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2006-10-13 DRAM contract prices to weaken in 2H Oct, says DRAMeXchange
Following the 2-4.5 percent sequential price up for overall DRAM contract price in 1HOct, DRAMeXchange believes the price growth magnitude should be weakened in 2HOct.
2005-12-26 DRAM contract prices to stay flat, says DRAMeXchange
DRAM contract prices will stay flat in the second half of December but chipmakers are joyful about potential rebound, says DRAMeXchange
2006-01-25 DRAM contract prices to maintain stable price up trend
DRAM contract prices stick to its stable price up trend in the second half of January with DDR2 512Mb 32x8 400 prices up by 3.5 percent at $4.09, according to DRAMeXchange.
2006-09-21 DRAM contract price to sustain growth through Oct, says DRAMeXchange
While the upward trend for DDR2 slows down at the spot market, the upward strength at contract market is likely to persist through Oct, said DRAMeXchange
2006-04-10 DRAM contract price falls limited in 1H April, says DRAMeXchange
Based on the ongoing price negotiation trend on 1H April DRAM contract prices, DRAMeXchange believes DDR2 512MB module should stay flat or drop by a slight 2-3 percent.
2011-08-17 DRAM contract price drops for 1HAug
Contract price for DDR 2Gb and 4Gb decreased 15.52 percent and 16.07 percent, to $12.25 and $23.5, respectively, says DRAMeXchange.
2012-10-20 Demand surge lifts NAND flash contract price
TrendForce revealed that OEM orders from smartphone, tablet and ultrabook clients will be concentrated at around September to early November, resulting in increased demand.
2011-09-30 DDR3 2Gb contract price stabilizes
The contract price of DDR3 4Gb slid by 4.88 percent, which is due to DRAM makers' actively pushing the device into mainstream specifications.
2012-10-02 Contract price decline for 4GB module worsens, says report
Average transaction price of the module fell from $17.25 to $16.25, with a low of $16, close to the lowest price reached in 2H11, stated TrendForce
2013-02-07 4GB DRAM module price climbed 11% in Jan
As top-tier DRAM makers continue to reduce shipments of commodity DRAM, price has become a secondary consideration for PC OEMs as their top priority is to secure their supply source, according to DRAMeXchange
2013-02-15 PV spot market price expected to rise again
The spot market in December of 2012 accounted for 20 per cent of total polysilicon sales, down dramatically from its peak of 47 per cent in May, according to IHS.
2013-12-04 PV makers rethink contract trading due to supply shortage
As a result of increased demand for high-efficiency products in 4Q13, contract trading, which has disappeared for a long time, may return to the wafer market, stated EnergyTrend
2006-11-09 Price steadies after rebound for DDR2 eTT, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange found evident rebound for DDR2 eTT (UTT) by 6.9 percent from Nov 3, stabilizing the price for the contract market.
2009-11-16 Price pressure puts German PV market in red
Price pressure caused by overcapacities in the worldwide solar panel business is exerting pressure on the solar panel value chain
2005-05-05 NOR flash memory market to contract 7 percent in 2005
The recovery of the NOR flash memory market from the current period of declining revenues will see the market achieve record-breaking revenues approaching $11 billion in 2006, according to Semico Research Corp.
2012-11-08 Many OEMs to cut volume of contract services, says analyst
Citing increased pressure to maintain profitability and streamline operations, 51 per cent of OEMs said they would reduce their outsourced manufacturing services providers.
2008-11-18 iSuppli: Polysicon price to slide starting next year
iSuppli forecasts that the pricing for polysilicon used to create PV cells is expected to drop in 2009 and the following years due to fundamental imbalances in the solar supply chain.
2013-02-07 IC industry to contract in 2013
Market watcher Handel Jones sees a small contraction in chips in 2013 as foundries grow while long term perspective looking solid.
2009-03-27 High hopes dim for Russia contract manufacturing
Seen as a promising emerging market with massive growth potential, Russia is now facing a cessation of new investment, along with shutdowns in existing facilities, delays in new ones and questions about the widespread use of counterfeit products, according to iSuppli Corp.
2012-10-10 Evolution necessary for contract manufacturers, says analyst
OEM outsourcing decisions are yet to experience the implications of the continued evolution of product design and manufacturing.
2006-10-05 DRAM spot prices wobble at high level; contract prices sustain gain
DRAM demand recessed amid inventory pressure since industry players are aware of their inventory level during month ends and the anticipated demand swell during this week's long holiday at China, is not as strong as expected.
2007-07-05 DRAM spot prices down, contract prices up
There's good and bad news in DRAMs: Spot prices are down, but contract prices are up
2002-03-04 DRAM contract, spot prices show steady rise
Spot prices for DRAMs have risen rapidly since Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Hynix Semiconductor Inc. increased DRAM contract prices
2006-05-11 DDR contract prices lift 3-5% in 1H May
Contract prices of DDR were lifted by a slight 3-5 percent while DDR2 prices were quoted flat in the first of the month, disclosed DRAMeXchange
2011-03-18 Component shortages, price spikes to follow quake
The March 11 Japan earthquake is expected to cause shortages of and price hikes for electronic components such as NAND flash memory, DRAM, MCUs, standard logic, LCD panels and LCD parts and materials
2009-09-23 Canon litho dreams hit price roadblock
The end could be near for Canon Inc.'s lithography efforts, as the company is reportedly mulling plans to cease future, high-end scanner development, according to sources.
2013-02-06 Analyst: 2HJan NAND flash contract prices to flatten
While NAND flash prices have been stabilising since 3Q12, NAND flash makers are continuing to have reservations about the 2013 market where bit growth is predicted to be about 40-45 per cent.
2011-03-15 DRAM shortage, price spike predicted
Analyst says DRAM prices set for increase as manufacturers shift production to voracious mobile DRAM market.
2001-06-01 DRAM inventories begin to fall, but price recovery is still uncertain
There is evidence that DRAM supply is starting to ease somewhat; but it is still too early to call it a turnaround.
2012-09-17 Unified production cuts can ease DRAM industry's oversupply
According to DRAMeXchange, if Samsung, Micron and SK Hynix do not form a unified effort in cutting production or using the right product mix, the oversupply situation will likely extend until 2013.
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