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2004-10-29 Power switch with fast PWM optimizes motor control
Freescale's 4-milliohm MC33981 eXtreme Switch is designed to replace electromechanical relays and discrete devices in cooling fans and automotive apps.
2007-01-19 PMC/XMC module features ruggedized design
Pentek's Model 7141-703 is configured as a ruggedized PMC/XMC module fully compliant with the ANSI/VITA 20 conduction-cooling specification and ANSI/VITA 42 XMC specification.
2003-05-16 Northrop ships high-power stacked diode bars
Northrop Grumman Corp.'s line of high-power stacked diode bars and packaged arrays are claimed to offer more efficient cooling and thermal impedance.
2006-09-29 New CompactPCI boards are conduction cooled
The new D601 SBC from MEN Micro feature Intel Pentium M processors and conduction cooling for fanless operation.
2010-03-17 Microfluids cool down 3D IC stacks
IBM Researchers, in collaboration with two Swiss partners, seek to extend Moore's Law another 15 years using 3D stack architectures with liquid-cooling microchannels.
2005-06-23 Maxim temperature controllers report values in digital form
The 1C accurate, dual-channel temperature monitor and fan controllers from Maxim control the speed of two cooling fans based on the temperatures of either two thermistors, or of one thermistor and the device's internal temperature.
2007-08-09 LM3743 high performance controller with comprehensive fault protection features designed for high reliability systems
Data center facilities and telecom base station subsystems must manage the balance of two essential commoditiespower and cooling capacity.
2016-03-28 Linear step-down ?Module has adjustable load current control
The LTM8064 regulates and controls load current up to 7A when sourcing and 9.1A when sinking. It is ideal for Peltier devices for cooling and heating, LED and laser driver, and motor and fan controllers.
2002-01-30 IRF dual-side power package proves doubly cool
International Rectifier's DirectFET package provides both top-side and improved bottom-side cooling for more-effective thermal management than offered by bottomless-package or leadless-type SO-8 solutions.
2005-06-02 Inspection application note
This app note demonstrates the DirectFET technology, which facilitates dual-sided cooling of surface mounted power MOSFET devices
2005-10-31 Infineon unveils new fan speed controller IC
Infineon announced its TDA21801 fan speed controller IC that helps create a flexible, low-cost subsystem to control the speed of power supply cooling fans used in personal computers and high-end electronics equipment.
2008-06-10 IBM splashes water on hot 3D chips
IBM's Zurich recently demonstrated 3D chip stacks that are cooled with water. The team predicted high-end IBM multicore computers will migrate from the copper-plate water-cooling method to the 3D chip-stack in five to 10 years.
2005-04-27 Heat sinks cool components in low airflow conditions
ATS has introduced a line of low profile, high performance heat sinks designed for cooling components in low airflow velocity conditions.
2006-07-25 Heat sinks cool BGA components
Advanced Thermal Solutions has introduced a low-profile, high-performance heat sink designed for cooling BGA components in low airflow velocity conditions.
2005-12-22 Fanless CompactPCI system runs cool
Inova Computers' latest small-format industrial computer keeps operating temperatures low enough to survive comfortably without fans or forced-air cooling.
2010-03-22 Fab tool book-to-bill ratios go flat
It appears the fab tool business is slightly coolingor slowingas the various book-to-bill ratios are flat.
2006-05-03 Enclosures are environmentally friendly
Antec Inc. has upgraded its Solutions Series line with high-efficiency, advanced cooling enclosures.
2006-04-25 Eighth-brick provides full output to 70C
Power-One's new eighth-brick DC/DC converters in the company's EMS series deliver full power at 70C with only 200lfm cooling.
2003-03-18 Delphi, Aavid ink MoU targeting thermal apps
Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems and Aavid Thermalloy LLC have signed an expanded MoU to jointly investigate the development and manufacturing of advanced thermal solutions for the cooling of electronics.
2007-07-25 DDR2 SO-DIMM has thermal heat-spreader
To improve convection cooling, Virtium Technology Inc. announced a thermal heat-spreader for its DDR2 SO-DIMM, SO-RDIMM and SO-CDIMM.
2006-05-31 DC/DC converters deliver 50W at 700C
Power-One's SSQ Series of sixteenth-brick DC/DC converters delivers 50W and up to 95 percent of full rated power at 700C with as little as 200 LFM cooling.
2006-07-27 DC/DC buck converter improves efficiency, thermal performance
IR said its new synchronous buck converter chipset features packaging with double-sided cooling and the latest HEXFET MOSFET technology to reach higher levels of efficiency and thermal performance at the intermediate current levels.
2011-05-13 Data center solution reduces design cycles
Schneider Electric has announced its new data center that provides power and cooling facility infrastructure for scalable and repeatable modular data solutions.
2012-07-27 Convection cooled 60 W DC-DC converter achieves 92% efficiency
JCK60 has no need for any forced air cooling, additional heat sinking or baseplate cooling.
2005-03-23 Controllers with enhanced features
Selco/ECC's new 2698 and 2699 cold/hot controllers offer enhanced functions for sensing and control of heating, cooling and humidity in a variety of products.
2005-02-08 CompactPCI CPU boards target work in harsh environments
Kontron Modular Computers presents three high-performance CompactPCI CPU boards: one 3U and two 6U boards, each with a 2GHz Intel Pentium M processor 755 or 760 with passive cooling.
2003-04-21 Astec switching supply in 1U delivers 130W
The company's LPS125 single-output switching supply delivers up to 130W with 30cfm cooling in a 1U rack for telecom, networking, and test and measurement equipment.
2014-10-23 Artesyn touts 100G ATCA open-standard server system
The Centellis 8840 boasts 160G aggregate bandwidth capacity to each blade and 400G to each blade in the future. It also has the ability to support power and cooling for up to 600W per blade.
2008-12-10 Analysis: China IC industry battles slowdown
The mad rush to invest on the emerging Chinese semiconductor industry is slowing down. The fever has been in fact cooling since a year ago, well before the credit crisis hit the global market.
2007-02-09 AMD server processors tout 'best performance-per-watt'
Designed to offer industry-leading performance-per-watt, AMD's new Opteron processors are suitable for energy-conscious customers looking to reduce power and cooling bills and to achieve greater density in the datacenter.
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