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2006-03-03 XPhase control ICs achieve 3% higher efficiency
IR's new XPhase control ICs are designed to be used with its existing IR3086A phase IC and companion DirectFET power MOSFETs to achieve as much as three percent higher efficiency in 130A apps with seven phases, compared to competing five-phase designs.
2013-07-24 Using resonant power supply control IC with PFC
Read about the SSL4120 functions used in the typical application.
2005-08-05 Supertex LED driver IC delivers 30mA regulated output current
The new 3-pin switch-mode LED driver IC with a regulated output current of 30mA from Supertex can be operated from either a rectified universal AC line range of 85Vac to 264Vac or 20Vdc to 400Vdc
2002-02-11 SmartASIC launches four-in-one control IC for LCDs
SmartASIC Technology's SD2000T LCD control IC integrates a scalar chip, ADC, output PLL and timing controller, effectively reducing the cost and size of LCD control panels.
2006-06-02 Sensorless control platform target washing machines
IR's sensorless control platform for direct-drive PMSM washing machines save up to 70 percent in energy use
2006-08-30 Quantum unrolls 'breakthrough' touch sensor IC
Quantum Research Group has released the QT1106, a complete control IC that combines the functionality of a touch slider or wheel with seven additional keys.
2004-12-22 PWM controller IC offers 'highest performance-to-price ratio
Intersil announced a two-phase PWM controller IC that provides a precision voltage regulation system for advanced microprocessors
2005-12-14 PWM control IC with integrated drivers
International Rectifier introduced a three-phase PWM control IC with integrated drivers for DC/DC converters. This device enables up to 40 percent circuit size reduction when used with IR DirectFET MOSFETs.
2004-10-26 PWM control IC incorporates MOSFET drivers
Intersil developed a three-phase PWM control IC, with integrated MOSFET drivers, that provides a precision voltage regulation system.
2010-03-03 Protection IC packs power management bus support
National Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a system monitoring, protection and control IC with on-chip power management bus (PMBus) support.
2010-06-08 Practical layout for current sensing circuit of IRMCF300 series IC
This application note provides practical tips on PCB layout and how to set configuration registers when using the IRMCF300 series of sensorless motor control ICs
2007-07-03 Power supply IC saves space in car navigation systems
Renesas Technology Corp. launches the R2S25402FT single-chip power supply control IC for car navigation systems that promises to cut board space by up to 20 percent.
2004-04-19 PMD rolls out control IC for brushless motors
Performance Motion Devices has released the first member of its new line of motor control ICs
2012-09-19 PMBus protection IC provides accurate power monitoring
TI's latest control IC reduces data center operating expenses and increases power and thermal system intelligence while interfacing with Intel's Node Manager 2.0.
2007-01-03 PFC control IC implements interleaved operation
Renesas Technology America has announced a critical-mode PFC control IC for AC/DC power supplies, said to be the first device of its type to implement interleaved operation.
2008-04-17 PFC control IC delivers high power conversion efficiency
From Renesas Technology comes the R2A20116 critical-conduction-mode interleaving PFC control IC, with improved high power conversion efficiency in all load areas.
2004-08-20 Oki accelerometer integrates sensor, control features
Touted to be the world's thinnest ultra small accelerometer module, the new sensor from Oki Electric detects acceleration, inclination and vibration on a tri-axis.
2002-02-18 NPM offers four-axis control chip
Nippon Pulse Motor has released the PCD-4541 four-axis control chip for two-phase unipolar or bipolar stepper motors
2003-06-25 NJR volume control features input selector
New Japan Radio Co. Ltd has started sample shipments of its NJW1153 six-channel electronic volume control IC suitable for multi-channel audio systems.
2005-04-22 NJR unveils new control IC
The NJW4120 from New Japan Radio is a 1-cell and 2-cell Li-ion battery charge control IC with a built-in ac-dc secondary side control feature.
2005-07-12 NJR rolls new motor control IC
New Japan Radio's NJM2627 device is a 3-phase DC brushless motor control pre-driver IC with an operating voltage between 4.5V and 18V.
2004-08-24 NJR control IC can directly drive external MOSFETs
The latest high speed, low voltage operation switching regulator control IC from NJR features a totem pole driver that can directly drive an external MOSFET.
2005-06-22 NIS6111 BERS_ IC (better efficiency rectifier system) switching application note
This app note details NIS6111 BERS that consists of an integrated control IC and a low RDS (on) power MOSFET to replace the Schottky diode using hybrid technology.
2002-09-10 National temperature sensor integrates fan control
The LM63 temperature sensor from National Semiconductor Corp. integrates fan control programming, enabling the IC to be used in desktop PCs, laptops, workstations, and servers.
2006-02-03 Motor driver IC takes a turn down brushless avenue
Apex Microtechnology has released a motor driver IC for dc brushless motors that's said to be both powerful and versatile
2006-12-18 Motion control IC features advanced stall-detection
The Magellan 55110 from Performance Motion Devices is a single-axis motion control processor IC with advanced stall detection features.
2011-12-08 Li-ion IC supports USB charging
Renesas' compact lithium-ion battery-charging control IC offers further miniaturization and safe charging control for portable equipment.
2005-10-26 Li-ion battery charging control IC cuts external component count
Featuring a power MOSFET and recharging timer, the new Li-ion battery charging control IC from Mitsumi Electric is designed to reduce external component count.
2009-02-06 Keeping the control ramp right
If the ramp driving your PWM-based controller isn't linear or monotonic, or just plain noisy, your DC/DC converter isn't going to work up to its capabilities. Here's what you need to know to get the best performance from your system.
2002-09-11 IR switch IC combines controller, MOSFET
The IRIS4009 integrated switcher IC from International Rectifier combines a control IC and a HEXFET power MOSFET in a single five-pin package for ac/dc open-frame power supplies up to 30W.
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