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2003-07-02 NEC water-cooling module features piezoelectric pump
NEC Corp. has developed what it claims is the world's first slim-sized water-cooling module for notebook personal computers.
2013-11-07 Myths about cooling high-power LEDs
Know the four myths about active versus passive methods.
2006-05-05 MOSFETs yield increased power density with PowerPAK cooling tech
STMicroelectronics has announced its first power MOSFETs to be assembled in the metal-topped PolarPAK package that provides high thermal efficiency and increased power density.
2013-11-13 MIT team eases surface cooling under extreme heat
Researchers have come up with a way to cool hot surfaces more effectively by keeping droplets from bouncing, which could benefit power plants and electronics applications.
2003-09-16 Micro-Mototech cooling fan offers 16 CFM airflow
The PL40B05M brushless cooling fan from Micro-Mototech Corp. features an operating voltage of 5Vdc and 16 CFM airflow.
2004-10-18 Mate Technology cooling fans offer 34.75cfm airflow
Engineered for use in PCs and power supplies, the new PDC-8025 DC cooling fan from Mate Technology has a measurement of 80-by-80-by-25mm.
2008-11-11 LXI chassis deliver high cooling capacity
Pickering Interfaces has expanded its range of LXI solutions with two new modular LXI chassis.
2007-01-15 Liquid cooling tech anticipates heat production
CoolIT Systems has debuted its predictive cooling technology that allows computers to anticipate heat production from the CPU and adjust cooling power accordingly.
2002-03-14 Jieleng cooling fan runs up to 5,000rpm
The EC002 CPU cooler has a 50-by-50-by-30mm heatsink and a 50-by-50-by-10mm fan that spins at 5,000rpm, making the device suitable for mounting in processors such as Intel's Pentium (up to 300MHz) and Celeron (up to 600MHz) series.
2005-09-13 Heatsink delivers optimal cooling
Cool Innovations said a first of its kind UltraCool P line of splayed pin fin heatsink produces a cooling premium of 20 to 30 percent compared to standard pin fin heatsinks when operating in low air-speed environments.
2003-08-19 GW cooling fan features 32.31dB noise level
The WE482 cooler from Global Win (GW) supports up to Pentium 4 3.06GHz, and features a wave-shaped heatsink design.
2007-10-31 Graphics cards use fanless cooling method
The Millennium P690 Series fanless multidisplay graphics cards from Matrox Graphics Inc. are available in several form factors.
2007-08-23 Graphic cards feature unique cooling method
BFG Technologies has released the Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT OC and OC2 graphics cards that feature the ThermoIntelligence cooling method.
2012-01-25 GaAs nanomembrane cooling by laser interaction
Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute has cooled a semiconductor membrane from room temperature down to -269C and presents prospects for replacing expensive cryogenic cooling.
2008-06-09 Firm aims to bring efficient cooling to image sensors
Princeton Lightwave and Nextreme Thermal Solutions have agreed to co-develop a SWIR focal plane sensor using efficient thermoelectric cooling.
2004-02-16 Fenshen Electronics cooling fan lasts >50,000h
Shanghai Fenshen Electronics has released what it claims is the industry's smallest Hypro cooling fan.
2008-09-05 Fan trays ensure thermal protection in cooling apps
Orion Fans has developed a line of dual voltage AC fan trays for industrial and electronics cooling applications.
2003-01-15 Enlo cooling fan has 8,000h lifespan
The A128025P301 cooling fan features an oil-less aero-plastic bearing design and an expected lifespan of 8,000h.
2006-05-02 Engineers develop cooling device for computer IC
Engineers at Purdue University have developed a MEMS-based micro-pump cooling device small enough to fit on a computer chip that circulates coolant through channels etched into the chip.
2005-07-11 Enclosures provide extreme cooling
Hybricon Corp. touts that its new line of 10U rack-mount enclosures for high-power applications provides cooling up to 100 watts per slot. The new RME21XC Extreme Cooling series is available with the company's 21-slot VITA 1.7 VME64x, VXS or CompactPCI switch fabric backplanes.
2002-04-04 Dynaeon server cooling fans provide 12.6cfm airflow
Designed for use in 1U rack-mount servers, the DF1204BA-3 cooling fans measure 40-by-40-by-28mm and provide a maximum airflow of 12.6cfmclaimed to be twice the airflow of traditional models.
2008-09-26 Double-sided cooling sets apart power MOSFET
Vishay releases what it claims is the industry's first 30V monolithic power MOSFET and Schottky diode to come in a package with top and bottom heat dissipation paths.
2006-02-09 DC/DC converter eliminates need for cooling
C&D Technologies introduced a series of non-isolated point-of-load DC/DC converters that is said to eliminate the need for additional components includingin most applicationsheatsinks and external filter circuits.
2007-06-27 DC cooling fans suit servers, power supplies
the San Ace 80CR series DC cooling fans are designed for use in servers, storage systems, communications equipment, power supplies and industrial machinery.
2001-03-27 DC Cooling Fan Controller IC Eliminates Components And Failure Mechanisms
This paper presents a single-chip cooling fan controller solution that can replace up to 12 components used in conventional cooling fans.
2014-03-20 Cooling plate boasts no pressure drop penalties
GCoreLab's cooling plate incorporates a heat dissipation technology that introduces a continuous interruption of the thermal boundary layer for solving cooling problems.
2007-10-31 Cooling modules increase LED illumination
Two LED cooling modules have been unveiled by Nuventix Inc.
2006-06-22 Cooling fan touts up to 450cfm airflow
Jaro Components Inc. rolls out a high airflow AC cooling fan that touts airflow up to 450cfm.
2005-11-09 Cooling fan motor generates higher airflow
Sanyo Denki America expanded its San Ace 172 family of DC cooling fan motors with a quiet, energy-efficient GV-type series.
2007-06-04 Cooling fan handles airflow, static pressure
Sanyo Denki is set to ship out San Ace 60CR, a compact DC cooling fan that boasts high airflow and static pressure capabilities.
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