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2007-10-23 Free configuration tool rolls for Turck RFID system
Turck rolled out a free configuration software that aids in RFID equipment selection by quickly simulating an application's parameters and values
2006-02-22 DSP tool supports TI processors
Texas Instruments announced new features for the Platinum Edition of its Code Composer Studio IDE and DSP/BIOS real-time kernel for developing DSP systems.
2008-04-08 Capacitive touch sensing tool eases interface
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has developed the CapSense Express capacitive touch sensing solution for fast and easy button and slider replacement.
2006-08-24 Xilinx unveils new version of embedded design tool suite
Xilinx recently announced the immediate availability of version 8.2i of the Xilinx Platform Studio tool suite for embedded processing design
2008-09-04 Tool suite upgrade touts faster fault detection
LDRA, the leading provider of automated software verification, source code analysis, and test tools, has launched the LDRA tool suite v7.7
2008-11-06 Tool enables CAN, FlexRay system integration
TTTech Automotive, the subsidiary of TTTech that specializes in automotive networking solutions, is launching an updated version of TTXConnexion.
2004-04-02 SystemC tool adds top-down design
CoWare has added graphics-based front-end design software and other features to the System Designer tool of ConvergenSC
2008-04-21 Synplicity tips device-independent FPGA design tool
A device-independent IP configuration and system-level assembly environment has been introduced by Synplicity
2004-06-15 Synopsys IC, SoC tool reduces design time, cost
The new coreAssembler from Synopsys can be used to implement an IP based flow that can reduce design time, risk and cost of advanced SoC platforms and ICs.
2005-04-12 SUSS' new tool replaces traditional optical lithography
SUSS MicroTec announced last week a next-generation lithography tool that will replace traditional optical lithography for the production of nano-scale devices
2006-10-02 Suite centralizes configuration management
Cisco Systems Inc. has bundled tools for access control, LAN management and configuration management into a suite called Pace
2006-12-01 STMicro launches USB-powered tool for ST7Lite MCUs
STMicroelectronics has launched a compact USB-powered tool based on its ST7FLITEUS MCU, pre-programmed with a real-world software application that's designed to demonstrate all the MCU's main features and peripherals
2010-05-10 Software tool eases timing solution customization
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has released the CyClockWizard 1.0 free software tool for selection and customization of the company's programmable timing solutions
2009-03-02 Software tool accelerates ECU efficiency
TTTech Automotive (Vienna) has announced a software tool to validate the consistency of Autosar components in electronic control units (ECUs). TTX-Autoverify increases the engineering efficiency during system integration, thus helping shorten time-to-market and costs
2002-08-14 Silicon Metrics tool designs, models I/O
Silicon Metrics Corp. has released a tool that helps characterize, model, and verify the electrical spec compliance of a design's I/O
2006-07-14 Production scheduling tool rolls for 300mm fabs
Ilog has unveiled the Fab PowerOps, touted to be the first software package to address production scheduling for front-end process areas within a 300mm semiconductor fabrication plant.
2008-09-02 Optimizing for energy using the Xenergy energy optimizator tool
This application note examines the use models for Xenergy. It also demonstrates how to use Xenergy as an effective tool
2006-08-21 Online tool eases evaluation of DDS chips
ADI has launched the ADIsimDDS online evaluation tool, which assists users in selecting, evaluating and troubleshooting direct digital synthesis (DDS) ICs
2006-07-25 NEC to enter EDA market with new C-based design tool
NEC began marketing its C-language design tools with an eye on cracking the EDA market.
2003-04-28 Metrowerks rolls tool chain for Motorola controller
Metrowerks announced the availability of the CodeWarrior Development Studio, Simulator Edition for Motorola's upcoming embedded controllers.
2006-01-11 Mentor tool aims to manage process variability on yield
Mentor Graphics announced the availability of the Calibre OPCverify tool, which aims to address the challenge of managing the impact of "process variability" on yield
2009-03-19 Mapping tool handles multicore comms topology
PolyCore Software Inc. has developed the Poly-Mapper multicore communications topology mapping tool
2003-05-29 Layout tool features automated full custom design
Silicon Canvas Inc. has released Laker 3.1, which the company claims to be the first connectivity-driven layout tool for full custom design
2003-03-14 Intercept spins entry level PCB tool
Intercept Technology is demonstrating a new entry-level configuration of its Pantheon Express PCB design tool.
2009-10-05 Identifying the most favored embedded tool
What is your favorite tool in the embedded world? Here's an interpretation of the Embedded Market Survey
2011-07-20 IC compiler configuration touted 20nm-ready
Synopsys has launched the IC Compiler-Advanced Geometry, a configuration of its IC Compiler physical design product which targets design support for double-patterning technology
2010-09-09 Free software tool fixes MCU pin conflicts
Energy Micro offers a free software tool designed to eliminate the usually time-consuming problem of debugging I/O pin conflicts. "EnergyAware Designer" insures correct pin configuration and automatically generates set-up code and documentation, while supporting the complete EFM32 Gecko low power MCU family.
2007-01-04 Free modeling tool implements UML 2.1 standard
Telelogic AB will introduce a free UML design environment. It provides a subset of the capabilities in Telelogic's commercial Tau and Rhapsody UML modeling tools.
2004-10-21 Forte upgrades timing diagram tool
The Chronology division of Forte Design Systems has released version 7.0 of its TimingDesigner interactive timing analysis and diagramming product.
2014-07-25 Exar delivers programmable power design tool
PowerArchitect can be used to set or modify a host of parameters when using any of Exar's growing range of Universal PMIC advanced programmable power management chips and modules.
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