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2015-06-15 The MCU guy's guide to FPGAs: Configuration
Embedded design engineers usually come from MCU background, so they often have only a vague idea as to what an FPGA is. In this article, we are going to look into configuration techniques and technologies
2007-10-18 Non-volatile SRAM offers infinite read, write cycles
Cypress Semiconductor's non-volatile SRAM, manufactured on SONOS technology, features access times as low as 15ns, infinite read, write and recall cycles, and 20-year data retention
2006-02-03 MCU includes 32KB of SRAM
ST announced the availability of larger SRAM versions of the 8051-based uPSD3400 Turbo Plus MCU series, which integrate 32KB of SRAM, 256KB of flash memory and USB 2.0
2006-05-10 MCU combines SRAM, flash
STMicro's STR910F microcontroller family combines Ethernet connectivity, an ARM9E processor core, and embedded SRAM and flash memories
2009-06-17 LatticeXP2 configuration encryption and security usage guide
The LatticeXP2 devices are non-volatile and have on-chip configuration Flash. Once programmed (either by JTAG or SPI port), this data is a part of the FPGA device and can be used to self-download the SRAM portion without requiring any additional external boot prom.
2009-04-20 How to replace a DS1213 SmartSocket with an equivalent-density NV SRAM module
The DS1213 SmartSocket products have reached end of life, and can be replaced using a pincompatible, equivalent-density 5V NV SRAM module product. With that replacement module product, the customer will be installing a complete, one-piece memory solution
2002-10-07 Holtek SRAM has 70ns access time
Holtek's HT62L256 SRAM chip features an access time of 70ns while operating from a 2.7V to 3.3V supply
2002-02-08 Dallas SRAM clock-chip occupies no memory space
The DS1252W is a 2Mword-by-8 bit nonvolatile SRAM fitted with a "phantom" RTC chip that occupies no memory space and is suited for systems that access the RTC only on power up or rarely during system operation
2000-08-28 Controlling FPGA configuration with a Flash-based microcontroller
This application note shows different options for space-saving realization, design protection or for fast, flexible reconfiguration of SRAM-based FPGAs
2005-05-13 3D Plus introduces a 3Gb radiation-tolerant SRAM
3D Plus is introducing a commercial-off-the-shelf radiation tolerant memory module, suitable for space applications such as commercial or scientific geo-stationary missions and deep space scientific exploration.
2009-05-12 LatticeECP3 sysCONFIG usage guide
Configuration is the process of loading or programming a design into volatile memory of an SRAM-based FPGA. To support multiple configuration options, the LatticeECP3 supports the Lattice sysCONFIG interface as well as the dedicated ispJTAG port.
2004-08-16 FPGAs adapt to suit low-power demands
FPGAs can be designed to draw power from an external source rather than an internal charge pump, minimizing current draw.
2003-07-08 WEDC SSRAMs reduce active memory device count
White Electronic Designs Corp. has expanded their NBL SSRAM portfolio with the release of the W2Z1M72SJ35BC and W2Z512K72SJ35BC devices.
2002-05-02 Virage offers multiport memory for SoC designs
Memory designer Virage Logic Corp. intends to market a configurable SRAM-based multiport memory that can perform three R/W operations simultaneously, increasing data throughput in today's embedded systems and meeting the expected demands of parallel or pipelined processors in future SoC designs
2008-06-19 Using the STR91xFA external memory interface (EMI)
The STR91xFA EMI bus is a very flexible bus and is user programmable. The bus can be configured to interface to different types of memory devices, including SRAM, flash memory, ROM or PSRAM
2005-02-14 SRAMs readied for 45nm node
Issues like soft errors and gate current leakage are emerging as design challenges as SRAM technology moves below 90nm, according to memory experts at this week's International Solid-State Circuits Conference here
2009-07-10 SRAMs designed for next-gen comms network
Renesas Technology Corp. has announced the 72Mbit Quad Data Rate II+ (QDR II+) and DDRII+ high-speed SRAM product family for use in high-end routers and switches in next-generation communication networks
2012-10-10 SmartFusion2 SoC FPGA ready for industrial, medical apps
The company's next-generation SmartFusion2 SoC FPGAs are designed to address fundamental requirements for advanced security, high reliability and low power in critical applications.
2014-12-04 Protecting FPGA system with secure authenticator
Learn about the general problems that counterfeiters pose for original equipment manufacturers and end customers, and how these concerns can be addressed.
2014-01-22 NXP releases LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers
The LPC11U6x USB microcontrollers from NXP Semiconductors builds on the company's LPC11Uxx portfolio with a range of enhanced features, including a more energy-efficient ARM Cortex-M0+ processor, more flash and SRAM, more serial communications, a new 2-Msps ADC, and more versatile timers
2009-10-12 nvSRAMs boast improved access times
Integrating a real-time clock in the nvSRAMs covers applications traditionally served by battery-backed SRAMs.
2002-04-26 NEC ships QDR II, DDR II SRAMs for high-speed systems
NEC Corp. has shipped its QDR II and DDR II family of SRAM products for use in network switches and routers in high-speed networks such as OC-192 and OC-768
2008-04-16 MRAM is fit for space mission
Headed for orbit with the launch of Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's SpriteSat is MRAM technology, taking the place of both SRAM and flash memory
2008-08-14 Military-qualified FPGAs 'first' with on-chip flash memory
Extending the low-power and reliability benefits of its higher density flash-based FPGA technologies, Actel Corp. has added new ProASIC3 and ProASIC3EL FPGAs to its military-qualified product offerings.
2009-06-10 Low-power options for Async/Page CellularRAM
This application note describes the low-power operational modes available on the asynchronous/page CellularRAM devices and the use of the ZZ# input in conjunction with the configuration register (CR) settings to control these modes
2008-03-28 Low-power 32Mbit, 64Mbit SRAMs roll
Renesas Technology has introduced the R1WV6416R Series of 64Mbit Advanced Low-Power SRAM products with the highest capacity currently available
2001-03-01 Logic suppliers seek ways to embed FPGAs
Driven by the convergence of communications, computing and consumer applications, SoC design complexity increases the time required to bring competitive products to market, putting a premium on design speed and flexibility.
2004-02-02 Leopard leaps into structured ASICs
Leopard Logic Inc., which earlier had cast itself as an IP company, has introduced a line of chips to attack the structured-ASIC market.
2007-07-16 Lattice challenges big rivals at 90nm FPGAs
Lattice has announced the LatticeXP2 family of non-volatile FPGAs, produced in a 90nm process co-developed with foundry partner Fujitsu Ltd, which doubles maximum logic capacity to 40k lookup tables, adds dedicated DSP blocks and improves performance by 25 percent, all while reducing the price per function by up to 50 percent.
2002-11-07 ISSI rolls automotive DRAMs, SRAMs
Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. has announced a new line of DRAM and SRAM devices targeted for the automotive market
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