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2008-08-15 IP cores boost functionality in consumer apps
MIPS Technologies has launched the industry's first 40nm USB PHY IP core and first USB-certified 1.8V 45nm USB PHY IP core that help developers to easily maximize USB's functionality into their improved SoCs for a wide range of consumer devices.
2007-08-02 Intel, SiRF to bring GPS to mobile devices
Intel and SiRF Technology have entered into a license and joint development agreement to bring GPS capability to mobile devices
2007-09-21 High-side power switches roll for consumer devices
Micrel Inc. has launched the MIC94070/1/2/3 series of high-side load switches, aimed at mass market consumer devices.
2007-01-16 Gyroscopes take MEMS to consumer devices
InvenSense announced volume production of low-cost integrated dual-axis gyroscopes that could give accelerometers a run for their money as the MEMs of choice in new consumer gadgets
2010-03-19 Geo-magnetic sensors: propelling disruptive consumer apps
The recent introduction of tiny, reliable and inexpensive MEMS gyroscopes and magnetometers, often integrated with MEMS accelerometers, makes enhanced motion tracking and more immersive user experience a reality in several consumer devices.
2013-03-26 Fujitsu uncloaks 1Mb, 2Mb FRAM devices
The MB85RS1MT and MB85RS2MT FRAMs target smart meters, industrial machinery and medical devices including high endurance, higher writing speed, larger density and low power consumption
2001-04-03 Flexible System Architectures Required For Integrating Bluetooth Into Consumer Devices
This paper identifies and discusses the architectural design challenges faced when integrating Bluetooth functionality into a cellular-handset application.
2006-09-25 Exar unveils UARTs for battery-operated consumer devices
Exar Corp. expanded its serial communications product portfolio with the release of a new family of high performance, low voltage UARTs.
2008-06-02 ESD devices evolve to meet trends
Key parameters to consider when looking to protect system circuitry from ESD strikes include clamping voltage, capacitance, dynamic resistance, contact discharge and packaging. But it's not enough to acknowledge these parameters; sometimes you have to look at them a little more closely.
2004-03-18 Equator WMV9 media processor plays to consumer
Equator Technologies has announced the availability of a media processor, priced at $19 that handles multiformat video coding in full D1 resolution.
2004-07-23 Elpida DRAM devices suit digital consumer apps
Elpida launched its latest offering in its line of 0.11?m, high-speed DRAM devices for use in digital consumer apps.
2010-12-03 DPO tech prolongs single-charge battery life in handheld devices
QuickLogic Corp. announced that its Display Power Optimizer Technology has been field-proven to reduce total system power consumption by up to 36 percent in handheld consumer devices such as smartphones and tablets.
2012-07-02 Digital compass enables thinner, tinier mobile devices
The new modules boast superior sensing precision with extended magnetic-scale range and minimized measurement noise.
2013-12-13 Differentiation in mobile devices defines new frontiers
Mobile operating systems have narrowed to a small handful of solutions that basically do the same thing, leading to the creation of novel wearable devices
2004-11-19 CSR Wi-Fi devices tailored for cellphones, MP3 players
CSR launched a range of true single-chip Wi-Fi devices that promises to deliver unparalleled size, power, performance and cost advantages to Wi-Fi product designers
2006-07-18 Cost-effective supercaps target portable consumer apps
Citing a breakthrough in the cost of supercapacitors, Cellergy said its small-footprint series as well as its low-profile series are a viable design option in portable consumer devices.
2011-08-01 Consumers prefer MEMS-enabled mobile devices
MEMS device activity analyst from Yole Dveloppement, Laurent Robin says, the developments in MEMS will drive accelerometers and magnetometers to be designed in to close to 50 percent of all mobile phones within five years.
2005-01-04 Consumers devices to continue invading the digital home
In the near future, all home consumer electronics will become digital and only the human interface will remain analog
2013-11-05 Consumer electronics to boost Bluetooth Smart IC market
Worldwide annual shipments of Bluetooth Smart ICs will surge to almost 300 million units in 2018, up from just over 30 million projected at the close of 2013, stated IHS.
2007-03-12 Consumer apps to drive MEMS
The future of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) will be consumer-driven, according to a Gartner Inc. analyst
2005-02-16 Comms, consumer electronics lead tech trends
Mainland manufacturers eye on developing new products and solutions targeting communications and consumer devices.
2007-01-15 Choose the right OS for your consumer devices
The explosive growth of the CE market has led to a proliferation of hardware platforms, operating systems and development tools. In response, the consumer products industry is embracing the concept of DSO which involves optimization of technologies and processes on an enterprise basis rather than project by project
2005-09-09 Chargers pack consumer extras
Semtech's SC805 and SC806 battery charger ICs tout comprehensive charge-profile functionality in a super small package for consumer electronics applications including personal media devices and mobile phones.
2004-03-17 Changjiang tests consumer chips using Credence tool
Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology Co. Ltd has purchased a multiple ASL 1000 test systems from Credence Systems Corp. Changjiang Electronics, a test and assembly subcontractor in China, will use the systems for high volume production test of mixed-signal ICs for consumer devices.
2004-05-11 California Micro Devices pushes lead-free products
California Micro Devices is offering lead-free packaging options for its products starting with its ESD protection arrays
2013-08-29 Broadcom unveils WICED portfolio for wearable devices
WiFi Direct has been integrated into Broadcom's WICED platform to enable OEMs to develop wearable products that communicate to the cloud via smart mobile devices
2012-11-19 Bosch miniaturizes MEMS altimeters for consumer tech
Known for its high-precision automotive MEMS, Bosch Sensortec has shrunk its MEMS portfolio to cater to consumer devices.
2005-01-31 Asustek adopts MIPS architecture for portable devices
MIPS Technologies Inc. announced Thursday (Jan. 27) that Asustek Computer has licensed the MIPS32 4KEc and 4KEp cores as well as its consumer audio platform and software tool kits
2003-10-17 ARM cores, platform lower power for consumer devices
ARM Inc. has announced the availability of two additional ARM11 family microprocessors, the ARM1176JZ-S core and the ARM1176JZF-S.
2005-02-01 Architecture options for convergent devices
Choose the right architecture that would help leverage multiprotocol flexibility in future handheld convergent devices
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