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What is an AC/DC converter?
An AC/DC converter is an electrical device for converting alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC).
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2011-07-08 DC/DC converters offer 18VC40V input range
International Rectifier has launched its 50W DC/DC converters that feature 18V to 40V input range and total ionization dose of over 100 krad (Si).
2009-06-02 DC/DC converters maximize battery life
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LT3582, LT3582-5 and LT3582-12 dual channel DC/DC converters, which deliver both positive and negative outputs required in many biasing applications such as active matrix OLED displays as well as CCD applications.
2007-06-22 DC/DC converters have synchronous rectifying system
Sanyo's new step-down DC/DC converter control ICs, adopting synchronous rectifying system, are power ICs incorporating numerous functions on a single chip with easy external setting.
2008-08-11 DC/DC converters have open-frame housing
Murata Power Solutions has introduced its UEI series of isolated, wide-range DC/DC converters that delivers 50-60W of power output in a standard PCB-mounted, open-frame package.
2009-02-26 DC/DC converters handle wide-input voltage apps
Murata Power Solutions has released the UEI30 isolated wide-range DC/DC converters that deliver a full 30W output power from a board area of just 1.8 square inches.
2009-08-19 DC/DC converters handle 4.5V to 13.8V input range
Bel Power launched SIP modules that operate at efficiencies of up to 94 percent over a wide input range of 4.5V to 13.8V.
2010-07-13 DC/DC converters handle 2:1 input voltage range
XP Power has extended its range of ultracompact low-power DC/DC converters that accommodate a wide 2:1 input voltage range.
2008-06-11 DC/DC converters fully charge for unregulated input voltage apps
Aimtec continues to build upon its low output power AMxG-Z series with the new 2W AM2GW-NZ series of ultrawide input (4:1) DC/DC switching power supplies.
2009-04-30 DC/DC converters fit power-hungry apps
TDK-Lambda has broadened its DC/DC converter line-up with the introduction of the new iQG Series, providing high true useable power in an industry standard quarter-brick footprint.
2008-05-30 DC/DC converters eye vehicle battery systems
Vicor Corp. has introduced the Maxi family of 28V wide-input DC/DC converters. With a wide input range of 10-36V, the modules target applications operating from 12V or 24V inputs, which are typical for battery systems in vehicles.
2012-03-08 DC/DC converters extend LTE smartphone battery life
TI's National LM3242 and LM3243 regulators are adaptive power supply ICs that cut power consumption of RF power amplifiers.
2009-05-29 DC/DC converters extend battery life in portable apps
Analog Devices Inc. has beefed up its portfolio of power management products with two low-voltage, step-up DC/DC converters.
2008-09-22 DC/DC converters encourage cost savings
Micrel Inc. is touting cost savings and enhanced voltage with its new non-synchronous PWM buck regulator.
2006-06-13 DC/DC converters ease digital voltage scaling
Texas Instruments' two new dual-output, step-down DC/DC converters with a unique one-pin serial interface promise simple digital voltage scaling.
2007-03-28 DC/DC converters drive LEDs at constant current
Linear Tech has announced two 40V, 4.5A DC/DC converters designed to drive high-current LEDs at constant current.
2005-12-15 DC/DC converters designed for regulated single output voltages
Tyco Electronics released a new line of new generation, eighth brick, DC/DC power modules designed for regulated single output voltages ranging from 1Vdc to 12Vdc.
2009-09-03 DC/DC converters deliver up to 50W power
SynQor's new line sixteenth-brick DC/DC converters provides efficient yet economical power solutions.
2007-04-18 DC/DC converters deliver up to 20A at 85C
FDK has added the FPLR05SR75 series of DC/DC converters to its Senpai family of non-isolated POL converters.
2007-04-03 DC/DC converters deliver up to 180W
FDK Corp. released Sensei series converters, which provide up to 180W of output power with minimal derating at elevated temperatures.
2007-01-30 DC/DC converters deliver full-rated output current at high ambient temp
FDK Corp. unveiled its Sensei series of isolated DC/DC converters with the announcement of the FPQN48T9R632, a 330W bus converter in the industry-standard quarter brick format.
2006-08-22 DC/DC converters deliver 6,000Vdc isolation voltage
V-Infinity's VHS1 and VHS2 line of DC/DC converters have an isolation voltage of 6,000 Vdc for medical, mixed analog/digital circuits, and test and measurement equipment apps.
2006-05-31 DC/DC converters deliver 50W at 700C
Power-One's SSQ Series of sixteenth-brick DC/DC converters delivers 50W and up to 95 percent of full rated power at 700C with as little as 200 LFM cooling.
2007-11-12 DC/DC converters deliver 30A at 75C with no derating
FDK's new DC/DC converters provide 30A output current at regulated voltages of 3.3-1.2V with little or no derating at elevated temperatures.
2010-03-24 DC/DC converters deliver 15W power in small form
From Murata comes the BEI15 series of isolated, wide input bipolar DC/DC converters for high-current applications in mobile and battery-powered products and wireless designs.
2005-10-18 DC/DC converters deliver 15W from a 25.4-by-25.4-by-10mm package
Powersolve announced a new generation of isolated, high performance 15W DC/DC converters in a package that is 50 percent smaller than competitive products.
2012-01-27 DC/DC converters cut part count, BOM cost
ZMDI's buck converters come in fixed-output voltage options of 1.5, 1.8, 2.5, 3.3 and 5V, and operate from -40C to 125C.
2008-09-17 DC/DC converters cut board-level power needs
Astrodyne has launched the FED20W series of modular packaged DC/DC converters for cost-sensitive power conversion requirements in board-level product applications like data acquisition, communications and industrial I/O.
2010-03-22 DC/DC converters come in ultracompact form
XP Power has launched the ISF, ISG and ISL series of low-cost surface mount DC/DC converters that take up the minimum of board space allowing designers to reduce the size of their applications.
2008-03-14 DC/DC converters come in CSP versions
AnalogicTech has announced the availability of CSPs for its AAT1149, and AAT1171 DC/DC converters.
2009-07-17 DC/DC converters claim up to 92% efficiency
SynQor has launched a series of DC/DC converters that accept an input range of 9Vin to 22Vin, exceeding the requirements of EN50155 for both steady state and transient voltage conditions in 12V railway systems.
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