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2002-10-22 Melcor heat pump heats to 150W
Melcor Corp.'s MPA series of solid-state air/plate heat pumps offers cooling capacities ranging from 20W to >70W and heating capabilities >150W.
2005-09-16 Manage low-voltage rails with VLDO regulators
The increasing number of phone features is driving the need for more low-voltage output rails at varying power levels
2003-01-03 JMC rolls noise-free dc fans
JMC Products has introduced its latest ultra quiet dc fan designs that features Panther fan technology. The product is said to operate at a higher frequency level than traditional fans. It is claimed to produce noise levels above the audible range for human hearing.
2002-03-27 Jabil to expand presence in Europe
EMS provider Jabil Circuit Inc. has disclosed its plans to expand its European presence and automotive capabilities which includes an acquisition of certain manufacturing assets, and a pending three-year supply agreement with automotive electronics supplier Valeo.
2008-07-03 HP liquid rack cools data centers
HP has unveiled technology that makes data centers more efficient while increasing system reliability with the launch of its second-generation Modular Cooling System G2, a bi-directional liquid cooling rack.
2006-02-08 Heatsinks cool BGAs in low air flow
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced maxiFLOW heatsinks for cooling BGAs and other hot components in restricted air-flow conditions.
2008-01-18 Heat sinks keep high-power LEDs cool
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced the Star series of heat sinks designed specifically for cooling higher power, surface-mount power LED packages.
2005-07-18 Futuristic interconnects for ICs proposed
At the IITC, researchers presented futuristic technologies to solve the interconnect bottleneck in chip design.
2008-12-16 Fan tray assembly brings 340cfm airflow
Orion Fans has developed a dual fan tray blower assembly designed to mount directly into standard EIA 19-inch rack cabinets, addressing engineers' need for a compact cooling solution for rack-mounted industrial closures and electronic equipment cabinets.
2008-03-14 Enclosure keeps military electronics clean
A solution for enclosing electronics used in military applications has been introduced by SprayCool Inc., dubbed as the Multi-Platform Enclosure (MPE).
2003-05-02 Enclosure blower reduces cabinet hot spots by 9C
The CPI Delphi ECS enclosure blower from Chatsworth Products Inc. lowers heat by up to 90C to more than double the cooling efficiency of traditional solutions.
2000-03-08 CPU thermal management
This application note describes the CPU thermal management practices using a heat sink/fan combination for microprocessor functions. The heat sink/fan assembly helps to guard against processor overheating in systems where the airflow may be restricted by the addition of add-in cards or modules that can block airflow necessary for proper CPU cooling.
2002-06-07 Comair Rotron dc fan delivers 375cfm airflow
The Mixed Flow dc fan from Comair Rotron measures 202-by-202-by-89mm and operates from either a 24Vdc or 48Vdc source to deliver 375cfm of airflow and static pressure of 38mm of water.
2010-08-13 Car drives 40MPG with sensitive morphing grill
The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco is equipped with an automatic air shutter system that allows the car to change shape and cut through the air more smoothly to save gasoline.
2003-05-12 Bi-Sonic CPU cooler features new fin blade structure
Bi-Sonic Technology has announced the release of a CPU cooler that features a fan that uses ventral fin blades.
2004-11-26 ADDA CPU coolers rated at 115W
ADDA has released its latest series of CPU coolers designed for use with Intel's LGA-775 microprocessors.
2006-07-31 AC process streamlines Pb-free flip-chip assembly
Henkel's NCP materials provide an alternative to traditional, mechanical soldering by bonding bumps to the substrate through a Pb-free compatible thermal compression process.
2004-06-09 Xilinx FPGA lead times easing, analyst says
The IC market could be cooling down, especially at Xilinx Inc.
2005-12-28 Vishay ships power MOSFETs in PolarPAK package
Vishay is shipping the first two power MOSFETs to be offered in its innovative PolarPAK package, which uses double-sided cooling to reducing thermal resistance, package resistance, and package inductance for a more efficient, faster switching power MOSFET.
2004-07-05 Ultra-Power SMPSes output 550W
Ultra-Power has released its SD-T550PP switching power supplies that feature dual 80mm cooling fans for efficient heat dissipation.
2003-04-21 THTD CPU cooler provides 41.7cfm airflow
The AE-076 CPU cooler from Tsinghua Huatian Technology Dev't Co. Ltd features an 80-by-80-25mm cooling fan that provides an airflow of 41.7cfm.
2004-07-14 SunnyView SMPSes with 120 mm(?) fans
SunnyView announced the release of its latest switching power supply that features 80mm(?) and 120mm(?) fans for better cooling performance.
2004-06-24 SunnyView SMPS withstands up to 100A surge current
SunnyView Technology has released SMPSes with acrylic panels and two 80mm cooling fans.
2004-03-16 Sun hedges on Infiniband as system interconnect
Opportunities for server blades are growing fast, but so are issues like managing, cooling, and picking the right interconnects for this emerging category of densely packed systems, said computer executives at the Server Blade Summit on Wednesday (March 10, 2004).
2008-04-30 SMC GbE switches support IBM 'green' servers
SMC Networks' 10- and 1GbE switches will be offered as components in IBM's iDataPlex, an inexpensive, custom-configured rack system featuring design innovations in cooling and efficiency to address Web 2.0 needs.
2014-12-19 Smart window powers electronic devices
The smart window technology developed by NTU scientists can adjust the amount of sunlight coming into buildings in the day, which promises savings on cooling and lighting costs.
2009-05-22 Server fan delivers high airflow, static pressure
Sunon Inc. has released the 40mm x 40mm 56mm Power Motor 4056 Server Fan designed especially for 1U rack servers with strict requirements for cooling efficiency.
2011-12-21 Research reveals silent nanomechanical RF amp
Researchers from Aalto University have achieved a noiseless oscillator performance by cooling it down to -273C.
2009-05-08 Powering complex FPGA-based systems using highly integrated DC/DC ?Module regulator systems (Part 2)
Delivering 60W of power in a compact space without efficient means to remove the heat from the power supply exacerbates the already difficult task of system heat management and cooling. The DC/DC ?Module family is designed with careful attention to the layout of its internal components, package type and electrical operation, which ease thermal management of a very dense power supply circuit.
2011-08-04 Power switches offer current sensing for auto apps
IR's family of IPS features current-sensing and built-in protection circuits that enhance reliability in intelligent glow-plug controls and engine cooling fan drivers.
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