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2011-11-30 Weak PC demand drags DRAM price
The ASP of DDR3 4GB dropped by 7.9 percent to $17.5, while DDR3 2GB fell below $10 to $9.5, a 7.3 percent decline.
2012-04-24 Weak demand pulls NAND flash contract price
Demand momentum for the memory device was weak since the start of the slow season, with contact price falling by 4-8 percent, noted DRAMeXchange
2007-07-26 Uptrend in DRAM contract prices seen until Q4
DRAMeXchange predicts that DRAM contract prices will continue on an uptrend until Q4, due particularly to the peak PC shipment season in October to November
2012-10-05 Tight supply ups NAND flash contract price
DRAMeXchange revealed that due to tightening supply and Q4 restocking demand for smartphones and tablets, 2HSep. mainstream NAND flash contract prices have increased by about 7.5-11 per cent
2012-12-21 Spot market affects rise in 1HDec DRAM contract price
DRAMeXchange revealed that although 2HNov DRAM contract prices took a slight 3.17 per cent dip, 1HDec module prices have gone on an uptrend thanks to stimulation from the spot prices
2012-01-16 Rising utilization rate ups polysilicon price
Solar makers have sold polysilicon products at about $28-30/kg for priority clients and $30-40/kg for others.
2011-10-20 Restocking demand evens out NAND flash price
Orders from smartphone and ultrabook makers and preparation for the holidays have eased the memory's price decline
2006-01-09 Price hikes expected for polysilicon
Prices for polysilicon are expected to see further increases this year and next amid ongoing shortages for the materials, warned an analyst.
2011-10-03 Polysilicon price spirals downward
Even European and U.S. makers are giving in to the price decline with lowest quotes pegged at $40/kg
2013-03-21 NAND flash supply control boosts 1H'Mar contract price
TrendForce revealed that NAND flash, as well as low density MLC and TLC product contract prices have each gone up by more than 10 per cent in the first half of March
2008-07-09 NAND flash price to stabilize after August
DRAMeXchange indicates that average NAND flash contract price of 2H June dropped at the range between 5-25 percent due to quarter-end factor.
2011-07-07 NAND flash price negotiation continues
According to DRAMeXchange, the contract price of NAND flash has not yet been determined despite the number of negotiations between suppliers and memory card customers.
2011-06-09 NAND Flash price drops up to 16
DRAMeXchange report says common quarter-end phenomenon caused an 8 to 16 percent drop in the average price of many mainstream NAND Flash during the second half of May this year
2012-01-06 NAND flash market starts year with price plight
2HDec mainstream NAND flash MLC contract price fell by 3-8 percent compared to 1HDec last year.
2011-09-21 NAND flash contract price stabilizes
Due to inventory replenishment for 4Q11's new products, the price decline in memory devices has finally eased off
2012-11-05 NAND flash contract price grows 7-12% in 2HOct
According to TrendForce, tight supply and replenishment momentum persisted in 2HOct, which might even push the increase in NAND flash contract price until November.
2012-07-04 NAND Flash contract price falls to 3-5% in 2HJun.
European crisis continues to affect NAND Flash markets, making buyers more conservative with their inventory build-up.
2012-06-26 NAND flash contract price falls in 1HJun
A recent market study by DRAMeXchange reveals a decrease in market demand for UFDs and NAND flash products.
2013-05-23 Mobile memory contract price decline eases amid tight supply
In Q2, the drop in mobile DRAM contract prices has eased, and price-competitive mainstream products such as LPDDR2 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb underwent price drops of less than 10 per cent QoQ.
2005-07-12 Memory chip contract prices rebound this month
Contract prices for memory products, such as DDR, DDR2, SDRAM and NAND flash, have rebounded this month as revealed by manufacturers and suppliers
2012-09-11 Falling PC OEM demand saps DRAM contract price
Because of the weak global economy, overall PC shipment rate has been adjusted to -2.5 percent, with falling PC demand leading DRAM inventory levels to reach to 8-12 weeks.
2007-06-26 Elpida sees promising 2H, halts DRAM price war
Elpida Memory said it has stopped an aggressive price war that hurt DRAM sales early in the year
2012-04-02 Elpida quandary boosts DRAM contract price
DRAM contract price continued to grow in 2HMar with average 4GB DDR3 module price increasing by 2.7 percent, arriving at $19, while average 2GB price hit $10, a 2.6 percent increase.
2012-08-27 Drop in DRAM contract price worsens
Average 4GB module price fell about $18.75, a five percent decrease compared to 2HJul., while the lowest price at $18.50 DRAM contract price sees an eight percent monthly decline for August.
2011-11-01 DRAM price stays flat in October
Thailand floods that have shut down plants, causing disruption of HDD supply chain.
2013-05-16 DRAM price rises in traditionally weak Q1
DRAMeXchange revealed that contract price for mainstream DDR3 4GB modules has increased from $17.25 at the beginning of Q1 to $23.5 at the end of March, a 36.2 per cent increase.
2011-01-05 DRAM price drops to continue in H1 2011
iSuppli forecasts that DRAM and DRAM module prices will continue to go down in the first half of this year.
2006-09-14 DRAM price correction ahead, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange foresees risk for price correction in near term as the spot prices have been rocketed before
2011-12-15 DRAM price continues downward spiral
The average DDR3 4GB price fell to $16.5, a decrease of about six percent, while average DDR3 2GB price reached $9.25, a nearly three percent decrease
2006-01-05 DRAM makers to raise contract prices
Amid shortages for select products in the market, DRAM makers are attempting to raise their contract prices by 3 to 5 percent in the first half of January, according to DRAMeXchange
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