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2003-08-15 LG latest projector powered by Genesis processor
LG Electronics has selected Genesis Microchip's FLI2310 digital video processor to be integrated into its new RL-JA20 LCD home theater projector
2005-01-19 LG Electronics mobile phone utilizes Tensilica processor
LG Electronics has used Tensilica Inc.'s Xtensa configurable processor core to deliver their first mobile phone capable of receiving digital broadcast signals
2004-02-05 LG deploys Mindspeed processor in CDMA2000 system
LG Electronics Ltd has chosen Mindspeed Technologies' Miro communications convergence processor for use in its Starex-IS CDMA2000 wireless basestation controller
2002-09-05 Lexra MIPS32 processor reduces idle time
The LX4580 500MHz MIP32 processor from Lexra Inc. implements proprietary Hardware Multi-Threading technology to minimize idle time due to cache misses
2002-11-15 Legend selects Genesis processor for computer series
Legend Computer Systems Ltd has integrated Genesis Microchip Inc.'s gmZAN2 display image processor into a 15-inch, flat-panel XGA LCD Monitor for shipment with their Kaitian 6800 Commercial Computer series
2004-03-10 LeapFrog licenses ARC processor core
LeapFrog Enterprises Inc. has licensed ARC Int.'s ARCtangent A5.1 processor core for its Leapster multimedia learning system
2004-11-30 LanOptics raises $14.3M to support net processor subsidiary
Israeli network processor group LanOptics Ltd has raised $14.3 million through a placing of 1.37 million shares and will use the extra funds to expand its EZchip subsidiary as well as for other unstated corporate purposes
2011-02-17 Kontron packet processor blade offers future proofing
Kontron AG's AT8242 40GbE ATCA packet processor blade touts two OCTEON II cnMIPS64 multicore processors from Cavium Networks to manage complex networking functions
2004-01-08 Konka CRT TVs to feature Trident video processor
Shenzhen Konka Group has selected Trident Tech's DPTV3D video processor family to power its series of multi-scan PAL/NTSC pure-flat digital CRT TV receivers
2003-11-05 Kawasaki Micro adopts ARC processor technology
Kawasaki Microelectronics Inc., a provider of ASIC semiconductor technology solutions, has licensed a full suite of ARC Int.'s hardware and software technology to expand its ASIC intellectual property portfolio for consumer electronics products.
2003-07-18 JVC selects LSI processor for recorder design
JVC has selected LSI Logic's DiMeNsion (DMN-8600) DVD system recorder processor for its latest dual-format DVD-RAM and DVD-RW recorder
2003-10-08 JVC D-VHS VCR to feature LSI Logic processor
Victor Co. of Japan Ltd (JVC) has selected LSI Logic Corp.'s DoMiNo processing technology for its high-definition D-VHS D-Theater Digital HD VCR.
2003-11-20 JMC CPU coolers suit Intel processor
JMC Products has launched a new line of low-cost Tiger CPU coolers that are compatible with the Intel Pentium 4 processor
2002-06-07 iS3 designs video processor on Avant! Astro
Integrated Semiconductor Supply Solutions Ltd has successfully taped out a 0.135m 125MHz video processor SoC, with 1-million-gate standard cells over a MGb of memory and analog macrocells, using Avant!'s Astro physical design solution
2013-08-28 Is a single-chip SoC processor what you need
Find out when, where and why embedded developers should consider a single-chip SoC processor as alternative to a general-purpose microcontroller
2003-06-27 IRIS processor develops cost effective communications platforms
Iris Technologies has released an addition to its NPU family of protocol-independent, scalable processors that is targeted towards developing cost effective DSP-based communications platforms that have multiple applications.
2008-04-01 IPTV calls for content-aware network edge devices
IPTV is very different from traditional cable/satellite TV services and will place significant new demands on telecom network infrastructure. Here's a look at how IPTV presents new packet processing demands at the edge.
2004-03-24 IPFlex, Fujitsu roll out DAP/DNAR-2 processor
IPFlex and Fujitsu have developed the DAP/DNAR-2 processor, which has the ability to dynamically reconfigure its internal circuitry
2002-10-14 Intel: Forerunner of PC processor market
As Intel continues to raise its clock speeds and further reduce prices, the company is seen to maintain its lead in the desktop PC processor market
2005-06-03 Intel, Yoshimoto Kogyo to accelerate digital content distribution
Intel K.K. and Yoshimoto Kogyo Co. Ltd will collaborate to promote the wider utilization of digital home content
2005-09-29 Intel's latest Xeon processor
Intel recently announced the availability of its last planned single-core Intel Xeon processor with 2MB of L2 cache running at 3.80GHz
2004-10-05 Intel's latest processor eyes larger-sized notebook PCs
Intel introduced the Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processor 548 supporting Hyper-Threading Technology for the portability market segment
2005-10-14 Intel's hyper-threaded Xeon processor for dual processor servers
Intel Corp. announced early this week its first dual-core, hyper-threaded Intel Xeon processor for dual processor servers. According to the press release, this new processor helps to improve the performance of today's dual processor, 64-bit servers by up to 50 percent. It runs at 2.80GHz with an 800MHz system bus and 2MB of Level 2 cache per core and will use the Intel E7520 chipset. Since each core is equipped with its own cache, explained the company, the amount of traffic on the system bus is reduced and each core has faster access to data
2002-03-01 Intel XScale-based processor targets wireless devices
The PXA250 and PXA210 application processors are designed based on Intel's XScale technology, and are targeted for use in wireless portable devices such as cellphones, PDAs, and telematics systems.
2003-02-14 Intel unveils Internet-on-a-chip processor
Intel Corp.'s "Internet-on-a-chip" device features the integration trifecta of an Xscale processor, DSP, and Flash memory
2005-10-12 Intel unveils dual-core Xeon processor
Intel on Monday officially took the wraps off the long-awaited dual-core version of its Xeon server processor
2004-10-25 Intel taps 90nm process for integrated network processor
Intel is leveraging its 90nm process technology to roll out what one analyst said is the first integrated control and data plane processor
2003-02-28 Intel ships network processor for SOHO, SME markets
The company has announced the availability of a line of network processors targeting the wired and wireless requirements of SOHO and SME environments.
2002-11-19 Intel selects Systemax as OEM partner for latest processor
Systemax Inc. has been selected as one of the OEM partners for the launch of the latest Intel 3.06GHz Pentium 4 Processor with HyperThreading Technology
2002-11-06 Intel rolls Xeon processor for high-end server
The Xeon processor MP features up to 2MB integrated Level 3 cache at speeds of up to 2GHz
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