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2006-05-05 Cooling fan fits low-profile VGA cards
Jaro Components unveiled its lightweight, high-cfm IC cooling fan that is said to be compatible with nearly every type of VGA card.
2006-05-17 Converters deliver full power, efficient cooling
Power-One's eighth-brick DC/DC converters deliver full power at 70C with only 200lfm cooling.
2012-05-11 Compact AC/DC power supplies comes with convection cooling
N2Power's XL375 line of compact AC/DC switching power supplies now has eight devices that offer convection cooling, cutting the need for fans while delivering 260W of power.
2002-01-17 Comair brushless dc blower meets compact cooling needs
The Airbox dc blower is designed to address the cooling system issues caused by tight spaces and provides high-pressure airflow in space-constrained devices.
2007-06-04 China chip market cooling down in next two years
Next year, China's chip market growth is expected to slow to about 18 percent and then to 10 percent in 2009. By 2010, growth will accelerate again to 14 percent, according to iSuppli.
2010-02-05 Automotive MOSFETs deliver dual-sided cooling
International Rectifier has released the AUIRF7739L2 and AUIRF7665S2 automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs that deliver exceptional power density, dual-sided cooling and low parasitic inductance.
2002-03-26 ARX amplifier cooling
This application note discusses the mechanics of how the ARX amplifier cooling system operates.
2002-09-24 ACT-RX cooling fans deliver 106.73cfm airflow
The FDXXX-AXXXXX series of CeraDyna DC cooling fans from ACT-RX Technology Corp. operate from 5, 12, 24, or 48Vdc supplies.
2002-03-14 Aavid, Swales jointly develop cooling systems
Aavid Thermalloy, a provider of thermal management solutions technologies, and Swales Aerospace have jointly developed a loop heat pipe technology for electronic cooling applications.
2001-04-23 8kW resonant converter for x-ray machines uses high speed power modules with integral liquid cooling
This application note describes an innovative method for the removal of heat from the four IGBT power modules equipping a 48kW ZVS-mode resonant power converter for CT X-ray machines.
2010-08-23 6ch microcontroller enables zoned cooling
Maxim introduces its MAX31782, a system management microcontroller that utilizes six temperature measurement channels with six channels of closed-loop fan control.
2005-09-28 4U chassis improves cooling
Elma Electronic has released a new Type 39 4U Easy Plug CompactPCI enclosure that features improved cooling performance and a removable fan and filter tray.
2013-11-21 3M, Allied Control uncloak immersion cooling data center
Using 3M Novec Engineered Fluids as the primary coolant, Allied Control completed the data center project that aims to reduce energy use in data centers.
2013-03-13 "Electronic blood" developed for cooling effect
IBM is exploring the use of "electronic blood" to not only cool but also to power the cognitive computers of the future.
2011-08-10 Waveguide terminations operate in 1.12C40GHz
Link Microtek's high-power terminations integrate forced-air cooling that gives the device higher power-handling capability.
2009-08-27 Using fan trays in electronic systems
This article discusses the use of fan trays in enclosures and highlights the pertinent issues facing such undertaking.
1999-10-01 Trends and issues in thermal processing
Revision in standards, introduction of new solder materials, emergence of different base materials and alterations in component design are driving thermal processing requirements. Assimilating these changes within your present processes entails proper analysis and equipment improvement and optimization.
2007-05-01 Thin-film tech sets new performance paradigm
Thin-film devices need to be put into the right thermal and dimensional form-factor environment. The devices can be integrated directly into a semiconductor or optoelectronic package to achieve localized cooling and temperature control hat.
2006-10-10 Thin heat spreaders cool all types of systems
Celsia Technologies has announced the availability of its MicroSpreader line of thermal management products equipped with an optimal cooling design for all types of systems and devices.
2007-07-31 SunPower opens 330mW Philippine solar cell fab
SunPower has inaugurated its second solar cell fabrication facility, known as cell Fab 2, in the Philippines.
2005-11-16 Streamlining power systems for servers
New opportunities must be found in server systems to reduce energy consumption.
2008-10-01 Stacked microprocessor system promises better performance
Take a different approach to chill. A group of researchers just did, resulting in what may be the most efficient heat dissipation possible for stacked microprocessors.
2005-07-08 Quarter-brick IBCs extend to 450W
Georgia Institute of Technology researchers have developed a chip-cooling process that they hope will replace the bulky, bolt-on metal towers used with microprocessors like the G5.
2007-08-21 Purdue U: Ionic winds can cool that chip
Harnessing ionic winds to accelerate charged air between high-voltage electrodes can enhance a chip's heat-transfer coefficient by 250 percent, according to Purdue University.
2015-03-30 Paving the way for Exascale computing
Here is an article that explores the promises and challenges surrounding Exascale computing, which is touted as the next big goal in supercomputer performance.
2008-04-30 Pancake-thin fan cools at 174cfm
Jaro Thermal has released its AS series of Super-Flow-Turbo fans with an airflow of 174cfm in a 25mm design.
2005-01-10 Owens unveils new module for 200/300mm wafers
Owens Design announced that it has introduced a wafer heating and cooling module to its family of custom wafer handling solutions.
2003-03-18 NMB 40mm fans deliver increased performance
The 1611KL 40mm 1U server fans from NMB Technologies Corp. is intended for improved air performance.
2005-10-07 New fan motor from Sanyo Denki delivers high airflow, low noise
Sanyo Denki has expanded its San Ace 40 family of compact DC cooling fan motors with the availability of the 12V G- and J-speed models that deliver as much as 15 percent more airflow than its predecessors.
2007-01-24 MOSFETs offer better thermal performance
Vishay is adding new n-channel 20V, 30V and 40V devices to its PolarPAK family of power MOSFETs with double-sided cooling, giving designers a new way to reduce system size and cost through better MOSFET thermal performance.
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