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2009-01-20 Rugged DC/DC converters feature 4:1 input range
CUI Europe has introduced a new line of rugged DC/DC converters that feature an ultrawide 4:1 input and provide 50-200W of output power.
2007-07-10 Virtex-5 FPGA powers rugged embedded computing devices
Nallatech has announced the development of its new Xilinx Virtex-5 based rugged embedded computing family
2009-05-14 Rugged IC suits harsh auto environments
International Rectifier has introduced the AUIRS2003S 200V IC, a rugged, flexible high-speed power MOSFET driver with dependent high- and low-side referenced output channels tailored for use in harsh automotive environments and under-the-hood applications
2006-05-26 Industrial DC/DC converters deliver up to 1 kW
V-Infinity's rugged single-output DC/DC converters deliver up to 1kW for transportation, telecom and base station apps.
2013-02-26 Implement analogue functions in rugged FPGAs
By using digital implementations of analogue functions, engineers can add critical functionality without adding weight, power or size to the design.
2006-05-19 DIN-rail converters serve 24V railway applications
Power-One's EWR1601-6 and EWN2660-6 DIN-rail DC/DC converters deliver up to 125W and 250W, respectively, at 24Vdc
2008-06-09 DC/DC converters tap higher efficiency
Power-One Inc. launched the 16th-brick DC/DC converters that deliver efficiencies exceeding 90 percent and tight regulation and suitable for distributed-power sources in communications, data server/storage, and workstation applications
2009-09-11 DC/DC converter generates 2kW output power
Absopulse Electronics has expanded its line of high input voltage DC/DC converters with the introduction of the HVI 2K
2014-08-18 DC-DC converters support 50-600W operation
The VHK and VFK DIN families from CUI are high efficiency isolated DC-DC converters packaged in a rugged aluminum case that feature an ultra-wide 4:1 input.
2006-08-08 15W DC/DC suits rugged railway apps
Absopulse Electronics' RWY 15 DC/DC converter delivers 15W at 12- or 24V from a 24-110Vdc input for rugged railway applications
2009-04-21 100W DC/DC modules target industrial apps
Powersolve has released the TEP-100 family of 100W isolated high performance DC/DC converter modules packaged in a rugged, compact metal case
2010-10-05 Rugged MOSFETs handle demands of VoIP equipment
Diodes Inc. has expanded its MOSFET product line with its introduction of 60V N-channel devices customized for VoIP communication equipment. Made to handle the high pulse current required to generate tip and ring line feeds and to sustain an avalanche of energy induced during switching, the DMN60xx series successfully fulfills the stringent requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based Subscriber Line Interface Circuits (SLIC) DC/DC converters
2010-04-20 IR opens high-reliability products facility in California
IR has inaugurated its new manufacturing facility in California for high-reliability products for space, aerospace, military and heavy duty industrial applications.
2005-04-26 Linear Tech's new controller saves design time, board space
Linear Technology released a push button controller that provides control for dc-dc converters, processor interrupt logic and adjustable on/off timers
2009-04-15 Driver IC features negative voltage spike immunity
From International Rectifier comes the AUIRS4427S dual low-side driver IC for low- mid- and high-voltage automotive applications including general purpose motor drives, automotive DC/DC converters and hybrid powertrain drives
2012-09-19 Choosing the right capacitors to ensure long-term control-circuit stability
Know how tantalum and niobium-oxide technologies meet industry needs for rugged capacitors that maintain high-performance standards even under stress
2007-11-13 Power-management devices meet military standards
Intersil has several power-management devices for the military/high-reliability marketplaces that meet DSCC requirements for VID certification.
2014-03-25 Power trends take spotlight at APEC 2014
During this year's APEC, global players such as Fairchild, Intersil and Texas Instruments revealed their business plans and product offerings in anticipation of the power efficiencies demanded by next-generation electronic devices.
2009-11-18 MOSFETs simplify circuit design in VoIP equipment
Diodes n-channel MOSFETs are designed to meet the requirements of the primary switch position in transformer based subscriber line interface circuits.
2011-04-27 Miniature capacitors boast high CV values
AVX Corp expands its switch mode power supply (SMPS) capacitors series, TurboCap, to include miniature versions that feature double-stacked construction.
2007-12-03 High-speed gate drivers come in compact form
Fairchild has introduced the FAN31xx and FAN32xx high-speed low-side gate drivers that offer maximum flexibility for power supply designs.
2008-12-22 HB LED driver simplifies green lighting designs
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16834, a current-mode, high-brightness (HB) LED driver for boost, buck-boost, SEPIC and high-side buck topologies.
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