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What is a connector?
A device that connects wires or fibres in cable to equipment or other wires or fibres.
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2003-10-21 Zuanbao RCA connectors rated to 50Vdc
Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics Co. Ltd's RCA connectors feature a withstanding voltage of 500Vac at 50Hz, and rated load of 50Vdc.
2003-11-03 Zuanbao A/V connectors withstand to 500Vac, 50Hz
The AV2-8.4-35 A/V connector from Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics Co. Ltd has a withstanding voltage of 500Vac at 50Hz and rated load of 50Vdc 0.2A.
2003-11-13 Zuanbao A/V connectors rated to 50Vdc, 0.2A
Zhejiang Zuanbao Electronics has announced the availability of its AV2-8.4-36 A/V connector that features a withstand voltage of 500Vac per minute.
2006-04-03 ZIF connectors increase reliability, decrease crosstalk
ITT Cannon's DLP series of Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connectors are said to provide greater contact reliability and reduced signal crosstalk.
2008-08-01 ZIF connectors boast secure lock, high reliability
AVX Corp. has the 6288 Series of secure lock zero insertion force (ZIF) connectors that provide enhanced robustness and dependability for applications that require high reliability.
2004-10-08 Youngfor D-sub connectors insulated to 3 gigaohms
Youngfor disclosed the availability of its new D-sub connectors that are made with UL 94V-0-rated Nylon 66 and PBT.
2005-02-07 Young Yak IDC connectors rated at 2A
Young Yak announced the general availability of its new series of IDC Connectors that features a pitch of 2.54mm and a rated current of 2A.
2004-07-20 Young Yak crimp connectors withstand 800Vac
Young Yak has announced the availability of its YY-1900-T crimp connectors with a pitch of 2.54mm and rating of 250V, 3A.
2004-09-22 Young Yak crimp connectors rated at 7A
Young Yak disclosed the availability of its YY-3950 series of crimp connectors and housing that can accommodate wires ranging from AWG18 to AWG22.
2004-07-28 Yeu Tsang mini DIN connectors withstand to 1kVac
Yeu Tsang's latest series of mini DIN connectors is available with three to eight pins and can withstand voltages of up to 1kVac.
2003-11-14 Year Round connectors feature 1.5mm amplitude
The STP-9 one-piece ST fiber-optic connector from Year Round Technology Corp. is available in single-mode and multimode, including high-bandwidth multimode.
2003-07-17 Xinya D-connectors offered in keystone-shaped shell
The 139 series of D-connectors from Ningbo Xinya Electron Co. Ltd has a keystone-shaped shell that assures proper polarization and standard contact terminations.
2003-03-04 Xinya D connectors operate to 1050C
The 142 series of right-angle type D connectors from Ningbo Xinya Electron Co. Ltd is rated at 5A and is designed to operate over the -550C to 1050C temperature range.
2003-09-17 Wujin Yumin releases A/V connectors for TV, CATV receivers
Wujin Yumin Electronics Co. Ltd has released its G-07 stereo and mono A/V connectors that are suitable for use in TV and CATV receivers. With a PCB through-hole mount style, the connectors are exported worldwide with a lead time of 30 days.
2008-05-05 Wire-to-board connectors enable secure mating
Molex Inc. has introduced a series of 2mm (.079-inch) pitch SMT wire-to-board connectors designed for applications that require secure electrical contact.
2003-01-22 Win Win 1394 connectors withstand 500Vac
The WIED series of IEEE 1394 connectors from Win Win Precision Ind. Co. Ltd has a minimum insulation resistance of 1 gigaohm.
2002-02-21 Wieland screw-style PCB connectors roll
Wieland Products Inc.'s screw-style 8192/8292 PCB connectors for compact wiring applications allow designers to build custom PCBs while accommodating board configuration requirements, the company said.
2004-03-09 Wave Tech FCCs have IDC connectors
The IDC DIN 41612 FCCs from Wave Tech have a single-row IDC socket and feature a current rating of 1A and contact resistance of 30 milliohms maximum.
2004-08-04 Wave Tech D-sub connectors feature 3A rating
Wave Tech released its dual-port, high-density D-sub connectors that feature a current rating of 3A and withstand voltages up to 1kVac.
2003-12-12 Wave Tech connectors have 500V dielectric voltage
Wave Tech Co. Ltd has released its CF series of SMT type compact Flash memory-card connectors that features a PBT glass-filled UL 94V-0 insulator material, zinc alloy shell, and phosphor bronze terminal.
2003-11-14 Wave Tech connectors features card ejector
Wave Tech Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its SD series of SecureDigital memory-card connectors that comes with a card ejector.
2005-02-24 Watertight connectors target high pressure, low leakage apps
Sabritec has developed water resistant connectors that can be successfully used in systems where moisture, humidity, water and dust are present.
2011-08-18 Waterproof connectors operate at -55CC125C
According to ITT, its corrosion resistant connectors that offer up to 2000 mating cycles are suitable for naval and underwater environments.
2003-09-15 Walta connectors designed for Korean cellphones
The A11-5501812 and D13-550-1801 18-pin telecom connector series from Walta Electronic Co. Ltd is designed to fit Korean cellphones.
2007-12-20 Wall-mount AC/DC adapters boast mini-USB connectors
A series of wall-mount AC/DC power adapters that use mini-USB connectors for their DC power output have been launched by Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson.
2001-05-30 Using page connectors
This application note describes page connectors and their functions.
2013-08-14 USB port power controllers for active connectors
The UCS100X Family of power controllers offers advanced USB-based charging capabilities for designing host devices, such as laptops, tablets, monitors, docking stations and printers.
2010-07-12 USB connectors handle upside, downside orientations
UltraTek has released the Flipper USB connector that can plug into computer ports in either orientation, upside or downside.
2007-10-01 USB 2.0 connectors suit automotive applications
FCI has announced the availability of two USB 2.0 connectors suitable for automotive applications.
2000-09-27 Update on connectivity: Cables & connectors (physical interface: past, present and 1394b future)
The heart of the multimedia bus is the physical connector and various 4-pin and 6-pin alternatives have been discussed now for years. This paper reviews the physical interconnect, now and with the new 1394b types of interface that are coming along as the speed and distance of 1394 increases.
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