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What is a single board computer (SBC)?
A single board computer (SBC) is a complete computer system on a single board. The design is centred on one or more microprocessors with RAM, I/O and all other features needed to be a functional computer on the one board.
The first true single-board c
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2003-07-24 Conexant IC suits personal computers, DVD players
The company's CX25890/1/2 device is suitable for use in consumer devices such as personal computers, set-top boxes, and DVD players.
1999-12-22 Computers of the next millennium: Unplugged
My daughter is fairly computer literate and does not give much thought to the Y2K problem or the possibility of computers/software failing at the end of the millennium. But my wife lives in terror, fearing that planes will fall out of the sky, power utilities will fail (not mention computer banking systems), and even the
2010-11-11 COM Express modules target embedded computers
Eurotech unveils new COM Express modules based on Freescale QorIQ SoC processor
2002-12-17 Collaboration to co-develop ICs for space computers
Honeywell Int. has signed an agreement with Cypress Semiconductor Corp. to jointly develop a new technology for ICs used in satellites, strategic missiles, and other space vehicles.
2005-09-21 Clevo notebook computers feature SRS WOW technology
SRS Labs Inc. announced that Clevo Computer Co. is currently shipping notebook computers featuring SRS WOW technology.
2000-11-28 Bus switch applications for laptop computers, memory modules, analog/digital video and datacom circuits
This application note shows common applications, such as laptop/desktop computers, memory modules, ADC video and datacom circuits, for the Pericom family of bus switch products.
2005-06-15 Board helps build FPGA-based reconfigurable computers
The PROCSpark II board from Gidel features Altera's Cyclone II FPGAs and promises to cut the cost and time to develop reconfigurable computers, while improving flexibility and reliability over competitive products.
2005-10-10 Application dev't package helps build FPGA-based computers
DIMEtalk 3, the latest version of Nallatech Inc.'s application development environment for FPGA-based computing, is said to build on the ease-of-use qualities of previous versions.
2007-02-05 Apple activates draft-n mode in its computers
Apple announced that users can download software to activate stealth, next-generation Wi-Fi features in products that have been shipping since August.
2003-06-30 AMD processors target notebook computers
Advanced Micro Devices has announced three mobile processors that feature 512KB L2 cache, which helps increase performance.
2010-09-20 2GHz integrated chip to power portable computers
NuFront uses ARM's 2GHz Cortex-A9 MPCore processor in integrated chip
1999-10-16 100MHz-clock solution for desktop computers
This application note discusses clock generation and clock driver components for use with the Intel Pentium-II based PC systems.
2002-12-26 Wanshih Electronic installs coaxial equipment at offshore plant
Wanshih Electronic Co. Ltd has installed two production lines used in making micro-coaxial cables for notebook computers at its second offshore plant in Suzhou, mainland China. VP Jim Chu, said
2007-10-03 VIA, QSound Labs solution enhances sound in Vista PCs
VIA Technologies Inc. and QSound Labs Inc. have partnered to deliver a sound system for Windows Vista based multimedia, personal and laptop computers.
2008-05-26 Using nvSRAM in single board computer (SBC) applications
The flexibility of fast non-volatile memory for the storage of user- or application-specific parameters is apparent with each new system generation, and the Cypress family of fast nvSRAMs are ideally suited for this type of application.
2003-10-03 Using LabVIEW with Wireless Devices
This application note describes IrDA technology and how you can use it with LabVIEW.
2015-09-28 UMC starts mass prod'n of 0.11um eFlash touch ICs
The process promises smaller and faster logic devices for higher performance, while enabling the integration of higher density embedded flash and SRAM for MCUs for various touchscreen devices.
2003-08-14 U.S. report calls for balanced approach to supercomputer R&D
The government should adopt a balanced approach to backing research in both custom and off-the-shelf supercomputing technologies.
2015-04-23 Trickle-down tech: It's not just the Pi
.The Raspberry Pi may be the most visible example of trickle-down technology, but there are over 100 board vendors embracing semiconductor innovation and bringing it to the wider world of embedded boards for diverse, long-life, and ruggedised applications.
2011-02-04 Touch panel PCs leverage Atom chips
National Instruments ' NI TPC-2206 and TPC-2212 industrial touch panel computers let engineers program human machine interface computers with NI LabVIEW for application deployment.
2004-01-20 Toshiba notebooks to feature SRS Labs technologies
Toshiba Corp.'s Digital Products Division (DPD) has licensed SRS Labs Inc.'s SRS WOW and SRS TruSurround XT audio enhancement technologies for its 2004 Satellite notebook product line.
2003-05-06 Thales to distribute IPWireless broadband wireless solutions
Thales Broadcast & Multimedia Inc. has signed a distribution agreement with IPWireless Inc., for sales and support of the latter's broadband wireless access solutions.
2005-09-05 Thales set to roll out Rapid IO multi-processor system
Thales Computers is about to roll out its first serial Rapid IO system for embedded computing applications, which will combine both PowerPC and Pentium-M processors.
2002-07-10 Thales SBC provides more memory bandwidth
The VMPC6d SBC from Thales Computers SA integrates one or two 500MHz Motorola PowerPC 7410 (G4) chips with an AltiVec vector processing unit.
2003-01-09 Thales PMC supports synchronous, asynchronous protocols
The PMC-SIO octal serial I/O PCI mezzanine card mixes a quad ESCC and a quad UART equipped with EIA-232 or EIA-422/485 interfaces.
2004-02-02 Thales PMC offers front panel data port interface
Thales Computers has complemented its line of COTS and standard PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMCs) by introducing a front panel data port (FPDP) PCI mezzanine card.
2003-07-08 Thales graphics PMC supports 83MHz operation
Thales Computers has introduced the PMC-DGX, a multi-featured graphics acceleration PMC that is suitable for driving SXGA displays in harsh environments.
2005-12-22 Thales bundles PowerNode 3 with PMC-RIO card
Thales Computers announced that they have developed a serial RapidIO distributed switch solution designed for VME systems.
2015-04-27 Testing limits: Sensor detects electron charge in nanoseconds
Researchers at the University of Cambridge created an electronic device that they say can detect the charge of a single electron in less than one microsecond.
2002-08-06 Taiwan PCB production grows slightly in 1H of 2002
The Industrial Technology Intelligence Services has reported that Taiwan's PCB production value in 1H of 2002 totaled to about $1.791billion, up by 2 percent from the same period last year.
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