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2002-11-13 Yen Sun cooling fan has locked rotor protection
The company's TMD fan has a "locked rotor protection" feature that enables the fan blades to stop spinning before restart after a 6s window.
2003-11-28 Xinruilian Electronics cooling fan offers 4,500rpm speed
Xinruilian Electronics has announced the availability of its XRL-HS-565 60mm to 80mm high static pressure cooling fan that has a rated voltage of 12Vdc.
2004-01-07 Xinruilian cooling fans eye A/V equipment
Shenzhen Xinruilian Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd has introduced its brushless dc and ac cooling fans that are designed to suit PCs, as well as other A/V equipment where heat removal or ventilation is required.
2002-06-25 Xinruilian cooling fan offers 9.98cfm airflow
Designed for use in PCs, the RDH4028B brushless dc fan from Xinruilian Electronics Co. Ltd operates from a 3.5Vdc to 5Vdc source and produces 9.98cfm airflow.
2005-08-16 Water-filled wafers streamline chip cooling
Researchers develop a chip-cooling process that hopes to replace bulky, bolt-on metal towers used in microprocessors.
2006-06-28 Vette rolls out new cooling devices
Vette Corp. has expanded its cooling product line with the introduction of it sfirst family of axial fan, blower and frameless DC fan products.
2010-07-22 US lab develops solid-state cooling technology
The University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC) is developing smart metals that change shape when absorbing or releasing heat.
2015-03-13 Thin cooling device targets compact electronic devices
A loop heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that consists of an evaporator that absorbs heat from the heat source and a condenser that dissipates that heat away.
2012-09-06 Test reveals Oil immersion as efficient cooling solution
The CarnotJet Vat delivered a cooling power usage effectiveness rating of 1.02 C 1.03 without impacting performance of the seven dual-socket Xeon servers.
2005-10-28 Switching power supply with two cooling fans, SATA connectors
Topower Computer announced that its new switching power supplies are equipped with two cooling fans and two SATA connectors.
2003-07-08 Sunonwealth predicts growth in cooling fan industry
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. said that the cooling fan industry will grow by 15 to 20 percent this year.
2003-07-15 Sunonwealth cooling fans target server market
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. Ltd has released its PMD series of high-power cooling fans for the 1U-2U servers and industrial PCs.
2009-01-26 Sunon unveils low-noise LED cooling module
Sunon has developed a LED indoor lighting cooling module solution combining elastic designs of fans and cooling modules.
2003-02-12 Sunon cooling fan measures 6-by-6mm
Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. Ltd has announced the availability of its Mighty Mini Fan cooling fan that measures 6-by-6mm.
2003-04-28 Sunon cooling fan fits 1U, 2U servers
The PMD 4028 cooling fan from Sunonwealth Electric Machine Ind. Co. Ltd measures 40-by-40-by-28mm and is suitable for use in 1U and 2U rack servers.
2011-03-08 Silver, diamond make cooling composite for defense systems
Georgia Tech Research Institute researchers have developed a composite of silver and diamond for cooling microelectronics used in defense systems such as phased array radars.
2012-12-26 Server cooling method attracts U.S. gov't interest
Clustered Systems originally set out to build a supercomputer built around its mesh networking technology but both it discovered that their approach to cooling was far more valuable.
2014-07-24 Self-cooling PV cells offer mass-market appeal
A group of researchers discovered a way to let solar cells cool by themselves by adding a specially patterned layer of silica glass to the surface of ordinary solar cells.
2014-04-10 Self-cooling chips operate up to 300°C
A team at Fraunhofer IMS developed a type of high-temperature process that allows the fabrication of compact microchips that can keep their cool even at 300°C.
2008-06-06 Scientists gauge quantum states for chip cooling, settling
Scientists noted that in two-level quantum systems, like those used to represent qbits, these might control both temperature and entropy. The approach enables novel cooling schemes as well as instant settling for atomic, molecular and solid-state devices.
2009-03-25 PXI chassis offer high cooling capacity
Pickering Interfaces has introduced the 40-922 and 40-923, 8- and 19-slot PXI chassis with high cooling capacity and advanced user features.
2010-03-09 Power supply has built-in variable speed cooling fans
Murata Power Solutions has unveiled a new AC/DC front-end power supply for hot-swapping redundant systems that meets Climate Savers' 80+ Gold efficiency rating.
2005-02-02 Power supplies deliver full-rated power with 10cfm cooling
The new 55W single-output ac-dc power supplies from Power-One utilize 'superior thermal-management techniques' to deliver full-rated power with only 10cfm cooling.
2007-07-02 Power connectors maximize cooling in hot ICs
To optimize a system design and solve thermal problems, an engineer has to look at elements other than connector designsuch as the amount of copper on the boardthat can help draw heat away from the connector interface.
2001-09-25 Power and cooling of multi-chip SHARC DSP boards: Is it all smoke and mirrors?
This application note explains power consumption of the SHARC DSP and discusses Ixthos' 16 SHARC processor board solution developed to reduce power consumption and heat production.
2006-01-10 Op amp integrates cooling devices
Power Amp Design's operational amplifier boasts rail-to-rail operation at both the inputs and the outputcombined with a power supply voltage range from 8V to 50V (100V total supply voltage) and an output range up to 15A.
2002-11-29 NTC chip thermistors suit cooling, heating apps
The company's NTC chip thermistors combine high electrical accuracy with improved humidity and thermal cycling features.
2008-01-10 New packaging tech integrates cooling, power generation
Nextreme has integrated cooling and power generation into the copper pillar bumping process used in high-volume electronic packaging.
2004-06-04 Nesar cooling fan with 1,700rpm speed
The 25090 series of ball-bearing ac cooling fans from Nesar Electric Machinery features a rated speed of 1,600rpm to 1,700rpm.
2007-08-03 NEC, Hitachi develop liquid cooling system for desktops
NEC Corp., NEC Personal Products Ltd and Hitachi Ltd have jointly developed a new liquid cooling system for desktop PCs, which reduces PC operating noise from 30db to 25db.
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