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2008-11-11 LXI chassis deliver high cooling capacity
Pickering Interfaces has expanded its range of LXI solutions with two new modular LXI chassis.
2003-07-15 Sunonwealth cooling fans target server market
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. Ltd has released its PMD series of high-power cooling fans for the 1U-2U servers and industrial PCs
2005-10-19 New resistors from Vishay feature ultra-low resistance values
Featuring ultra-low resistance values down to 0.2 milliohms, two new surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistors from Vishay offers power ratings of 3W and 5W for all types of current sensing, voltage division and pulse applications.
2013-11-07 Myths about cooling high-power LEDs
Know the four myths about active versus passive methods.
2005-09-13 Heatsink delivers optimal cooling
Cool Innovations said a first of its kind UltraCool P line of splayed pin fin heatsink produces a cooling premium of 20 to 30 percent compared to standard pin fin heatsinks when operating in low air-speed environments
2007-08-23 Graphic cards feature unique cooling method
BFG Technologies has released the Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT OC and OC2 graphics cards that feature the ThermoIntelligence cooling method.
2008-09-05 Fan trays ensure thermal protection in cooling apps
Orion Fans has developed a line of dual voltage AC fan trays for industrial and electronics cooling applications
2006-05-02 Engineers develop cooling device for computer IC
Engineers at Purdue University have developed a MEMS-based micro-pump cooling device small enough to fit on a computer chip that circulates coolant through channels etched into the chip
2005-07-11 Enclosures provide extreme cooling
Hybricon Corp. touts that its new line of 10U rack-mount enclosures for high-power applications provides cooling up to 100 watts per slot. The new RME21XC Extreme Cooling series is available with the company's 21-slot VITA 1.7 VME64x, VXS or CompactPCI switch fabric backplanes
2007-03-05 Designers address challenge of full-feature, low-cost home security
Many security-conscious homeowners have been waiting for the arrival of affordable next-gen networked residential security and monitoring systems that provide them the same level of functionality, performance and convenience they have come to expect from their personal communication, productivity and entertainment systems.
2006-02-09 DC/DC converter eliminates need for cooling
C&D Technologies introduced a series of non-isolated point-of-load DC/DC converters that is said to eliminate the need for additional components includingin most applicationsheatsinks and external filter circuits.
2010-02-05 Automotive MOSFETs deliver dual-sided cooling
International Rectifier has released the AUIRF7739L2 and AUIRF7665S2 automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs that deliver exceptional power density, dual-sided cooling and low parasitic inductance
2005-09-28 4U chassis improves cooling
Elma Electronic has released a new Type 39 4U Easy Plug CompactPCI enclosure that features improved cooling performance and a removable fan and filter tray
2003-11-14 Zetex fans, blowers feature smart thermal control
The ZXBM2004 variable speed 2-phase motor controller from Zetex provides added flexibility in thermal control.
2002-11-13 Yen Sun cooling fan has locked rotor protection
The company's TMD fan has a "locked rotor protection" feature that enables the fan blades to stop spinning before restart after a 6s window
2006-10-02 Switching power supplies feature economical design
Citing its economical design, V-Infinity's new U-frame switching power supply delivers up to 200W for wireless, datacom and industrial applications.
2012-09-12 Future Facilities, Intel to feature server embedded thermal sensors
According to the companies, the technology will provide real-time power, airflow and CPU-utilization data to enable effective CFD analysis and IT load capacity planning and optimization.
2008-10-01 Stacked microprocessor system promises better performance
Take a different approach to chill. A group of researchers just did, resulting in what may be the most efficient heat dissipation possible for stacked microprocessors.
2006-02-08 Heatsinks cool BGAs in low air flow
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced maxiFLOW heatsinks for cooling BGAs and other hot components in restricted air-flow conditions
2008-12-16 Fan tray assembly brings 340cfm airflow
Orion Fans has developed a dual fan tray blower assembly designed to mount directly into standard EIA 19-inch rack cabinets, addressing engineers' need for a compact cooling solution for rack-mounted industrial closures and electronic equipment cabinets
2002-06-07 Comair Rotron dc fan delivers 375cfm airflow
The Mixed Flow dc fan from Comair Rotron measures 202-by-202-by-89mm and operates from either a 24Vdc or 48Vdc source to deliver 375cfm of airflow and static pressure of 38mm of water.
2008-09-02 Waveguide terminations flaunt rugged, compact design
Link Microtek's engineering division is offering a comprehensive range of medium-power waveguide terminations that feature an innovative one-piece construction
2011-05-24 Vector network analyzers offer up to 140dB range
Rohde & Schwarz launches the R&S ZNB and R&S ZNC vector network analyzers that feature a dynamic range up to 140dB, a sweep time of 4ms with 401 points and stability
2004-07-05 Ultra-Power SMPSes output 550W
Ultra-Power has released its SD-T550PP switching power supplies that feature dual 80mm cooling fans for efficient heat dissipation.
2009-08-25 Switching power supply comes in compact form
CUI Inc.'s V-Infinity power division has launched a new series of highly efficient, compact, internal switching power supplies that feature a no-load power consumption of
2004-03-16 Sun hedges on Infiniband as system interconnect
Opportunities for server blades are growing fast, but so are issues like managing, cooling, and picking the right interconnects for this emerging category of densely packed systems, said computer executives at the Server Blade Summit on Wednesday (March 10, 2004
2013-04-12 SMARC Starterkit boasts wide processor selection
Kontron's SMARC Starterkit designs aim to fulfil the demand for a compact Computer-on-Module with a standardised feature set and low-power consumption of only a few watts
2007-02-08 Quarter-brick DC/DCs deliver 92% efficiency
Reducing energy consumption, the quarter-brick DC/DC modules from Ericsson feature an efficiency of 92 percent typical at 3.3Vout half load
2011-08-04 Power switches offer current sensing for auto apps
IR's family of IPS features current-sensing and built-in protection circuits that enhance reliability in intelligent glow-plug controls and engine cooling fan drivers
2006-09-29 New CompactPCI boards are conduction cooled
The new D601 SBC from MEN Micro feature Intel Pentium M processors and conduction cooling for fanless operation.
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