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2004-06-02 Zetex pre-driver IC provides variable speed control
Zetex unveiled a pre-driver IC that provides flexible variable speed control of single-phase brushless dc fans and blowers
2005-05-02 Voltage-mode control curbs power issues
Learn practical recommendations for designing voltage-mode control synchronous buck converter based on technology advancement
2010-06-23 Using the MCP4728 12bit DAC for LDMOS amplifier bias control applications
The DAC is favourably used in the bias control circuit for the base station power amplifier module. In practical applications, the bias control circuit maintains the IDQ within a 4 percent range. This application note shows an example of how the DAC converter is used for this purpose.
2002-11-13 RFMD power amplifier module integrates control circuit
RFMD's RF3140 quad-band PA module integrates a power control circuit, eliminating the need for external directional couplers.
2013-05-30 RF control circuit optimises Airfast Doherty amplifiers
The new MMDS20254H advanced Doherty alignment module (ADAM) enables more accurate alignment of phase and amplitude on the carrier and peaking paths of high-power Doherty amplifiers.
2009-02-18 Rev up efficiency of motor-control based designs
There is pressure on designers to cut the cost of motor installation. Understanding the requirements can help illustrate what features designers need to focus on to get the best performance for the smallest investment in silicon.
2007-01-03 PFC control IC implements interleaved operation
Renesas Technology America has announced a critical-mode PFC control IC for AC/DC power supplies, said to be the first device of its type to implement interleaved operation
2007-06-01 PFC control circuit rolls for 75-800W apps
Texas Instruments Inc. introduces what it claims as the industry's first single-chip, interleaved, transition-mode PFC control circuit that helps lower power system cost and save energy in consumer applications
2009-05-27 Optically isolated phase controlling circuit solution
This application note presents a power triac phase control circuit and contrasts it with the traditional zero-crossing circuit. The example circuit isolates the low level control circuitry from the AC line.
2004-08-20 Oki accelerometer integrates sensor, control features
Touted to be the world's thinnest ultra small accelerometer module, the new sensor from Oki Electric detects acceleration, inclination and vibration on a tri-axis.
2005-04-22 NJR unveils new control IC
The NJW4120 from New Japan Radio is a 1-cell and 2-cell Li-ion battery charge control IC with a built-in ac-dc secondary side control feature
2007-07-03 LED driver enables real-time automatic luminance control
Seiko Epson Corp. has developed the S1F87110, a new automatic luminance controller IC that allows automatic control of backlight luminance in real time
2009-02-06 Keeping the control ramp right
If the ramp driving your PWM-based controller isn't linear or monotonic, or just plain noisy, your DC/DC converter isn't going to work up to its capabilities. Here's what you need to know to get the best performance from your system.
2014-09-08 IPI outs single phase 50/60Hz step/control transformers
The devices feature a flexible, scalable design that supports a range of cost-effective applications requiring superior electrical performance, high reliability, long-life and a low lifecycle cost.
2004-02-16 Designing a high-voltage generator circuit for HDTV
Designers can develop specific HV stage independently according to different application criteria and employ feedback control circuit to ensure that the display system maintain a highly stable HV in the anode of the CRT.
2007-09-04 Control power and cost for multiple LEDs
TI's Brant Johnson discusses a power-efficient and cost-effective method for controlling multiple LEDs.
2010-06-01 Closed-loop control circuit implementation of the ADuC832 MicroConverter IC and the AD8305 logarithmic converter in a digital variable optical attenuator
This application note focuses on the control circuitry, using the ADuC832 MicroConverter IC and the AD8305 logarithmic converter, for a MEMS-based, silicon, optical wave-guide, digitally controlled variable optical attenuator (DVOA
2007-11-08 Class D speaker amp has dual-mode volume control
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9768 highly efficient, 10W, mono, single-supply, Class D speaker amplifier with versatile, analog/digital volume control
2007-08-14 Clamp circuit to tame automotive voltage transients
Here's a circuit that clamps input voltage to a desired maximum voltage, while still retaining a large current-delivering capability and minimizing losses during non-transient operation
2012-09-19 Choosing the right capacitors to ensure long-term control-circuit stability
Know how tantalum and niobium-oxide technologies meet industry needs for rugged capacitors that maintain high-performance standards even under stress.
2007-04-16 Boost automotive electric motor control with DSCs
The digital signal controller (DSC) is an ideal embedded control processor option for emerging BLDC-based applications. It is important that systems developers invest in a DSC architecture that is well suited to address the challenges of their particular applications
2002-10-03 ADI thermal controller allows dynamic fan control
Analog Devices' two new dBCOOL thermal controller ICs can dynamically adjust fan speeds for systems operating in external conditions.
2001-04-18 A universal power control circuit for appliances
This application note describes both the design and functions of an AC power control chip intended for application in appliances
2007-04-16 38D2 group: LCD drive control circuit (internal dividing resistor usage example 2)
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the LCD drive control circuit (internal dividing resistor usage example 2) on the 38D2 group device.
2007-04-16 38D2 group: LCD drive control circuit (external dividing resistor usage)
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the LCD drive control circuit (external dividing resistor usage) on the 38D2 group device.
2007-04-16 38D2 group: LCD control circuit (internal dividing resistor usage example 1)
The following article introduces and shows an example of how to use the LCD drive control circuit (internal dividing resistor usage example 1) on the 38D2 group device.
2008-10-27 Green Fan' carries thermal speed control
For design engineers seeking a way to reduce energy consumption in industrial enclosures and electronic equipment cabinets, Orion Fans has developed a thermal speed control option for several of its DC fan models
2005-10-05 ZiLOG flash MCUs eye BLDC, AC induction motor control apps
ZiLOG launched its Z8 Encore! MC family, a new generation of flash MCUs targeted at sensorless Brushless DC (BLDC) and AC Induction motor control applications
2005-07-07 ZiLOG attacks IR remote control market with its new 8bit MCUs
ZiLOG disclosed it is adding two new series of devices specifically targeted at low-cost infrared applications.
2004-03-25 Wolfson rolls out AFE circuit for flatbed scanners
Wolfson has introduced a high-speed, high-performance analog front-end (AFE) circuit for use in flatbed scanners and multi-function printers
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