of a disposable computer has an agreement with a Taiwan semiconductor company to mass produce the ASIC at the heart of the throwaway product that can collect process and exchange several pages of encrypted data
2003-01-21 ARM further expands ATC program in Asia
ARM Ltd has added three centers located in South Korea, Taiwan, and China, to its ARM Approved Training Center Program
2002-08-27 ARM adds two centers for ATC program in Japan
ARM Ltd has added two centers in Japan to its Approved Training Center Program
2012-05-29 Algorithms aid robots to recognize, respond to human gestures
Researchers have adapted a cognitive memory model called a localist attractor network to develop a new system that recognize gestures quickly and accurately, and requires very little training.
2016-01-18 AI that bested shogi expert now wants to decide loans
Japanese start-up Heroz Inc. is hoping the lessons Ponanza learned during its shogi matches can be applied "to the crunching of data for banks deciding whether customers are creditworthy."
2005-05-03 Zilog teams with Japan's Yokogawa for third-party programming
Zilog Inc. has entered into a strategic relationship with Japanese device programmer Yokogawa Digital Computer Corp
2005-02-18 Wind River integrates carrier grade Linux in RadiSys Promentum
Wind River Systems Inc. revealed that its platform for network equipment, Linux edition is being ported to RadiSys Corp.'s Promentum ATCA 4000, a general purpose computer processing module
2002-03-25 Weixitong completes development of humidity sensor
Beijing Weixitong Environment Testing Technology Center has completed the development of a full digital three port MEMS humidity sensor in with cooperation of Beijing University.
2011-06-01 Vietnam's engineering curricula receives $300,000 donation
Tektronix, Keithley and Fluke have joined Vietnam's Higher Engineering Education Alliance Program (HEEAP
2006-01-13 Using software synthesis for multiprocessor OS and software development
The next great revolution in computer architecture is certain to be multiprocessing, just as it has always beenalways right around the corner
2002-05-15 Uniwill adopts CSR BlueCore solution
Uniwill Computer Corp. has designed and developed a range of Bluetooth modules, network access points and dongles based on Cambridge Silicon Radio's BlueCore single-chip Bluetooth solution
2004-02-25 The trouble with Rover is revealed
When the Mars rover Spirit went dark on January 21, 2004 a Jet Propulsion Laboratory team undertook to reprogram the craft's computer only to find themselves introducing an unpredictable sequences of events
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