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2008-01-29 No truth to IBM-AMD merger rumor, says source
Widespread talk of an IBM-AMD merger, credited for giving AMD's share price an upward kick of nearly 11 percent for a few hours Wednesday last week, is nothing but speculation run amok, according to a source close to AMD
2007-03-07 NAND spot pricing on the rise, says analyst
Spot prices for NAND flash memory chips have begun to trend upward against contract pricing for the first time since January, according to an analyst with Pacific Growth Equities LLC
2004-04-28 MoSys files suit to force Synopsys merger
As expected, Monolithic Systems Technology Inc. (MoSys) is seeking a shotgun wedding, having filed a breach of contract lawsuit Friday (April 23, 2004) against Synopsys Inc. for that company's last-minute termination of its acquisition of MoSys a week before
2005-08-19 MediaTek guns for BenQ's handset-use chips
MediaTek is negotiating for orders of handset-use chips from Taiwan-based handset vendor BenQ Corp., according to market sources. The two companies reportedly have yet to sign a contract pending price negotiations.
2012-11-02 Industry to gradually gain from DRAM prod'n cuts
DRAMeXchange said that along with the -5 per cent YoY shipment growth for PCs, October contract prices have dropped below $16, and are continuing to approach the $15 mark
2004-06-11 Flextronics takes controlling stake in Hughes Software Systems
Contract manufacturing powerhouse Flextronics has extended its reach into telecom software products and services by acquiring a controlling 55 percent stake in Hughes Software Systems (HSS) for $226 million from Hughes Network Systems Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of DIRECTV
2013-06-21 DRAM woes coming to an end, Micron reaps rewards
DRAMeXchange said the spot market price of DDR3 2Gb has a good chance of approaching $2 in the upcoming periods, which is positively reflected in the profits registered by Micron
2005-12-29 DRAM index up, says DRAMeXchange
DRAMeXchange's DXI index jumped 1.13 percent to 2,695 points last weeka trend that signifies a possible price rebound for DRAM makers in the marketplace
2009-03-27 China Sunergy inks 35MW PV agreement
China Sunergy Co. Ltd has entered into a 35MW solar photovoltaic (PV) products framework agreement and a 5MW solar PV products sales contract under the 35MW solar photovoltaic products framework agreement with Global Service LTM. L.L.C. (GSL) in Taiwan
2010-04-30 China stays cool amid looming NAND flash shortage
Proven coping measures implemented in the past are keeping suppliers upbeat. These include shorter price validity periods and extended lead times
2008-02-29 Canon, Hitachi draw up LCD biz deal
Hitachi and Canon have completed a formal contract related to a comprehensive LCD panel business alliance
2009-08-04 Analysis: GlobalFoundries needs more customers
Scoring the outsourcing contract with STMicroelectronics is a first success for GlobalFoundries but it might not be enough to make it competitive in its new business segment
2006-10-03 Gen2 Nano ditches scratch-prone shell for aluminum
By modifying case design to improve surface finish durability, selectively changing up component suppliers, and riding rapid NAND flash price declines, Apple hopes its Gen2 Nano will be an even more-profitable hit
2012-08-03 Solar market stays bleak amid anti-dumping cases
Solar demand for August suffered as prices and orders declined, while midstream and downstream solar firms remained conservative on procurement with spot prices continuing to plummet.
2007-04-26 Report: DRAM prices may soon hit bottom
The second half may represent the bottom of the current extremely low DRAM pricing levels, reports DRAMeXchange.
2011-06-21 PV spot prices drops
The latest survey conducted by EnergyTrend shows that PV spot prices have reached new low at the Intersolar Europe, but the PV manufacturers take a positive attitude toward the market trend of 2H11.
2012-05-09 Polysilicon industry faces polarization, small firms struggle to compete
TrendForce believes that the polysilicon industry will grow more competitive by the day and will eventually be a test for players on who will survive the cut-throat market.
2012-07-19 NAND flash prices stabilize, expected to wane in Q3 2012
Due to the demand for smartphones, tablet PCs, and ultrabooks, suppliers are increasing the output ratio of MLC products and reducing that of TLCs.
2011-06-01 Memory chip makers cash in on higher PC demand
The Bedford Report has observed a surge in memory chip sales with the rapid increase in mobile demand. This trend will continue, especially with rising optimism that theDRAM market is turning around.
2007-05-24 Hope floats as DRAM adjusts to low demand
DRAM manufacturers have slowly adapted to the oversupply and drop in DRAM spot prices to help alleviate the demand and supply imbalance, DRAMeXchange said.
2012-08-13 Global mobile DRAM revenue grows 12%
According to DRAMeXchange, the popularity of smartphones and tablets has stimulated mobile DRAM demand growth in Q2, with Koreans taking 77.5 percent of the global market.
2012-08-21 Falling cell prices, utilization rate push makers to terminate contracts
According to EnergyTrend, recently cell makers' utilization rates ranged between 50 percent and 70 percent, with some stronger companies' utilization rates reaching 70-80 percent.
2006-01-20 DRAMeXchange: DXI index continues upward trend
DXI index continues trending upward by a slight 25 points to 2,925 last week, which signifies the positive impact of tight DDR2 to demand, according to DRAMeXchange.
2011-06-16 DRAMeXchange heralds arrival of post-PC era
DRAMeXchange has heralded the 'official' end of the PC era, as signaled by the continuously dwindling consumer demand for PCs.
2007-02-06 DRAM sales up 16.2% in Q4
Sales revenue of global DRAM makers in Q4 grew 16.2 percent q-o-q, according to market research firm DRAMeXchange.
2007-07-20 Apple flash demand triggers shortage fears
Production glitches in the migration to more advanced NAND flash manufacturing processes have led to a lower-than-expected output, according to a report from DRAMeXchange.
2012-03-26 Analyst draws possible scenarios for post-Elpida era
Elpida's future remains a focus of the DRAM industry. The Japanese government's stance will have key influence in the matter and Elpida is looking for any viable solution that would enable its survivial.
2005-06-14 You can do better, survey tells EDA
More than 1,000 EDA tool users are handing their vendors a report card at the Design Automation Conference here this week, and the grades can best be described as incomplete.
2008-06-30 Yingli Green Energy gets four contracts in Germany
Yingli Green Energy Holding Co. Ltd has entered four new sales contracts with two German PV playerstwo contracts with Conergy AG and two contracts with GeckoLogic GmbH.
2006-03-24 XP Power opens Shanghai office
XP Power, a supplier of power supply solutions to the electronics industry, announced that it has opened an office in Shanghai, China.
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